Boss yet to decide who will be captain tomorrow night


Arsene Wenger says he has an ‘interesting’ decision to make as to who will captain the team tomorrow night for the Europa League clash with Ostersunds FK.

Arsenal are without Laurent Koscielny (Achilles), Jack Wilshere and Petr Cech, and the fact that he was even asked the question, and answered the way he did, suggests that Per Mertesacker has not made the trip either.

When asked who would lead the side out, he said, “I haven’t thought about that. It’s an interesting question I have to sort out tonight.

“It could be [Mesut Ozil]. I prefer a more defensive player most of the time. We’ll see.”

Nacho Monreal would appear to be the senior man at the back and he could well be the man with the armband.

Arsenal passed up the chance to have a training session on the Ostersund pitch today, with Wenger preferring to work at home and travel to Sweden in the afternoon.

He explained his decision, saying, “It disturbs the organisation and the way we want to prepare for a game and I think we will adapt. We have played sometimes indoors.

“I have heard this is 4G, we have 3G so it is different and outside it is different as well but no matter, we have not to make too big a problem with it.

“Our technical level should help us to adapt quickly. The temperature at the moment I don’t find a big difference with London.

“We have cold wind as well similar to what has happened here so I don’t think the temperature will be a big problem.

“Our target will be to adapt quickly to the pitch.”

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perfect. classic wenger .


“I have heard this is 4G, we have 3G so it is different…” – Wenger

For a second, I got totally confused.

Let’s come back with a win!


Sending all the right signals.


Gervinho on a short loan? Coming from China the transfer window doesn’t matter and he is not cup tied either.


Your name matches your thoughts..haha

I\'m 14 again

This is interesting. Looks to me like Wenger fully expects the team to win easy. Let’s do justice and move on to the next round. I’m not pumped though, not after watching the Champions League. We should be playing there and that’s the biggest reason our boys have to win convincingly so much that the second leg is a foregone conclusion


We should give the armband to Eddie

Mkhi Most

Might as well give it to Gunnersaurus. Wenger doesn’t take the captaincy seriously anyway

A Different George

Well, I think there’s a big difference in Wenger’s attitude between the club captain and the captain on the day. For a while, the club captain was the star player, regardless of his personality or “leadership” qualities (RVP). But Vermaelen, Arteta, and Mertesacker were all chosen, I think, based on their captain-like attributes. The problem was that all were injured so often. (Koscielny, as vice club captain fits this too). So the captain on the pitch, in any given match, was often the senior player–Gibbs in some cup ties, Theo, etc. In the long term, I am convinced, Mustafi will be the club captain.


Looks like we couldn’t be more prepared. Thankfully this team has the ability to adapt to difficult away conditions as our impeccable away record so clearly demonstrates.

Mayor McCheese

We should give the armband to Danny Welbeck. It would give him something extra with which to score.


It’ll weigh him down and his touch will be even worse. Please.

How about, you score a hat trick, we will consider giving you the armband.


He might score with a deflected armband goal


I laughed so hard at this.

A Different George

The weird thing about Wellbeck is that, for the most part, he has a very good touch and excellent technical skills in general–except when he is anywhere near the opposition’s goal. The he looks like Sanogo. I have hoped that this proves it’s a question of confidence, not skill, and when he finally scores a couple of goals, he will become a fine finisher. But, I am running low on hope.


“I prefer a more defensive player [but unfortunately we don’t really have any]”.
“Our technical level should help us to adapt quickly [like it normally does in our away games]”.
Sorry. I find it so hard not to be cynical about almost everything Wenger says nowadays. I’ve been driven to this.


But did you resist?


Mustafi should captain the side.

He’s vocal and he can see the play. Get some organization going.

3 at the back with Monreal and Chambers either flank.

Or Cech. He can also lead and get them sorted at least for those pesky set pieces.


Give it to Hector. At least he will try to make a fashion statement out of it. About time someone made any sort of statements on the pitch wearing it anyways.
Seriously though Monreal has been our best player this season. The only one who consistently seems to give a shit home or away. Deserves to wear the band.


Gotta be Nacho, surely


First player to use the captain’s band as a hair band?

I have always thought “armband” was not giving a fair chance to the other parts of the body.


Wenger don’t give a monkeys arse who’s captain.

Maxin In The Shade

Cause it shouldn’t matter who’s wearing the armband, should it?

It’s mostly symbolic. Every player should be a leader out on the pitch.


How about gunnersaurus? Definitely among the most common consistent performers.


Very difficult when there’s no wifi.. But 4G should suit us for good Netflix streaming


What’s the betting that Wenger will use the pitch/weather as an excuse if we don’t win? Surely an opportunity lost if we didn’t train on it? Given our away performances, upsetting the organisation would be no bad thing!


Play your best goalkeeper then it’s obvious.


Anybody else think at the end of this game there will be a comment from wenger about how the pitch was an issue for us?

Christopher Wreh

I’m a little worried. Surely we won’t get beat here, surely?


Loving Wenger in a hoodie.


Fucking ozil as captain. Good god

Still looking for him from the last game


Ah, the “Ozil goes missing when it’s important” meme.
Are you Alan Shearer in disguise?


Elneny and Willock in midfield? There’s a calm about Willock I really like. Hope he get’s more chances with the first team.


Sounds like an away match at some dinky stadium with a muddy pitch for the FA Cup.

In terms of captain I’d go with Ozil just to see how he would respond to that role. He doesn’t seem like the leader type, but maybe being handed the band could be a big boost for him.


I think he’s been warming to the role of being the key man. He may prefer to just focus on the gameplay, sure, but I think he’d be fine. It might be good here and there to put it on him too- “You’re on the big money. You’re the man now. Go stand up to it.”

Otherwise it’s got to be Nacho. Senior, dependable, team focus, vocal, and there is certainly something to having a captain who has more of the whole pitch in front of them. May not fully be a Type A, but he’s got it in him.


If Wenger believes that Östersunds climate is like London, they’re in for some trouble tonight…