Mkhitaryan helped convinced ‘best mate’ Aubameyang to join Arsenal


Henrikh Mkhitaryan has confirmed that he helped coax Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Arsenal and revealed that the Gabon international is the best team-mate that he’s ever had.

The two players spent three years together at Borussia Dortmund before Mkhitaryan moved to Manchester United in 2016. Reunited at the Emirates in January, the duo is now hoping to help Arsenal back into the Champions League.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Wembley to face Sp*rs, Mkhitaryan touched on how his move panned out.

“I won’t mention all the details because it is not fair but yes, when I signed for Arsenal, I was in touch with him saying ‘so, the first step is done, now we are waiting for the second one’.

“I think it could only be in a dream that we could join another club other than Dortmund but I am very happy for that. I have known him very well, he is one of my best friends and the best team-mate I have ever had.

“I am very happy to have him here and I think all the fans are happy to see him in an Arsenal shirt. What can I say?

“I love playing with him. I can understand him from step one and hopefully for the next games we are going to achieve more.”

Having impressed last weekend against Everton, with a goal and three assists between them, Arsenal fans will be hoping they can make themselves North London derby heroes when the Gunners take on the old enemy at Wembley tomorrow.

For a preview of that game and much more, check out today’s Arsecast with Amy Lawrence and Ken Early

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Legend already for this, our Mkhi.

Looking forward to them doing their Dortmund stuff, with Ozil to help out too! Three assists and a goal will do nicely again please.

Too Drunk For Offside
Too Drunk For Offside

Feel the #14 has finally gone to a worthy successor to TH.


Don’t diss Theo Bruh. But the no 7 did get a worthy successor from the little Mozart


Has been one game. Maybe cool the statues for now.


My love for Arsenal never died but it certainly got tested these past few years. These two guys are like Valentine’s day make up sex


Like one’s wife getting a new pair of tits?

Mayor McCheese

Like my wife getting a husband with a functioning penis?


Eye watering transfer window: lost a Coq but gained a Mkhi.




Football friends!!


Not sure if I should Captain Uber or Micky in my Fantasy Football.

I understand however that Uber has stuck a few past the Spuds in recent times.

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

Depends if he has a rating of 4.7 or over…

Mein Bergkampf

We’re not calling him that. No one’s calling him that.

Crash Fistfight

Not true. Harish is.

Lord Bendnter

I came up with Obamayang and Miki-tiki-taryan and I’m sticking with it…


Its a long time since the shirts of #7 and #14 made football love on the pitch. The stars have aligned once again.

Evang. Simon

It is time to rule the world again….. #Inviciblesseason2


Well I liked it , because I like the sound of it but I don’t really believe in it.
Winning the title seems achievable with those players! I would like to see AMN tested front of the defence.

Evang. Simon

Well i believe int it….. if it happens before, it can happen again….


I don’t expect loyalty in modern day footy.

BUT these two characters are at their peak right now so likely this is going to be their last BIG lucrative move and their chance to (hopefully) win a couple more ‘trophies’.

Hope they strike up the telepathic understanding of Henry and Pires. Add Bergkamp (Ozil) in the mix and we have a potentially lethal combination up top.

But sustaining them and supporting them from the back is key.

Defense requires the right personnel in the engine room albeit it is also a holistic issue with the entire team needing to pitch in.

Still, hope we rip into the Spurts and chalk up a big win, dent their dreams.

We need to start winning all the games in front of us now.

BIG game tomorrow. MUST WIN.


Granit(e) hard!

Great, now wouldn’t it be great if “Laca” can help convince his best mate “Griezy” to also join, so we can be one big happy family?……well, nothing wrong with wishing on the stars, right?


No chance of that, Barca are supposedly saving the #7 shirt for Greizmann when he moves this summer.

Damo Dinkum

Yeah, but Barcelona are a massive pack of wankspanners

Asrar Ahmed

Or his other best mate, Nebil Fekir… It would be like Riggs and Murtaugh, and Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett… All in the same movie

Glasgow Gooner

Luckily tapping up doesn’t apply to encouragement from other players.

I’m looking at you xavi, puyol, reina and pique.


Why is your arsecast podcasts so hard to find on podcast sometimes it’s not even on there have to wait for a week before it gets uploaded


What do you mean? It’s available everywhere.


I can’t find the most up to date one, when I go on the podcast app the latest one is arsecast 212


Are you subscribed or just viewing it in the podcasts app? Sometimes Apple take a while to update, but if you are subscribed you can refresh manually and it’ll be there.


Thanks will subscribe and give that a go


iTunes is wank. When you go to the podcast page it doesn’t auto update. You need to cmd + r (mac) ctrl + r (PC) to refresh the podcast list. I just go to avast these days




Test comment