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Lacazette to miss 4-6 weeks after undergoing knee surgery

Arsenal’s Europa League chances have taken a hit with the news that Alexandre Lacazette will miss four to six weeks having undergone minor surgery on his knee.

In a statement issued on the official website, the club said:

Striker Alex Lacazette had an arthroscopy on his left knee in London on Tuesday morning.

The minor procedure was a success and he will now undergo a period of rehabilitation. It is envisaged that he will return to the squad within four to six weeks.

For those wondering what exactly an arthroscopy is, Wikipedia says:

Arthroscopy (also called arthroscopic or keyhole surgery) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure on a joint in which an examination and sometimes treatment of damage is performed using an arthroscope, an endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision.

Quite what the problem is we’re unsure of, but it’s a blow for the team and for the striker who has undergone a difficult time of late.

He’s scored just once in his last thirteen games, and his lack of confidence was apparent during the North London derby when he failed to take advantage of his chances to grab a late equaliser for the Gunners.

Fingers crossed it’s not any more serious than this, and best of luck to him in his recovery.

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Well fuck…..


There is no way anybody takes 4-6 weeks to recover from an arthroscopy.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Anybody working in a normal job, yes it would be weird…..but he’s a professional athlete so It’s perfectly understandable it will take that long for him to return to doing his job at 100%




It’s not just the arthroscopy, they didn’t just go in for a look; its what they did while there – meniscus tear?

Also, the speed at which your quad wastes is astonishing; if it’s not fully restored you risk aggravating the original problem

Burn Baby Burn

This speed of recovery is probably meniscus removal. Repair would be months (know from experience). Removal is essentially healing from cuts, but with little blood flow to the meniscus, it takes longer. I remember reading about an Olympian who had a repair a week or two before the Olympics started and ran the 10k or some such during the games. For them it was a once in a lifetime thing so worth the side effects of a fast return. For everyone else it’s 4-6 weeks. Then again, maybe it’s not meniscus repair and I just wasted a few minutes writing… Read more »


I’ve had a 3 in total. 6 weeks each time.


Well this is kind of (NOT REALLY) hilarious. Can anyone honestly name another club that so consistently gets absolutely shafted by circumstance more than us? So just to highlight what I am referring to: – We sign Aubameyang (who is cup tied in Europe) – Subsequently we sell Giroud to Chelsea under the acknowledgement that he will struggle even more to get games considering he hasn’t really featured many times already this season with only Lacazette as direct competition. – Meaning Lacazette is now our only genuine out and out striking option for our Europa League campaign. – The Spurs… Read more »


To add to that…Lacazettes’s problem has been an ongoing issue so the club has known all along and still we are in this situation…so typical of what we have become



And whats even worse to think about if what you’re saying has some truth to it.

That means Wenger’s decision to accommodate Lacazette through the middle, at the expense of Aubameyang against Spurs was even more ludicrous. Because not only was he pushing Aubameyang, one of Europe’s best strikers out wide, when we desperately needed a goal. He was also replacing him with a player that first and foremost isn’t match fit.

Like how mental is that?

Which ever way you cut it, Arsene has lost it.


Would be a genius if Laca buried one of those two chances though..


But the chances of him scoring were seriously low. The guy hadn’t scored for 12 games on the bounce at that point. We now know he wasn’t fit at the time. And just the nature of the game. We weren’t creating anything. It was obvious it was going to be one of those games where if we were going to score, we were only going to get one or at a push two chances to do it. So to bank on Lacazette being that guy to score under all of those circumstances, it was pretty far fetched idea. Not impossible… Read more »


A perfect summary of the situation. It does seem that only Arsenal can mange fuck themselves in such ways!


Any chance we could recall Lucas Perez ?



About as much chance of that happening as it is Lacazette popping out of a giant paper mache Jose Mourinho before kick off in Ostersunds FK saying ‘Surprise!,’ as he then proceeds to just loaf football after football into the Arsenal away fans, paying homage to his shocking attempted finish against Spurs on Saturday.


Eddie Eddie Eddie

Dave M

Shafted by circumstances or shafted by being Arsenal. Get the Auba deal done at the start of January (or heck even before) Dortmund has time to get a replacement and we don’t HAVE to sell Giroud…thus he would be playing and doing what he always did for Arsenal…scoring goals…

Eric Blair

You’re forgetting another turn of events. That young Chelsea striker Dortmund signed has really hit the ground running and is banging the goals in already.

So we have strengthened a possible EL rival whilst weakening ourselves, and strengthened a PL rival who have improved their short term striker situation and their long term one as that young player will return next season from his loan with loads of confidence and experience.

It seems that, whatever decision Arsenal makes at the moment (and for a while to be honest) it is always the wrong one.


We should have kept Giroud and told BVB and Deschamps to get stuffed!


On the plus side we can say he is now fully qualified to wear that cursed number 9 shirt.

dr Strange

Retire that number.


The number 9 is cursed.


Don’t worry fellas, I got this


In a weird way I’m almost happy about this as it gives an explanation to his form, and hope that he will be better equipped to regain his form (and his pace!) when he returns. Hopefully we can cope without him until his return, really rate him. Get well soon Laca!


Hahahaahhaahhaa, why did i just laugh. I dunno maybe it is because the girl i love is sitting right across from me with a hot european dude who i am pretty sure he is after her. Feeling insecure but fuck it i am going in guys. I going for her wish me luck… i need it. Ok that was random haha.


That’s a weird and pretty cringey comment to be honest, but why all the hate?

Kwame Ampadu Down

It’s weird & cringy that you called a lot of down votes ‘hate’. The most mis used word in the modern world.

Danger Mouse

@flying monkey…..I for one wish you luck in your pursuit of said female. “Faint heart never won fair lady” and all that.


If you think the dude is hot, you might be barking up the wrong tree.
You better act now because Europeans will be evicted in a couple of years and it wont be ok to come out anymore.

Bergys Toe



We dead

Sandy Domenique

Guess this may be one of the reasons for him being a bit crap recently, if he’s been playing with pain/ reduced mobility.


I personally blame Özil. His fault.




I think too that the Brexit is Özil’s fault. And the tension between the US and North Korea. 😉 We could ask Keown or Henry, i’m sure they’d agree!

Kwame Ampadu Down

If peace is ever found in the Middle East Alex, pretty sure you’d find a way to credit Ozil for it too?


I personally blame wenger, he was talking shit all week about lacazete, he jinxed him


No, this is Obama’s fault.

Northern Gooner

If he was playing in pain or with reduced mobility, with a chance of needing surgery, then why the heck did they sanction Giroud’s sale?

Sometimes it’s as if nothing is thought through at this club.


Because that was the only way to get Aubameyang – And how mardy would everyone have been if we hadn’t signed him!


Maybe making Hollywood signing isn’t the way forward after all. We better learn this lesson fast.


Hope he comes back fresh and firing on all cylinders.
We need him to get back into the champions league.


Well well Welbz

Pedant pedant

Arise Sir Danny


“Well well…”
…step forward Nacho Monreal!


I would actually even try playing Nacho as a striker than playing Welbz.(Obviously I am kidding!). But Nacho can definitely strike the ball better than Welbz..that’s for sure eh? I think there goes our chance of winning the Europa League this season..if at all we had that chance. Thanks for selling Giroud! (Well! How can our friendly neighbours Chelsea not finish in the top 4 aye? ) Can’t wait to play in the Europa League next season and compete with BATE and Co. again! Exciting times ahead! Will we even play in Europe next season? That’s a discussion for another… Read more »

Donald\'s Trump

Ramsey up front. Better than Welbz. Makes excellent runs, great finisher. Bish bash bosh

Daft Aider

If we can get Nacho to play central/wing back/striker,
we should be ok

Eric Blair

Don’t worry, we can always call on 100 goal and Arsenal lover Giroud…. oh, wait…

Godfrey Twatsloch

Well I for one am so pleased Giroud was sold now. My point of us being left thin on the ground with two strikers adjusting to the PL and Welbeck with his very patchy score sheet is…well I was just wrong, wasn’t I? Because we got Aubameyang and that’s all that mattered. So what if he’s cup tied, we got him and we strengthened Chelsea while losing our only proven striker. It’s just so wonderful and anyone who says anything else is just being negative.


Good chance for Welbeck to score a few goals, and for Nketiah to be get some more playing time. Hope Laca comes back soon, and strong. I think people have been quick to write him off. He could still come good, especially if we progress further in the Europa League

Mayor McCheese

Good chance for Welbeck to run around a lot.

Donald\'s Trump

And fall over

Dave M

And shin a few


Perhaps he’s been playing through pain in the recent stretch of poor form? Would explain why his pace seems to have lessened recently. Now that we’ve got Auba he get some proper treatment.


Where did that come from? Because he missed two sitters the medical team has decided to do a surgery on his knee?


could very well be – maybe we could help our defence with brainectomies?


we need to *add* brain matter, not remove existing matter!


well at least he had the chance, unlike the rest of the forwards, who were on the pitch for most of the game


Maybe to adjust the knee scope and anterior compass


Except of ronaldo’s comment , the other comments are hilarious

Sunil T

Only striker we have is Welbez for Europa… WE AINT WINNING SHIT!

Belfast Gooner

For the 1st 5 months of the 14/15 season the only striker we had was Wele! Giroud had broken his leg. He scored a champions league hat-trick if I remember. Hopefully he can score a few in the euopa.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Welbeck is a decent lone striker but a pretty crap wide player. If he has to play up front in Europa he will do ok.


The problem is that his hamstring will go after about five minutes into the game against Östersund, being played in -14C…

Bai Blagoi

Don’t forget The Eddie!

Ashburton Grove

Absolutely typical. You couldn’t make it up. Giroud sale already coming back to haunt us. Welbeck’s chance in the Europa now.

The Big Ticket

I guess the question now becomes how much of his loss of form/confidence can be assigned to his knee injury? It’s just weird because I don’t remember Wenger even talking about Laca having some physical issue. Although he has looked tired and ragged in recent games


I wonder if our improved record with injuries is due to players playing with injections like other teams do and Wenger has been quite critical of in the past. Could explain poor form Laca and Saed in particular


*sigh* Arsenal finally cough up north of 50M pounds each for 2 strikers and they are both unavailable for the only trophy left to fight for and our only path back into the Champions league… You cannot make this stuff up.

Barry Burns

“Hello? Chelsea FC? May we speak to Olivier Giroud, please?”


Damn, is this His fault too….poor guy!!!. Did he knew all along… What the heck does we really know?..ohh there are stats on that too; just check 7am fake news or the blogz…..its fun being a fan of this team……i love this medium.


In English please?


Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!


We’re short for the Europa league up top but hopefully mkhi can give Danny some sweet passes, considering he hasn’t played in ages and has 2 strikers ahead of him welbeck cameo at Wembley was quite good IMHO.


This makes even harder to stomach the Giroud departure


When it rains it pours. We might Laca an umbrella but at least we’ve got our Welé. Oh and I’ll get my coat…


It’ll be snowing come Thursday.


hey blogs,

not sure if its just me, but with the layout of the news section. I’ve noticed that its very easy to miss new articles depending on what section its under. Its much easier on a mobile device, but on a desktop its rather confusing to see new articles at times. Are they any potential changes in place for the future by any chance?

P.S. i come to this website everyday and the community you’ve built on this website is amazing. Wouldn’t swap it for anything else

Bai Blagoi

It would be very useful if the sidebar can be expanded (by clicking a “More” button or something) and you can see all the articles chronologically. I personally read everything, no matter what section.

Heiku Staude

This is going from stupid to creepy very quickly.

Heiku Staude

Meant to reply to ronaldo..


News like this makes me wonder whether we are a football club or a human body research centre.


arsenal gon’ arsenal


So we win the europa and return to the CL next year, with Laca back to his best!
Jeez, this Gin is very good.


I had a couple of arthroscopies (shoulder and ankle). There are used to file away excess bone, tidy up damaged cartilage or extract a loose piece of bone/tissue that is moving around the joint.
In all cases the tissue is causing continuous inflammation. Cortisone injections provide excellent short term relief but sometimes there’s no choice but to operate.

The intervention is fairly trivial but it feels like someone has punched you very hard for a couple of weeks before you get the benefits. So 4 weeks sounds about right.


Thanks for the insight. So he’s probably been in pain and having injections for a while. And we know Koscielny has weekly injections for his Achilles too.

Our injury record is better, but players are still walking wounded.


Fingers crossed one of Walcott/Giroud/Sanchez was actually out on re-callable loan and not sold


This break will enable Laca to get a breather from his debut PL season. Get well soon then return for the final stretch.


I can already see Lacazette going down that Debuchy path. Talented, highly-regarded import who comes to Arsenal, gets injured, has his confidence shot, struggles to make it back to team, has issues with the manager’s poor man management (unless you are one of “his guys”), plays well in lesser competitions but doesn’t get the chance in big games over a slumping player…When will it end?


Looks to me like this decision has been made on the basis it was affecting his performances and no coincidence the surgery has taken place when we have a rare break in difficult fixtures – we should be confident of beating ostersund and other foreseeable fixtures aubamayang is available. I also think welbeck is a defensively strong centre forward which could be favourable in thr less open knockout fixtures like the Uefa cup.

Eric Blair

League Cup final against Man City?


Laca is so unfairly criticized. Sometimes the manager and his tactics will make even messi look shit. Despite his lack of goals how many sitters have you seen Lacca miss before the Spurs game and he came on very late in the game to even put us in a position to score for the first time the entire match. he’s been working very hard but he is a striker who needs service and hasn’t had much with this team.

Jimmy 2 Times

Even Orbinho was getting worried that Opta had no data on us not having a shot in the box during a game!


If i had to play a game in -20 degree temps, i’d have a knee op too


Put Nacho at center forward!

Get well soon Laca!


Feel sorry for the lad. He’s only been here a short time. Good luck Laca hope to see you banging them goals in soon.


jesus blogs, I cant believe you were still having ago at lacazette this morning, he is a great player, theres nothing wrong with him, if wenger hadn,t panic bought aubameyang in the January transfer he would be in the team, and we might have won, most of the team played crap on Saturday, have ago at them as they are more worthy of a kick up the arse than lacazette, don’t try and deflect the blame for the first team, we all know the truth, its all there for everyone to see, you cant fool everyone


It’s cool though, we have Girou… oh .. wait..

Auba cup tied in Europe as well? Lovely.

I for one will be praying the draw for Rof16 is kind to us (providing we manage to make it past Ostersunds – come on Welbz)

Rob Pyres

I bloody knew this would happen, it’s one of the many reasons I’d wished Giroud would’ve stayed. Now we have no recognised striker for the Europa League which has become our most important competition. Step up Welbs. We’re gonna need you at your best!


This is a big blow for the Europa. I think people are forgetting just how awful we were in the group stages against woeful opposition. I know it was heavily rotated sides, but there was so much of that sideways style of play which is so frustrating. That impotent “possession without doing anything” classic Arsenal style. Let’s just hope we can be incisive. Against Ostersund it should be an easy 6-8 goals on aggregate.


Ahh, he learns quick on the attributes of a “real” Arsenal player. But seriously, hope he recovers quickly when we need him to push on the latter stages of the Europa! Or at least to deny Sánchez and United their top four place.


Funny how everyone here is talking about whether this has been the reason for his loss of form and whom should we blame etc. Am I the only one getting paranoid about what we are going to do upfront in the Europa league at least? I am shocked by this and thanks to the way we play these days, I am quite worried about our attacking options. Somehow I do not trust Welbz as a lone striker (hope he proves me wrong) and ffs I can no longer bear the sideways passing near the box that we do. Hope the… Read more »

Bai Blagoi

May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Nacho Monreal please stand up?
I repeat will the real Nacho Monreal please stand up?
We’re going to have a problem here


You act like you never seen a striker before
Jaws all on the floor like Thiery and Dennis just burst in the door
Started whoopin they ass just like before, they first won the league
Throwing Spurs over furniture

That’s all I got. Killer post Bai! Cheers.


Surely this gives Welbz the chance to lead the line for our next two games – let’s hope he can bang in a couple of goals. Got to be honest, not been too impressed with him lately as I don’t feel many have – but if he scores the winner off his arse in both legs he can keep our season on track! Hope Laca comes back firing on all cylinders and is the catalyst for our unbeaten run between now and May… COYG ??


See you in August, Laca.


Fuck …we’re doomed without Laca . I thought he should’ve started in that derby we lost and now with so many games that’s just plainly bad !

George Onyango

I really don’t care! With or without there is no way Arsenal could win Europa Cup!
I can’t wait for end of season and see what happens to Wenger! I want him gone like yesterday.
He is selling players left and right leaving the team exposed.


Wait…first you laud the new director of football for the January business now you blame Wenger for it?


No problem, it’s time for Oliver Gir…wait, fuck!


Funny thing is Giroud made the right move. He will get some playing time at Chelsea and CL possibly. Back in the limelight and potentially in the offing for the Wcup. AS I have mentioned repeatedly, there is a reason why Giroud starts ahead of Lacazette in his national set up. Stats merchant otherwise, “world class” Lacazette and his pace (current injury not withstanding) has poor movement. He does not come to the ball which is why he doesn’t get his ‘service’. Last game he got excellent service from Iwobi and BELLERIN. Same people harping on about world class Lacazette… Read more »


We could have used Giroud in the derby like they used Kane against us.


I wonder how long this has been bothering him, could be why he has seemed so slow when he’s played of late. Hopefully Welbeck will stay healthy in his absence (a big worry) as he is our primary option for Europa games.


Shell shocked…. Now we have Bambi on ice leading the line for us.


There’s no shock.

It was the disaster just waiting to happen.

Sell Giroud, bring in a cup tied player to a competition which may represent a great chance to get you back into CL.

Rely on a player out of form (never mind now injured)

Then have Danny “I have issues controlling a football” Welbeck as plan C.



“and best of luck to him in his recovery.” I’d say best of luck to us for insisting with Wenger. He’s become not only a specialist in failure but also a specialist in signing injured players….. Yeah yeah I know I know, not his fault and all that, I just can’t even stand sight of him anymore in charge…


Yep, so he was carrying an injury or at high risk of one, hence being subbed so regularly before everyone started complaining


If we had a better transfer policy we would have spent a bit extra for auba in the summer instead and saved the other 50m for a decent defensive midfielder, who would have protected our centrebacks.


We could have bought Mahrez in early. He was on a 50m release price. We had options so we could have negotiated to keep price around there. PLUS he would have better balanced out the team as he is left footed but plays inverted right. AND he would have balanced the creative needs with striking ability PLUS we could have retained Giroud. PLUS he is only 26yrs so plenty of energy in the tank and not even at his best yet. PLUS he was (MORE THAN) willing to move. PLUS he would have added pace now missing on our flanks… Read more »


Whats wrong with you about Mahrez? Man City had options to thats why they didn’t pay the ridiculous price for him. Leicester didn’t drop the asking price because Man City refused to budge. Thats not how negotiations work. Prices only drop if the club wants to sell smh


Tell me this is a hoax. You could see it coming like a slow train wreck. BUT plenty were easily fooled by our January transfer business. As feared. Now we are reliant on Welbeck plan C because we (YOUR new transfer team)conspired to needlessly reconstruct the attacking set up. So no Giroud for those moments you need to go more physical. No back up for the other route back into CL with the europa. Instead of buying Mahrez and a proper DM, we went on an excursion with Mslintat to buy a striker who is not only cup tied but… Read more »


Mahrez would have cost 90M

We can’t go on your fantasy valuations.


Chamakh is available on a free…
As is Samir Nasri

and maybe more interestingly for a short term contract – former Juve striker – Mirko Vucinic

or we could play Ozil and Mkhi as false 9s and 10s to go with xhaka as a false 4 and cech as a false 1

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