Boss: Ramsey has more goals in his locker


After his first ever career hat-trick yesterday, Arsene Wenger says that Aaron Ramsey is capable of more goals, challenging the midfielder to get into double figures between now and the end of the season.

He’s done it before, of course, getting 16 in the 2013-14 campaign, but hasn’t been able to match that since.

Yesterday, however, he immediately clicked with Henrikh Mkhitaryan who provided him with two assists, and his excellent movement to get into dangerous positions was matched by his finishing which was absolutely clinical.

Asked about the Welshman’s performance afterwards, the Arsenal manager was impressed, while insisting there should be more to come.

“I felt always – when I watched the games after on the video – you think always that he is there in a good position in the box and I felt always that he had between 10 and 15 goals at least in his locker,” he said.

“He didn’t do it until now because I think he rushed, sometimes, with his finishing. He looks much calmer. The only difference I see is that he doesn’t rush it.

“That’s why maybe, that’s the secret to being efficient.”

Ramsey himself was delighted to have made such a telling contribution, saying, “I’m delighted, my first hat-trick so it’s one of those moments to remember, but full credit to the team who played some really good attacking football in the first half and the game was won in the first half really.

“We’ve got to keep that focus and quality for the rest of the season.”

Arsenal 5-1 Everton – player ratings

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Puff puff

Seriously what does this mean for Jack


I think with their injury records Jack and Ramsey only have a full season of fitness between them so it could work well?


i cant agree less


I’ve been quite critical of Ramsey in the past so have to give credit where it’s due. Not a lot of box to box midfielders like him out there who can score as many goals as he does

If he can keep scoring AND remember the basics (just like he did in 2014), he’s going to be key for the rest of the season


healthy competition


Tis possible we could play them together, provided they don’t both bomb forward


nothing, jacks ok, I cant see wenger getting rid of our best player

Jimbo Jones

Jack wilshere our best player?

Jimbo Jones

Honestly if Jack’s good enough he plays but Rambo is far superior far me.Ramsey has consistently outperformed him in every aspect; throughout his career, Ramsey has played more than 100 games in the same time period. He has contributed more goals and assists (1 in 3) compared to Jack’s (1 in 5). Ramsey covers more ground, makes more tackles, interceptions and key passes. He has performed in the big moments, the only player ever to score the winning goal in two cup finals, and been superb at a major international tournament. He has been professional whereas Jack had had many problems off field. All this in spite that is say Aaron Ramseys big strength is his off the ball work in creating space, breaking the lines and stretching other teams. Jack is much more a ball at feet player but has never had the output.

I don’t understand the Jack love in at the expense of other players who are better for the team. I support all our players but it’s just misplaced. I get the ‘pashun’ bit but if someone can show me what I’m missing please do because all i see is a skilful player who holds onto the ball to long, tries to beat people in the wrong area of the pitch and in the end despite moments of skill there’s little output. I guess it looks better on a highlights real as opposed to someone who runs off the ball drags a couple of players out of position so we actually get a chance to score?

Jimbo Jones

I don’t mean to sound too down on Jack (having read this back)…. hes a great player but I’m not falling for this ‘Jack is our best player’ and ‘Our future captain’ stuff I keep hearing. Its just never been the case. Yes we’ve been in bad form but lets not get carried away with this saviour narrative.


I think Xhaka will be the one to make way.

Indian Gooner

It has to be Iwobi if you want to accommodate both Ramsey and Wilshere although I thought Iwobi was excellent yesterday. I would say replace Xhaka with Elneny if need be but leaving both Wilshere and Ramsey in front of an already shambolic defense could cause havoc.


Ramsey and Jack are clearly our two best midfielders so maybe …


There are enough games in a season – PL, league cup, fa cup, Europe – for everyone to play their part. Throw in a few inevitable injuries, fatigue and loss of form, and we will need every midfielder we’ve got. Remember we also sold Coq without replacement. Horses for courses


Our hat-trick hero should be full of confidence going into the NLD. Would love Rambo to score more goals in our “second home”.

IMHO reaching double figures this season should be quite doable if Aaron continues his budding partnership with the new boys.


Just needs another hat-trick


It’s frustrating when you see a player score hat-trick one week and he can’t even get a proper first touch the week after. We simply cannot rely on Jack and Ramsey for a whole season. We need another player in there. Jack and Ramsey should accept rotation. In fact we need to get one more player of that level in their position. This is the only way forward.

Yellow Ribbon

Rambo needs to develop some positional awareness if he really wants to be successful with all the potential that he has got.

Man Manny

Time to bring them out of the locker. Another two will do on Saturday.


ramsey doesn’t necessarily lack ‘positional discipline’. he’s doing exactly what he’s been instructed to do – get into the box. personally, with the firepower we now have upfront, i’d prefer him to stay further back and give priority to defense over offense, but it’s hard to argue against the big goals he’s scored. it’s ever so great when it works, costly when it doesn’t.


I thought that he stayed much closer to Xhaka in the Everton match. He was more positionally disciplined, which helped Xhaka out (but doesn’t excuse Xhaka’s previous lack of defensive effort).

I think Ramsey playing as a ‘midfielder in the box’ was a result of the manager thinking: “we are not creating many chances and scoring many goals. We shall sacrifice defensive stability for scoring goals”.

Now with Mkhi and Auba, there is less need for Ramsey’s runs.


couple of more celebrity death.. i dont care as long as the goals bang in


in 2014 Rambo was way better than Harry KANE


Keyword ‘WAS’ ?

sixteen swans

At some point this season we’ll see Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Lacazette, Ramsey AND Jack on the pitch at the same time.

Fuck knows what the score will be at the end though.


prob 5 – 5


At half time.

Tas Gunner

Sell him.we need proper arsenal fans who love the jackie boy! don’t need that welsh fraud who goes missing most of the match.Doesn’t tackle around and protect our defence as well as providing goals and assists.i mean come on if he can’t be at two place at the same time,what good is he?we need proper players in arsenal who can both attack,defend,tap the badge,sign new contract in cheap and always be in good form.we don’t want to hear bullshit like “thats not his job”,of course it bloody is,he is a footballer ffs! he should be able to defend like maldini even is he is a striker/midfielder and should be able to provide tons of assist even if he is a fullback/def.jack only been starting regualr matches and doing well after like 3 years but that doesn’t take away the fact he beat barca t 16! nothing that welshman can do will ever surpass that,not even tinpot cups that ended our 9 year long troph drought and a year of football that almost single handedly won us the yeah,don’t teach football to us,we done plenty when we were young lads.we are all basically experts.Wilshere in the squad from now.Ramsey out of the club asap.end of.

Chippys chip

All hail the welsh jesus. It is the second, third or maybe fourth coming.

sixteen swans

I take it the medication hasn’t kicked in yet?


this is clearly intended to be facetious


we know, so put him on £400.000 a week


I would love to see his locker.

Some sort of Thing

Is Ramsey the most under appreciated player at Arsenal?

bob davis

I hope Ramsey gets another hat-trick against Sp-rs on Saturday!


Baffling the amount of hate Aaron gets from our fans sometimes. It isn’t a coincidence that Lacazette stopped scoring when Aaron went out the team. We need someone else to run in behind otherwise we have a lot of players trying to feed one striker who is the only one that a defense has to occupy. It’s just too easy for the opposition. Aaron makes a strikers job much, much easier. Show him some love, because if he goes we’ll miss him.

The key is balance, Aaron will get back and make tackles as his numbers show, but having a defensive player in there who can track midfield runners, and asking our full backs to be a bit more disciplined would help.

Ramsey, Wilshere plus one more, in a three, is probably our best midfield. Mkhi, Ozil and Auba ahead.


Ramsey is a dud, selfishly abandoning his defensive duties to hover at the box and occasionally he gets lucky. sell sell sell