Ramsey out, Elneny comes in: Sp*rs v Arsenal – team news


It’s a North London derby at Wembley Stadium today, and it’s a game that Arsenal really need to win as the chase for the top four hots up.

We won 2-0 back in November, here’s hoping we can repeat the feat again today. Here are today’s official line-ups.

Sp*rs: Lloris, Trippier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies, Dier, Dembele, Eriksen, Dele, Son, Kane.

Subs: Vorm, Aurier, Rose, Wanyama, Sissoko, Lamela, Lucas

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal, Wilshere, Xhaka, Elneny, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang

Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Kolasinac, Iwobi, Maitland-Niles, Lacazette, Welbeck

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Oldschool party yesterday evening, woke up this morning with this old Abba tune in mind….

“Mkhi Mkhi gimme the ball in the free space,
or crack a lightnin’ shot in the back of the net…

Mkhi Mkhi gimme the ball in the free space,
and let us kick the sp*ds down to where they belong…….

lalala lalalaaaa… lalala lala-lalalalalaaaaa… lalala lalalaaaaa lalala lalalaaaaaa…..”


Mein Bergkampf

We’re not singing that. No one’s singing that.


Should have went back to sleep mate. Its not Glee ffs….


*jazz hands*


sounds more like an old schoolparty


thanks for your honest feedback and support… will watch the game though before going back to sleep… ?


You can always count on support here

Jimbo Jones

Fucking embarrassing. You must still be drunk




Come on the Reds, remember our Wembley record.
Just do what you did against Everton and make us happy. Or let 5pur2 have one more goal if you want. We’ll even let you off if you win by one goal (though save it for extra time ideally).


everton are a different class


Safety first type of midfield


Glad to see Elneny there. Does simple things and can keep the ball under pressure. Will be handy today. Expect Xhaka to play a lot like how he did against Crystal Palace. Will be fun to watch jack-mkhi-ozil interchanges! 🙂


Delighted to see elneny there. Stability in front of the CBs and an embarressment of attacking talent.


Sounds good to me


Well I guess that means 4 or 3 at the back, probably a smart move arsene, monreal can do the lwb, all the talk of niles or saed and boom arsene pulls a swift one


Real glad Jacky boy’s in there!


I like it a lot COYG!

forest gooner

we are at home at wembly


Sorry to see Ramsey appears to be unfit, but… four at the back, then? I’m guessing Elneny may be sitting behind Xhaka and Wilshere, covering the defenders. Interesting.
Come On You Reds!


Interesting decision to take out of the lineup the player with his first ever hat trick in the previous game, though I doubt Wenger will rarely (if ever) play Wilshere, Ramsey and Xhaka in the midfield together with everyone healthy (same way he is not likely to play Aubameyang and Lacazette together). I would prefer to see Ramsey and Wilshere in there together if Elneny is going to be in the lineup. I guess Wenger is going with his hybrid 4-2-3-1 to 3-4-3 (or 3-6-1) with Elneny dropping deep as a CB when need be.

forest gooner

4-3-3 i suppose

Santi\'s Thigh Grab

Ramsey injured.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Sensible team. Couldn’t understand the clamour to go back to a back 3. You can get away without a DM at home to Everton but not today, so Elneny had to play. I think Xhaka will be better with him there too. COYG !


Ramsey a big miss, but Wilshere back is a gain. I expected Wilshere and Xhaka out


Return of the 4-3-3 in a big way, I like it.

Man Manny

The die is cast!
That team is the most attack/defence minded balance we can have at the moment. I am cautiously optimistic. An early goal might make all the difference both ways.
If we go 30 minutes without conceding, I see us nicking this.


4-1-4-1 ?


Wow, Wenger is listening to us


No he’s not

Thierry Bergkamp


Drew Dewsall

Mkhi-ta-ryan Mkhi-ta-ryan to the tune of the old Nigel Winterburn song, where’s you’re momma gone?

Gunner Matt


Replace mananamana with aubameyang and it kind of works


I shouldn,t take to much from the fact that we beat them 2-0 in November, rose was on the bench and kane was injured, we should judge ourselfs on todays performance, today will be the real test, and forget about Novembers result


Worried our midfield is too slow. Spurs press midfielders and force mistakes. Hopefully Elneny and primarily xhaka can make quick decisions, and get the ball up to that world class attack ?. I’m not as worried about jack, you know he’ll be up for it. COYG!!


A bit gutted for Iwobi as he has been holding his own for over a month now bt we will see how this team does. Looks balance. Just hope whosoever is on the left help out Monreal.

SB Still

Only attacking options on the bench is Lacazett and Welbeck – low on confidence and out of form respectively. So, we need to do the job with the starting XI

SB Still

Forgot Iwobi!

me 2

Arsenal have just had their second shot in the game – both off target after nearly 45 minutes.
Arsenal are something of a yo-yo club – devastating and can beat anyone one day and no where to be seen on another.
They have got to wake up…


Should be one nil up (even Glen said it was onside) and a couple of better breakaway passes it could have been three nil up. Glass half full…COYG!


Iwobi supplied that pass from deep.

I’ve always said he may have a better role for us playing deeper in midfield.

He has the strength and good ball control but it also affords him ability to better see those runs from deeper.

BUT yet again, despite the service many complain (ridiculously) was lacking, Lacazette for all the impressive stats failed to convert to dividend.

World class stats.

me 2

The revival lasted one game – the win against Everton.
Now its back to business as usual, counting down the days until eventually Wenger fucks off..


Business as usual because we did business in the transfer window that was convenient for Mslintat rather than useful for the team.




did we resign alexis? who’s the mug in the 7 shirt?


As I said, Mhkitaryan is not the player we needed.

We needed a Mahrez (and) or a Draxler.

AND we needed a Mahrez plus we needed Alexis.

Mhkitaryan today played left side where he could not cross with his left to save the day.

Mahrez is left footed but plays effectively inverted on right side as well.

We are missing the dribbling ability of this sort of technical wizards, without which we are looking a very ordinary team.


I feel a heart attack coming

me 2

There is nothing to this team.
All they are capable of is beating teams who have nothing to play for.
Arsenal are getting hammered by Sp*rs – 1-0 really flatters us.
Wenger could not motivate someone to leave a burning building.
Despite the two new signings the same problems remain – Arsene Wenger
Arsene Fucking Wenger…


Arsene Fxxking Arsenal


To be fair, we won the corresponding fixture by 2 goals.

And that was without Mhkitaryan or Aubameyang.

me 2

This Arsenal performance is absolutely pathetic.
18 shots on goal to our 3 (all from outside of the box)
Where is the passion?
Where is the pride?
A bunch of lazy mercenaries managed by a senile, washed up old dinosaur.
After one game Aubameyang is looking EXACTLY like Lacezatte and Wellbeck.
Wenger kills talent…



That’s because most people conveniently let themselves be fooled by stat merchants and our seemingly ‘good’ transfer window this January.

I said it before that we will miss the creative out put in the wide areas and that Mhkitaryahn has been forced upon us not necessarily for the better of the team.

The sort of creative ability/pace we need out wide to relief pressure off the back is missing.

We lack pace now to break quickly (despite all this pace people keep harping on about Lacazette and Aubameyang)

BUT we also lack the ability to take on players individually.

This is important as it creates space but also adds unpredictability (Something Alexis gave us to some extent)

Even with Alexis around, I felt we were short on this ability and needed a Mahrez to complete the threat from the other flank.

We have bought the wrong players for the team IMO.

BUT there are plenty of Arsenal fans easily wooed by statistics and who are more than willing to fool themselves into believing Alexis was not as useful for us as we should think him to be.

Its how some like to make themselves feel better.

It improves nothing.

me 2

Wenger kills talent like he is killing Arsenal Football Club..


Its not Wenger…its the transfer policy in January too.

Wenger alone is simplistic.

He has beaten Chelsea recently so to say he can’t manufacture wins against top sides is absurd.

BUT we have not constructed a side with the right balance and that is his fault only it has now been compounded by the new recruitment machinery in place.

Most ‘commentators’ have conveniently skirted over this.Beneath the surface of our seemingly impressive January transfer deals lies some less savoury or convincing strategic implications.


That sucked.

I’ll be honest: We should have lost 4-1 or 5-2.

Yeah, Auba was onside and should have had his second goal in as many games. Yeah, Lacazette missed a golden chance that just about any striker who’s really worth north of 50 million pounds puts away in his sleep.

But guess what? Spuds missed a raft of sitters. At least 3 by that most bitter of boyhood Gooners, Kane, alone. A couple more by Dilly Dally (or whatever the hell his name is…), and Eriksen as well. One on the doorstep by that defender who’s name I can’t be arsed to look up.

So yeah, it doesn’t matter if we could have had a goal or two. We honestly should have gotten killed regardless.

We looked terrible the moment Spuds turned on that press (like we do every time that a half-decent side like the Wancs or Barca or the Red Scouse starts pressing us). Why? Because we insist on those stupid back passes and side passes that do nothing but put the recieving player under pressure needlessly and pointlessly. Players are afraid to take the ball and dribble with it, or take a turn and pass it forward.

We lack drive. We lack speed of thought. And when we get a chance, we lack composure.

And don’t get me started on what we lack when we lose the ball. Suffice to say that if there is a desirable quality to have when defending in football, Arsenal lack it in spades, be it effort or commitment or work rate or alertness or whatever.

Maybe things will get better going forward to the end of the year. Maybe our players will click enough to get us some results that we can go home with at the end of the year, instead of the unmitigated disasters that we’ve been used to for the last nearly 2 years.

But my feeling is that things will only get better when Arsene Wenger finally gives up the ghost and leaves.

Because this lack of focus, lack of effort, lack of alertness, lack of bravery in the face of pressure? That all comes from the top. Not the players, or the assistants, or whatever. It starts with the man running the show on the pitch.

Stop the rot there, you cure the patient.

And if there’s one thing this club desperately needs, more than world-class players or money or whatever, is a damn cure to that rot at the top that’s decaying the standing (or what’s left of it) of what should be one of the best clubs in the world.


Lack of the right players.

Your Mslintat bought what was convenient, not what was needed.

Your “world class” pacy players surprisingly failed to deliver.

What happen to Lacazette given the service by Iwobi? Fluffed his finish.

World class?

We are now dependent on Lacazette to deliver in the more likely route to CL redemption…the europa.

And that’s no given.

Plus if he is injured, we are left with little recourse beyond Danny Welbeck.

Aubameyang I say again (conveiently avoided by the many who are easily charmed by his stats) is CUP TIED.

We sold Giroud for this predicament.


So let me guess…

Your solution is to buy Mahrez for 40 million pounds?

If that’s what you were going to say, save yourself the effort and don’t.

Because Man City tried that. Offered more than half again that amount, even. And got nowhere.

Maybe we can try to throw 100 million to get Mahrez or Lemar in the summer. But that’s for the summer.


Ok they were better but I think we were called wrongly offside thrice,why nobody not discussing those


Please wenger get lost and take this hopeless team with you. WENGER OUT for good.


Waste of time.

We need two players to do the work of one.

elneny is diligent but mediocre and flimsy, adds little to forward play.

Granit is flawed defensively.

Neither can turn with the ball.

Instead of addressing short fall in midfield with a more robust player (preferably with a bit of height to help out defense…say a Kongdogbia on loan at Valencia) we buy two ex-Dortmund players whilst shedding the one player that can make things happen individually Alexis) and the other that can break the door down route one like Kane (Giroud)

Good transfer market for you?

Both players we bought are at their peak (28+yrs). They won’t get better than this.

Granted they have a telepathic understanding but its all too easy to isolate our players because, guess what…Ozil, Mhkitaryan, Ramsey, Jack, Granit, they all play through the middle. NONE of them are natural wingers.

We have shed Alexis, Walcott (for what he’s worth), Ox and (Gnabry)

That’s a lot of pace gone.

We are now bereft of an outlet to release quickly out wide that can take on players on his own and in effect create space.

About the only player that comes close now is Iwobi (and he is hardly a winger, plus still at 22yrs understandably …. on a learning curve)

Yes beat up Everton, a flawed team for a false dawn.

Against better opponents with more organised defenses, we will be predictably found out.

Toothless today to say the least.