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Arsenal lucky to lose by just one: by the numbers

10 – Number of times this season that the opposition has scored first on Tottenham
6 – Points Tottenham have taken in those matches
0 – Wins Tottenham have when the opponent scores first
14 – Big Chances Tottenham have created when the opponent scores first
1.4 – Big chances created per game by Tottenham when the opponent scores first
16 – Number of games this season in which Tottenham have scored first
46 – Points Tottenham have taken in those matches
0 – Losses Tottenham have when they score first
50 – Big Chances Tottenham have created when they score first
3.125 – Big Chances per game created by Tottenham when they score first
2 – Shots by Arsenal before Tottenham scored

8 – Minute Arsenal get their first shot (Wilshere, blocked)
39 – Minute Arsenal get their second shot (Bellerin, miss)
67 – Minute Arsenal get their third shot (Wilshere, only shot on target all game all Arsenal players)
90 – Minute Arsenal get their fourth shot (Lacazette, volley, long cross, miss)
0.09 – “expected goals” created by Arsenal for the first 89 minutes of this match

18 – Shots created by Tottenham in the first 89 minutes
6 – Shots on goal created by Tottenham in the first 89 minutes
9 – Shots in prime created by Tottenham in the first 89 minutes (season high for them, season worst for Arsenal)
6 – Big Chances created by Tottenham in the first 89 minutes (season worst for Arsenal)
7 – Big chances Tottenham created against Everton (season high, they won 4-0, also Everton took one more shot than Arsenal in that match (7))
7 – Big chances Tottenham created against Stoke (season high, they won 4-0, also Stoke scored in that match and created 2 big chances)
3.55 – “expected goals” created by Tottenham for the first 89 minutes of this match
6 – Offsides by Arsenal in this match
12 – Minute which Aubameyang was called for offside when he looked on
1 – Massive difference in this match if Aubameyang’s offside was called onside and his one-v-one with the keeper was allowed to stand and he scored – I mean, just based on the fact that Tottenham essentially lose every match in which the opponent scores first

688 – Touches for each team
33 – Touches for Kane
23 – Touches for Aubameyang
4 – Shots for Kane
0 – Shots for Aubameyang
5 – Tackles attempted by Wilshere (led all players)
4 – Tackles failed by Wilshere (led all players)
5 – Loss of possession by Wilshere (led all players)
4 – Loss of possession by Mkhitaryan (only played 65 minutes)
7 – Dribbles attempted by Son (led all players)
6 – Dribbles attempted by Wilshere (led Arsenal)
4 – Successful dribbles by Son or Wilshere (led all players)
6 – Blocked crosses by Bellerin (led all players)
5 – Interceptions by Mustafi (led all players)
1 – Aerial duels won by Aubameyang
5 – Accurate long passes by Cech (of 23 attempted)
77 – Passes by Mustafi (led all players)
95 – Touches by Mustafi (led all players)
1 – Big chance created by Iwobi (led Arsenal)
94 – Percent pass completion rate by Xhaka (season high)

14 – Away games Arsenal have played this season
3 – Wins Arsenal have in away games
13 – Points Arsenal have in away games this season
22 – Big Chances arsenal have created in away games
1.57 big chances per game for Arsenal in away games this season
47 – Big chances aArsenal have created in 13 home games this season
3.61 – Big chances per game in 13 home games this season

1 – Person who deserves the blame for this utter asswhupping and his name doesn’t rhyme with “tape cassette” or “pick guitarian”. It rhymes with “Arsene Fucking Wenger”.


Sources: Opta (via, my personal database

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David C

1 terrible offside called on Auba. Might have been a different game if he went down and scored first.

The worrying part is that our players didn’t look up for it…


To be honest, he got away with it against Everton. You win some, you lose some. Pity that this one would have meant more than the one against Everton considering the scoreline at the time.
Arsenal are a pathetic side though. But we are a mid table team and our results show it. Woeful against the sides above us, decent against the sides level with us and good against the sides below us. Don’t expect any better any time soon. Just like the 5-6 seasons before


You obviously didn’t see us against Swansea, or Palace. We were pretty woeful there too.


What really bothered me was how poor we were going forward. I mean we are shit defensively, we all know that but with players like Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang you’d like to think we would cause any team problems. But we were awful pretty much all game, and we hardly created anything. Just have to think Wenger is done really. It used to be that we’d get beat when we played any ‘top team’ away from home, and beat the smaller teams with ease. Now we get beaten by everyone, even at places like Bournemouth. We are losing pretty much every… Read more »


Well tbh if our midfield is shite, our quartet attackers will find it just as hard to get into the game or their groove


The shame is we didn’t try it again and again. He and Laca both tapped their line and we should have done it more.


On the plus side at least united are shit


We didn’t take care of the ball.


Next to the stage is rosicky7 answering questions on the bleeding obvious ?

Lord Bendnter

Also, we didn’t put the ball into their net

Glasgow Gooner

In addition, we let them score


If I were Arsene and knew I wasn’t going to quit or get fired, I’d fire my assistants or at least bring in new ones to say, “hey, we’re trying fresh ideas on the training ground.” Something to give fans any kind of hope. As it is, no one in their right mind can be expecting anything other than the same old shit.

Northern Gooner

Trouble is that Wenger can be quite stubborn and doesn’t seem to listen to anyone so i doubt bringing new assistants will make much difference.

Arsene Wenger needs to go. He’s only going backwards and damaging whatever reputation he worked hard to build up in the process.


I don’t think tactically it was an issue today. Wenger tried to stay conservative with BOTH Elneny and Granit which made some sense since we do not have the complete asset in midfield. We in essence need 2 men to do the job of 1. BUT the issue is when you go for safety, you lose something going forward with this team because the top end isn’t properly balanced either now. And part of that is as much his fault as it is the dictates of the new buying team under the corporate direction. He isn’t getting the optimum solution… Read more »


He doesn’t give a shit about the fans. Never comes over at the end of games, signes shit players, drops good ones and thinks 4th place is a trophy. He should have gone in the summer.


Why would he bring in new ones who challenge him and tell his where he’s going wrong? He’s surrounded by a load of men who know he’s wrong but for sake of their job are happy to be yes men. And that suits wenger down to the ground because he thinks he knows best


I agree with all of your comments. I know nothing will change; I’m just wishing for some hope.

Tas Gunner

Can’t be even arsed..Football is stronger then most relations but just like every relation if you Break something one too many times,the interest and passion literally goes away.sadly you can’t dump the club you love,but you can become just numb towards everything.i will say this is the last straw.granted there has been many but the way the january window went…one last spark of the fire,one last time expecting…its not that we lost but how we lost…its sooo wasn’t sanchez and his lost possession,not walcott and lack of tracking back and offsides,not girouds lack of mobility…its one person only.and he… Read more »


I tell you this now. Wenger is half the problem. IF he leaves (and he will sooner than later), be careful for what you wish for. Many moaned about consistently qualifying for CL and to be dumped out in knock out stage. They wanted to be dumped out of 4th so we could play the europa. Well well. Just desserts. BUT the problem is now you have a buying team with corporate in charge and a buying team not entirely in sync with the needs of the squad. Instead they are buying for convenience and at expediency to their contacts.… Read more »


Your words though unpleasant to most people’s ears have a ring of truth; the trouble is a man who thought he was dying of cancer doesn’t want to be told he isn’t as the car he is driving is going over a cliff……The idea that things can’t get much worse is just that…an idea and of course we may find ourselves in an awful place when Wenger leaves, but as you say it will happen sooner or later. After today, it needs to be sooner.


Ok but we know for a fact things will continue to get worse under Wenger – the past two years make that pretty obvious. If the reason we should stick with Wenger is we’re scared of going from 5 or 6th to 9th that’s not really a good argument. Change entails risk but also is necessary for progress. Santori – how about we give Sven and sanhelli (the people who will be in charge of transfers and squad building time to settle in before complaining about them. Sanhelli hasn’t even started and look at the mess these guys had to… Read more »

Jimbo jones

I just want something different. It could well be worse, but at least it’ll be different.


Wenger is the problem- 6th place finish then what’s your argument?
Corporates fault?
your having a laugh

Mein Bergkampf

C’mon we all know there’s always another last straw…


You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
A shame really, he should have walked away 2 years ago after the FA cup win. Now it’s to late.


Problem is the same as many working into old age – they can’t imagine what retirement would be like, what they would do with their time, and just carry on.

Arsene, take it from one who knows, retire, find other things to try out, enjoy a life without pressures. And you’ve got more money than the rest of us to do it.

If only I could retire from Arsenal!

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Stanley motherfucking Kroenke comes in close second in my opinion. Depressing that a corrupt Uzbek oligarch looks like a bunch of roses compared to this lot.

AW is an Arsenal addict who won’t leave unless he’s kicked out.



As a ‘professional’ franchise owner, how many championships has Kroenke et. al. won? If your ambition is anything over this rate your supporting the wrong franchise. This IS his view. Like or leave it. As entertainment you should, along with friends and family, pay for tickets, concessions and souvenirs, enjoy the show and go back to your mundane lives. You chose a football match when you could have gone to the theater or the track. There is no difference in his mind. Thank the arseholes that sold their shares to him.


I don’t understand. What has Stan Kroenke done that is negative? Have you seen how much money we’ve spent? And what if we do change manager and start winning things? Will Stan Kroenke still be seen as some horrible human being? Imho he has done nothing wrong except renew Arsene’s contract..


Why has he renewed Arsene contract?? Don’t be fooled by a few big signings that Arsenal are spending big. They can afford to spend big more than almost any club in the world but there net spend over the last six or seven years is lower than almost every other club in the PL. Kroenke is only looking at his investment and Wenger is an economist. Any other premier league chairman with ambition to compete at the HIGHEST level, would have sacked Wenger years ago! That’s why Stan is the real problem and you ask “what has he done wrong?”… Read more »


A winning mentality comes from the top, no? We have an owner that simply doesn’t give a shit about the footballing numbers. It is strictly economics. As a lifelong fan, this a very sad and unpleasant truth that I am helpless to do anything about, but my loyalty will never waver.


Its the lack of productivity up front which will startle some.

The problems at the back we’ve come to expect.

The so called “world class” forward in exchange for route one Giroud (God forbid we emulate what Kane gives Spurs) and the telepathic relationship of ex-Dortmund players…so easily contained.

No wide players, lacking pace and players who can engage and instigate, we are dependent on passing which means they have to choke us out of the middle. Simples.


I really do not understand your complaining about the recent transfer window. It was the best bit of business we’ve done in a while. Sticking with what we had (the Giroud and Sánchez you’re crying about) will have changed nothing. At this rate, not even an entire army of defensive mid and central defenders can change Arsenal’s fortune as long as Arsene is here. We’ll play the same type of football, exhibit the same weaknesses and mental capitulation, and still lose in shitty ways, regardless of the tools employed. You say we should be careful what we wish for when… Read more »


Your team lost 1 love/ nil in a derby match we blame the coach. Get a life!!!
I saw chances going both ways….good game and we lost.we lost that game because we didn’t score. We not …Wenger

Das boi

Couldnt agree more, how can wenger be blamed when mhiki ozil and Wilshire spoiled multiple chances on the break with bad passes. Clearly our away form has us lacking confidence but the only thing we can do is try to win the next one. Lets just continue to encourage the players as fans instead of mull about and be overly dramatic. Save that for ManUre fans

Tas Gunner

Yes,Runnings,we lost one nil in a derby but even that blind guy in arsenal fan tv will tell you it should have been bloody 6-0/7-0 and thats the sodding point.spurs were unbelievably sloppy in front of goal.and chance both ways?the auba one although very very close but yes, was offside.apart from that we had two chances in the dying moments one of which was a volley on weak foot from laca..tottenham had 7+ clear cut chances to score.jack wilshere touched the ball 1 time in the first half an hour of second can see from that one stat how… Read more »


Jack had a beauty saved….Bellering missed a sitter…..a good game we lost 1-0…


What is our away record this season? Where are we in the league? Yeah, just one game, that’s why people are pissed off


Pissed off that our players didn’t play to their potential? Pissed off that our coach didn’t set us up with the right tactics?
Pissed off that we don’t win every game? Rein your emotions in son! Life is ups and downs. It’ll all work out in the end.


Fair point but Wenger sets the lineup sets the formation and can influence the game from the touch line and again at half. He failed to deliver on any fronts. Terrible lineup for me, got the formation all wrong and as usual is moot from the touch line and I’m sure utterly uninspiring at the break.


AW, is that you? If so, it’s time to go. You’ve had so many chances to turn things around. As it stands, we have one of the better sides of your reign, and our away form is worse than it’s ever been. A real head-scratcher. Folks like to point at the players, and sure, they were poor today, but is it true that you aren’t to blame at all for performances like this? You pick the squad, tell them how you want them to play, and if things aren’t going well, you have the chance to talk to them at… Read more »


No idea what game you were watching. We didnt create any chances. Spurs dominated us and it was very fortunate to be only one nil.


Goals change games as the saying goes. If we’d got that first half goal – PEA not offside, more accurate pass on several breaks – we could have continued the formation and would have hailed the team with more on the break. (Spuds clearly have different rules applied to offside for opponents!) Spuds only really looked good in patches but then they scored and the confidence was up. Our problem was losing the formation second half (Wenger told them to attack more?). See what Spuds did to Manure when they got early goal; compare it to games v Liverpool, Newport,… Read more »

Nachos in Montreal

What this heck is wrong with this comment thread?You all sound like trolls


Not hard to see what team had the motivational half time talk! Need a strong midfielder…..central defence…..goalie. Other than that we’re fine….whoops I forgot, a new fucking manager as well!!!


New goalie? Cech stopped the score blowing out pretty much single handedly!

True gunner

Arenal player a robbing Arsenal. Nowhere else would pay them that sort of money while their performances leave much to be desired.

Puff puff

I cannot think of a single team in the league that iwobi and xhaka can get into… Like its only arsenal that continually give chances to such atrocious players


Arsene is not blind to the fact that we’re utter shite and he hasn’t had the good grace to step down. As far as I’m concerned, he’s staying at the job for his own selfish reasons. You can argue as to what those reasons are, but the numbers don’t lie. WE. ARE. SHITE.


that’s what I said, we should be lucky it was only one, it could have been five or six easy


It’s the same problems for the past 12 years. No leaders, wasteful in possession, no movement, terrible defending and a striker left isolated or played out of position. People complained about Lacazette not getting enough shots off and now Aubameyang is doing the same. The tactics are wrong, there are too many players that aren’t good enough and a manager that can’t get the best out of them. One more year


Can the Board really allow him to carry on after the end of the season? If we win nothing and don’t get CL then surely they will have to replace him. They only really care about money anyway and if we miss out will that force them to act…(I was going to say sp*r them to action but realise how inappropriate that would be.)

Tasmanian Jesus

Well, this Spurs side is gonna crumble away in the next year or two. They cant pay their stars anywhere near what big teams pay, and it wont be forever until their “stars” will go abroad, or to some oil-rich team.
Also, they are not winning any medals with Spuds, and they wont no matter how long they would stay.

Anyway. We sucked today. The strenght of Wengers teams are possession, passing and fast attacking.
We had none of it today.
Maybe Micki and Auba havent gotten a real distaste for Spuds yet. It will come..


Still would like to see Laca out there with Mhkit and Auba in a 4-2-3-1. Laca on the left, Mkhitaryon on the right, and Ozil in the middle with Auba up front. Need to work on who to pair in the midfield.


We were average in the first half and total shit in the second. Very lucky not to lose by 3 or 4. Bellerin, Cech and Wilshere only ones who could hold their heads up.

Jean Ralphio

No need for using vile language. Lacazette should have scored and Mkhitaryan should have done better. As a manager you can’t do everything. Are you saying if we had a new manager Lacazette would have scored that?

Lingards\' Milly Rock

If we had a new manager, he’d see Mesut Ozil is not a winger. And unless you have world class players (Kroos/Muller) in his way, you play him in the middle.

The manager set the team up completely incorrectly.

Nachos in Montreal

Firstly he didn’t blame Lacazette and Mkhitaryan for the loss in the last part.Read it properly again.

And no,as a manager you can’t do everything.Except we are not asking him to do everything.We are asking him to do his job better.

Jean Ralphio

I’m not saying he blamed Lacazette or Mkhitaryan. What were you reading? I am blaming them for not making the right decisions or not making straightforward passes.

Lingards\' Milly Rock

Last stat is absolutely spot on! Could you kindly break down Xhaka’s pass completion stats?? How many were forward (what percentage)? Who did he primarily pass to (5 yard rolling the ball to other midfielders/wall pass to CBs)? I think he was absolutely pathetic and offered nothing of value. He and Elneny seem to amble around a lot but don’t do much. Wilshere’s stats seem like a confirmation of this to me. Taking on too much responsibility as others won’t. I also feel this may be a harsh assessment (trying to be balanced) so wanted an objective breakdown. P.S –… Read more »


How we ended up with mustafi and xhaka by the numbers.

Or “the rise in purchases based on statistics only and no more common sense”


That last line…sums it all up rather well. Oh well, we are heading towards the right direction. Taking the rather long way but the right way none the less.


I hate losing to our rival…I really do but this season, I hate the losses to Stoke, Swansea, Watford and Bournemouth a whole lot more. Derbys are tough and go either way. We were heavy favorites in all of those other matches. Fix the problem of losing the gimmes first. Points wasted.

Levi A.

So many things wrong today… #1 is tactical. Wenger was out coached in the second half. It’s embarassing how poor we are when facing a defensive press. We fall apart every time. We didn’t play a single ball over the top until the 86th minute. Absolutely dreadful. 2 – Özil once again proved almost useless in a big match. Slow, meandering, predictable… He isn’t even good at set plays anymore. Not sure why we signed him up for a huge salary, because this is nothing new. He has a good game every 5th match, maybe – and that’s usually against… Read more »

Alexit Micki Aubarsenal

You can buy top scorers from French & German League but it won’t change anything as long as Wenger still in reign and yeah, buy top scorer from Pluto too.

Puff puff

We should get doucoure


spurs on a different planet and have been for a couple of years now. Should have been 3-0. A team on the up vs a team on the decline. A manager with ideas vs a manager who ran out of them years ago. Spurs at their best and Man City playing some of the best football Ive seen since Arsenal invincible

Santi\'s tattoo transplant

Wow, Mustafi’s and Xhaka’s stats are actually quite decent, while I feel these two players are the main reasons behind our terrible away form and they were really at fault today and gave nothing to us. I feel that this season Xhaka’s best performances have been when he doesn’t make enormous mistakes and otherwise has played just decently. Even at his best he doesn’t really offer anything for us, and the consistency which he makes goal conceding errors is unbelievable. As for Mustafi, he is capable of playing extremely good. When he is at his best, he is really-really good,… Read more »


To late I’m afraid for the stubborn out of date old man to sort this out. Pep & Poch actually make players better, Dyche, Maureen etc can organize a defense but not us.


The only chance we have of getting any pride from the season is in the Kellogg’s Cornflake Cup and the Europa thing. So a perfect opportunity to drop your best goalkeeper.


It’s a sad, sad end to this journey with Arsene Wenger. Even now, me included, I find myself shouting at him and then later on reflecting just how sad this is. It needs to end. I think it end in the summer but you can never be sure. He’s brought this on himself but it’s still shitty.


4 at the back
Xhaka Willshire Elneny in mid
Wenger’s version of parking the bus? madness- that team sheet can’t counter.
that team sheet cant stop service from coming in either.
centerbacks who cant track or jump ???
Montreal the only one with half a brain…
forwards with no movement or poise on the ball
no sustained interaction between players…
sorry times


So many times over the years we see Wenger say something to Steve Bould on the touchline. I have never seen Steve say anything back – all he does is just nod every time.
There’s your first “yes man” right there!


This is the Premier League. A place where referees actually reward physicality. How long is it since we had one uncompromising defender or midfielder…….who didn’t shirk his responsibilities when things got a bit heated. ( our only attempt at Fuck You recently was Gabriel, and he was shipped out quickly). Look at City…….classic example of good even excellent football, but there’s hard men in there too. Pep knows! This is the English Prem league and refs are paid to keep it spicey. We are what we are and have been for many years now, and Spurs will finish ahead of… Read more »


Auba isn’t flagged offside (he wasn’t) and scores, we win 1-0 or 2-0, everyone hails what a tactical genius Wenger is.

Football is a fickle sport.

I agree Wenger’s time is up, but you can’t ignore what a totally different game this would have been if the refereeing wasn’t terrible. Might have lost anyway, Auba might have missed the chance anyway…but it would have been a different game.


The only number I care for now is the number of months we’ve got left with this awful manager of ours, who has become now a specialist in shuttering player’s confidence

Fart Overcars

Man City next. A real chance to bounce back after Saturday’s disappointing result.

Wendy Agnew

Totnumb need not concern themselves about scoring only one goal against us – they should worry about why they haven’t won fuck all for years!! Twats!

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