Report: Arsenal 0-3 Man City (inc goals)


Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Chambers, Monreal, Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, Aubameyang

Subs: Cech, Kolasinac, Mertesacker, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, Iwobi, Welbeck

Arsenal’s good recent cup final run at Wembley came to an end after a poor performance saw them deservedly beaten 3-0 by Man City at Wembley this afternoon.

Arsene Wenger reverted to a back three and recalled Aaron Ramsey after an injury absence, deploying the Welshman in midfield alongside Granit Xhaka.

As expected City dominated possession from the off with plenty of the ball in the Arsenal half, but the first big chance came for the Gunners. It began with a lovely ball from Ospina into the left channel, Wilshere drove on, it came to Ozil on the right, he squared to Aubameyang who had two efforts denied by the keeper.

Aguero shot wide immediately afterwards as the game settled down a bit, but inthe 19th minute City went ahead. It began with a simple long ball from the keeper, and it was dreadful from Mustafi who let Aguero get goal side then run off him, Ospina was off his line and the Argentine lobbed it over him and into the net. 0-1.

A free kick gave Ramsey a chance to test Bravo but the keeper was equal to it, and Hector Bellerin picked up a 24th minute yellow card for a foul on de Bruyne. Arsene Wenger was forced into a change, after Monreal was hurt in a collision with Walker he had to go off, replaced by Sead Kolasinac.

Kompany headed over, Ramsey got booked for high feet on David Silva, and when Aubameyang had some space in front of him he was denied by good defending from Kompany.

City remained the most dangerous of the two sides, an Aguero chip almost caught Ospina out before de Bruyne shot into the side netting, and Pep Guardiola’s side took their one goal lead into the break.

The second half began in much the same way as the first, and Kompany came close to doubling the lead but his shot deflected just wide off Koscielny. City had to make a change when Fernandinho picked up a hamstring strain and was replaced by Bernardo Silva, and after terrible stuff from Ospina, Mustafi gave away a stupid free kick which resulted in a corner.

From there, Kompany deflected home their second goal and despite a VAR referral the goal was given. 0-2.

Arsenal’s heads went down, the players looked like they knew it was done and dusted, and City took advantage of our carelessness. Arsenal couldn’t keep it in our defensive area, Silva got it, turned Chambers and fired across Ospina into the far corner. 0-3.

Danny Welbeck came on for Chambers straight away, and then Alex Iwobi was sent on in place of Ramsey with a little under 20 minutes to go. Xhaka shot not far over the bar from distance before City sent on Gabriel Jesus for Sane in the 77th minute.

The Arsenal fans were leaving Wembley in droves, and who could blame them? It was a dreadful day from a team who, like so often this season, barely looked like they could go through the motions.

Despite being underdogs, you hope to see something like fight from your team in a final but Arsene Wenger can longer even motivate his players for an occasion like that.

Sad times.

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Felt more like a pre-season game than a cup final. City ripping us apart without breaking a sweat and our entire team looking as if they couldn’t give a rats as to the scoreline. Absolute disgrace, yet again.


Seriously, it’s time Arsene, it’s time. Summer 2018 we need to part ways, shake hands, and try something new. The team just don’t believe in the project anymore…


Hahahahaha… we’ll beat brighton 5 nil and ppl will ask you to STFU. Its never been the players Wenger or Stan, it’s always been the fans whos been supporting these turds instead of Arsenal and its success. Hahahaha…


Here 7 of them are already….

The comments section in here is as bad as the preachers say about Arsenal Fan TV.

Arseblog has been a huge success and rightly so, but it is hilarious to see the comment sections veer from one side to the other after different results, which is testimony to the influence of the site really (and in no way is that a dig at AB).

Tas Gunner

Influence?its a match report.not even an opinion piece.WTF are you talking abt?blogs been loving ramsey for years now but still majority hates him big time and dont think he is good enough (hate mightve been strong word here).wheres the influence?


I’m talking about the draw of the fans to the site. I am a staunch Wenger Out but I can’t read Online Gooner as it is completely partisan against him and there is no room for balance.

Here it can get bad but with swings rather than a reasoned debate, and I myself can get flak and red flags galore(with my self esteem undented), but it shows Arseblogs reach across all sections of fans with their varying viewpoints.


On the Online Gooner – that’s simply not true. The editor always says that the publication & site is an open church & willing to publish articles which are pro & anti Wenger, overwhelmingly the content they receive is against the Manager.

If you are pro Wenger or want more balance then why don’t you write any article to be considered for publication?


Utter rubbish.

If cannot see the slow decline in the quality of Arsenal’s football, their premier league standing, their performance on the pitch, then you are not watching Arsenal properly.

It is time, Arsene.

It’s time.


which idiots thumbed down this comment by McArsenal ?


… miss McArsenal asked

Petits Handbag

The comments section is fans, who are people. Who have different opinions. We all have the same opinion about one thing. We need to come together next season, needs to happen


There was a surge of hope when Mikhi and Auba signed and I let myself be drawn in a little bit because that has been an extremely rare commodity for any sustained period over the last decade. It will happen, and it may be a couple of false dawns even with new managers. But it’s there no matter how the split may look right now. I saw it at Wembley in both the Semi and Final and I was proud and yes passionate about us getting the win in both games, my severe reservations about the manager put aside on… Read more »

Tas Gunner

He shares his opinion and 99.9% of time its just straight up what the majority already thinks.(.1% obvs pires) many sites you can slate for biased and clickbaity stuff,this is one of the few where an arsenal fan can read and keep in touch without getting baited in 9 articles out of 10.most of which are cracked up doomsday scenario feel blessed we have a decent source like this :/


100% agree mate, that was my point also.


Although I did make a barbed comment so I can’t paint myself an angel just to follow on from my comment above.

I’ll wind the neck in a touch.


Every dictator have a bunch of loyal citizens who love and defend him unconditionally because they are afraid of the unknown..
So why would Wenger be the exception..

And if you think Wenger is not a dictator or at least have the mind of a dictator…then I’m afraid you’re clueless of the meaning of the term


When your team you have loved and supported for about 20 years loses 3-0 in a Cup final and you are not emotionally distraught, that tells you something has gone horribly wrong. It’s like I have become immune to our perennial under-performance and mediocrity. Arsenal lost…meh. Anyone still fighting Arsene’s corner?

Granit(e) hard!

my sentiments exactly. We lost a cup final, no, got tonked at a cup final and I am not even depressed?….wind back a season ago, we lose any match, and i am depressed for days!
Arsene has to go, and until he does, we better get used to this. sad thing is the board wont sack him. Disgraceful!

Mein Bergkampf

‘Wind back a season ago’? Are you a 6 year old? Arsenal have been crap for the last 10yrs my friend

Thierry Bergkamp

I’ve had enough, there’s nothing Arsene can do for this team anymore. I’d take anybody now, even Jose, as big a cunt as he is.


Pardew will be available soon….


Don’t say this. Even in jest.


Let’s not go too far. Jose sucks the spirit out of football… and life.

Thierry Bergkamp

Wtf was I saying?


Heat of the moment, all good pal 😉

Reality check

Don’t touch the green again if it makes you live frikn Jose .. . dodgy shi! that is..


My Man Utd mates are not happy with him. My best friends son works with the medical team at Chelsea and he said he was despised in the the last couple of seasons.

This guy is with their team all the time, friends with all the players, on the coach to games etc. The consensus is that the Portuguese Fuckpig is a great tactician but a bad manager. That may be more the case these days as you can’t fault his record.

But what price victory if you sell your soul?


Yes but unfortunately there is no award for Manager or Soul at the end of the season, we only count trophies

Godfrey Twatsloch

He counts plenty of trophies but also plenty of sacking with a bad reputation.


Doesn’t matter, still won a trophy.


AW grand strategy to face manciteh was to emulate Arsenal 1991 tactics of playing long ball and hoping the striker will chase and score. He instructed Auba to play Merson. Well, that tactic was long abandoned for a reason, right? How come AW copy George Graham’s strategy on an important match like this. Three goals to nothing was fair result, and did we not make any shot on goal during the entire match? To make thing worse, we make Kompany like the best footballer on his 20’s


You seem like you know a great deal of football.. Why dont you apply for the manager’s job then ? I am sure you are a success in whatever you do.. the best actually ..

I am sick and tired of fans fighting .. The one thing that will always be there is the fan base, regardless of the result. Its our team, although its shit .. Its ours… And if you really want to whine about everything.. you are free to choose another..

I just want the gooners to be one.. In victory and defeat!


So either be quiet about your displeasure or jog on?

Seems very reasonable an approach.


In all honesty I dont believe he’d do any worse than our current beloved manager. And btw youre the one fighting and mocking another fan. But most importantly F you for asking a passionate fan to go support another club!!! At least he still has some fire in him in this hope-drained fanbase.


I accept your comments.. I know I am delusional and I am really sad.

I just want us to be one and follow OUR team. Sorry mate, if that hurt you


Fair enough comment. thumb up.


What do you think that’s fucking sport..people hate losing..And defiantly won’t accept it.. If they accept it then that’s a problem .. A big fucking problem..hence Arsenal’s position at the moment


Last time I checked we are not Watford or Burnley or.. We are the Arsenal.. We are not accustomed to defeat.. We are accustomed to that’s why we fight unambiguous fans who want us to accept defeat as a unit or one or whatever the fuck that means




I always hate loosing but it’s a lot easier to take if your team digs in and shows a bit of determination and fight. Arsenal have no spine, and no heart. It seems like I’ve written this over and over again. Just act like you give a shit.

Tennis Perkgamb

lol, u must’ve been watching some other game. what you said is what we shouldve done. but instead we tried to play out from the back and as city pressed high we just played it into their hands.


I am as dissapointed as everyone else here. I even cried because for me Arsenal is everything.. But for once, can we be as one and be behind the team.. Not try to be pundits… I know nothing can change our love for Arsenal and deep down we all want us to win.. Its our way of showing disappointment .. Maybe I am wrong, but I think everyone here wants Wenger to succeed deep down .. I know I do. He is the reason I started loving arsenal and I will, even after he is gone. But I can never… Read more »

gooner of Oz

Yes guys! Lets be behind our promising young manager, I bet with some support in a couple more decades he’ll pay back our trust. We’re used to being hammered and for that we love you Wenger.


Oh my god…There’s so many other ways to love arsene then.. But please stop loving him as an arsenal manager!!

gooner of Oz



No people have genuinely had enough – I won’t venture to guess the current percentage of the divide.

Most for his own sake so he doesn’t undo everything he’s done.

The cost of getting this team back to where he had them a decade or more ago kind of wipes out the financial gains he always prided himself on.


seriously mate what’s with “be as one” stuff..
we hate defeat & you accept it for sentimental Wenger stuff..we don’t need to “be as one” or whatever

Too Drunk To Be Offside

To be fair today, the first thing that must be acknowledged is that Arsenal were up against a far better team overall and that gap showed. Having said that the truth is Arsenal were too easy to break apart. There are teams that would buckle down and make it hard for City. Arsenal failed to do that. Arsenal were dogged for a while and then one long ball later City were in front. It was a schoolboy error, but such schoolboy errors in defending have become the norm, rather than the exception. Wenger just cannot put together a good defense,… Read more »


To be fair today, the first thing that must be acknowledged is that Wigan were up against a far better team overall and that gap showed.

Having said that the truth is Wigan were hard to break apart. They did buckle down and made it hard for City.

Freaking Wigan did they homework better than we did.

Honest gooner

Im sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Changes should be made. The jey word been SHOULD.

Parlour\'s Timewarp

Mate, they’re catch phrases from Alcoholic’s Anoymous! I knew this was nightmarish but I didn’t think I’d be back here. Okay, here goes…. “Hi, I’m Razor and I’m an Arsenal Tragic. My supporting began when I was a wee lad and took my first view of The Arsenal in 1987 in the Littlewood’s Cup playing Luton. We won 3-2 and things were starting to look great..who was this team making me feel sooo good? Pretty soon I couldn’t stop watching The Arsenal and in May 1989 I realised I was an Arsenal Addict…..

Mayor McCheese

Meh. The Battle for Sixth is clearly our priority this season.


It will soon be just like a trophy.


You know every one have a purpose in this world..And now I’m sure that Arsenal’s purpose (at last under Wenger) is to make everyone but gooners laugh..I mean today’s loss felt like a joke that everyone gets but me..everyone was laughing but me (I’m the only gooner in my house)…. So you know what..let’s embrace this role and renew Wenger’s contact so he can achieve a great purpose and make this world a happier place.. If he can achieve that then fuck trophies and winning..who needs that..we are aiming at achieving world peace.. Side note..I was being sarcastic (about renewing… Read more »


Not if he fucks us first…


I get it arsene is a great man,deserves respect…bla bla…

Those who say anything about him are plastic fans..bla bla

So be it…

Eff of wenger…enough is enough ?


Agree. It’s becoming fucking ridiculous.

The Loon Ranger

He is a great man, but the tragedy is he USED to be a great manager.

David C

had Craig Burley on ESPN commentary and I normally hate him but he was spot on today wondering why Arsenal/Wenger aren’t changing tactics at all during the game. BBC reporting we had 2 shots on net, did I miss those? Bravo could have sat down and read the paper all game.

Where is the fight? That’s the easiest part of all sports: effort. If you lack talent, try harder. Wigan sure did that last week…

Ozil and all disappeared all game. Mustafi/Chambers needs to be sold/upgraded, they just can’t defend…

Such a boring game too.


Yep this is how bad it is. I absolutely detest Craig Burley but agreed with everything he said about us today, especially this:

“Nothing will change at Arsenal until the coaching set-up and the manager change. Nothing.”

Bravo\'s cup of tea

It’s true. I was at the game and Bravo had so little action that he was literally doing calisthenics to keep warm. I wanted to bring him a cup of tea, we were so bad. Enough said.

David C

haha, great name! At least we kept our sense of humour, you sort of have to. you can only stress and worry about something that you have no control over for so many hours in the day.

I’m off to play footie at the park with my kids. 11 celsius in Toronto, Canada today – good weather to get outside and forget about Arsenal 🙂


He’s a better manager than he is a man. He is extremely manipulative liar and utterly selfish. He must surely know he has not got what it takes to put this club back on the map and yet perpetually trades off the club and fans’ loyalty by refusing to step down. If Wenger REALLY loved Arsenal, he’d walk, but it’s patently obvious he only cares about himself. I have to say that I utterly despise him for that. He’s a hope destroyer and there is no future with him at the helm. What really annoys me is when people fawn… Read more »


In arsene we trust… to disappoint us. Always


Honestly, we desperately need to win the Europa League. Surely we’ll have a much better chance with someone like Ancelotti?

Get rid of Arsene now – it’s almost like we’re playing without a manager.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

Why does everybody on here think we will win the Europa League?
Do you think today’s team effort can win that?
Up The Arsenal!


I’ve asked myself this quite often. Everyone here thinks we can win it, somehow. But all I see is how hard will be for us to win it, with teams like Milan (who have more pedigree than us in european competitions, despite their shitty form right now, but yet again we aren’t exactly world beaters atm), BvB, Lyon, Atletico, Lazio, Bilbao, and teams who aren’t exactly great, but can be dark horses like Leipzig and Sporting, I really can’t see us winning that thing. But if we do, would be great sure, but I’m not sure we’re favorites as everyone… Read more »


We have no business playing European football at the moment. We need to prioritise. A new coach, a new spine in terms of goalkeeper, CB and DM and we need to get back to winning big Premier League games next season.

There’s no point in qualifying for a competition just for “prestige” and cash so we can get thumped 10-2 on aggregate again. Fuck that


We won’t win it. There are at least 3 teams in it who are clearly better than us

A Kick in the Debuchy

I love Wenger, I really do. So it pains me to even stop and consider how this may not be the worst idea I’ve heard. Funny(?) how things change.

dr Strange

I respect the man and the love he has for the club but I’m detesting the manager he is.


Can’t be backed anymore. Had an atrocious defence for some time now. Three soft goals, we have no bloody malice whatsoever, the nicest team in the league.How on earth he picks Chambers after that debacle the other day just about sums him up.

I’m not going to slam players including Chambers anymore. They need new leadership, the game has outgrown Arsene for some years now. Bring on the new season and hopefully a new era ‘bollocks to the be careful what you wish for brigade’.


Stan & Ivan must spare AW, he is way beyond retirement age, why don’t just they let the man live peacefully with his millions of pounds. Please stop burdening AW with such a heavy task of managing a modern day football club…. He needs some rest, please…..


And they keep giving the oldman 8.5 millions a year! Basterds!


Wenger has already stated time & time again, he has no other interests in life (sad old man). Plus his usual mantra, ‘I could have gone to every BIG club in the world, but I chose to stay here’. So you mugs have to put up with me forever! End of his sermon!

gooner of Oz

lol a great man. Exactly I mean let’s compete in a culture league then. We just need to get rid of wilshere and we’re all set for a respectful title race


You know every bad person was good once or even great until he made that thing that made him be called bad So i don’t get when people say Wenger IS a great man or he deserves respect, if he is really that great and not a selfish cunt he would’ve resigned years ago and spared us all this drama, sadness & humiliation The fact is he WAS a great man, a legendary manager but now he IS a selfish cunt that only cares about himself and his big fat check, any honorable man would’ve left if he (felt) he’s… Read more »


City deserved it, they are a very good team, as we can see in the league. Helped by lots of money and a strong manager. [And Sp*rs and Man U winning, not a good day for us.] Europa League is all that’s left to hope for and it’s very difficult to think we might win that. We don’t have a good balance in the team, we need a dominant central midfielder and stronger defenders than Mustafi, more leaders. Plus a settled squad all the season, not losing one of our best attacking players (plus two players that had scored a… Read more »


Lol we need new players but more importantly, we need a new manager.

Yellow Ribbon

Oh my God! I just feel so numb. Whoever we buy and whatever we do.. we are going to succeed only if there is a massive change in the attitude of the players. I couldn’t agree more with Neville today when he was going on about how our central midfielders were just walking around slowly when City were leading. It was pathetic. Players like Wilshere need to stop acting like little shits trying to have go at the players around and actually show more aggression with their ball on their feet. Mustafi and Xhaka need to get fuck out of… Read more »


From where I was sitting Wilshire was the only player giving his all,you can see he loves the club. Its not saying much but he was the best player in an arsenal shirt,it’s not his fault the players behind him are clueless.


From where I was sitting, the team did not look up for the fight today. If you are not going to do it for a cup final, then something is wrong top to bottom. The team needs a serious kick up the ass.


Disappointed, but trying to be positive for a moment… Lets be honest, going into this game we knew we were the underdogs. Confidence is clearly low within the squad and when it is low, you go back to basics, and try to park the bus to stop the other team from scoring, play on the counter, and just try and stay in the game. Ignoring City’s first goal for a moment, for an hour, while City may have had a lot of the ball, they didn’t cause too much danger with the ball. Thats the single positive thing. We had… Read more »

David C

Wenger will probably start the exact same 11 on Thursday against City…no accountability. I would drop them all for the game for today’s display; we’re not getting CL through the league anyway…




Milan should be quaking in their boots


Different players, same shit. It’s no shame to lose to this City side, but the way we lost it is… I was going to say outrageous, but I’m so used to it that it makes me numb.

Wenger, please, just leave.


Only just realized we play them again on Thursday. Lovely!

Your uncle bob

I wouldn’t say “same shit”. I’ve never seen us play like that in a cup final under Wenger. This is a new low.

John Lukic

‘Tis the season of new low’s falalalalaaa lalalalaa!


Arsene Wenger out of the club now. When do we take action?!


When you apply for the job, gaffer !


They were too good for us, and then we gave up

Team needs some fairly major surgery still


Yawn. Wake me when Wenger’s gone.

SB Still

Sad, so sad the level we have fallen to, in Wenger’s reign

Bob davis

I’m depressed. Tired of watching this crap. Just didn’t turn up. Totally unprepared. Collectively poor. I can’t even remember a single shot on target. There’s nothing Arsene or the players can say. End of the season, Arsene, just go. Please just go 🙁


On Thursday I thought it was the worst Arsenal performance I’ve ever seen, but little did I know three days later I would be witnessing the actual worst Arsenal performance I’ve ever seen


No No there are potentially 12 more matches to its going to get even more pathetic.


Tune in next week to see an even worse performance!

Santi Clauzorla

8-2 Man U, 6-1 Chelsea, 5-0 Liverpool, 5-1 Bayern, 6-3 Man C. Worst you’ve seen? I’m jealous, this is a walk in the park for most of us now!


He has to be sacked today, i cant stand him and his Arsenal anymore.


Stan Kroenke (2005 on Arsenal moving to new Stadium): In next 10 years we will be completing with Bayern and Real (Madrid) for Championship… Consistently becoming the best club in England and financially stable position…


Shame Silent Stan doesn’t really give a shit. Just as long as the money keeps rolling in.


Who the fuck even cares anymore? Just shake up the management in the summer and inject some hope into a fan base that is completely devoid of any optimism. We are awful.

The Loon Ranger

True story, even me mates have stopped taking the piss, they actually sympathize with me and that hurts even more


Hello darkness my old friend.


‘Wenger’s come to talk to you again’ Well err, well err


Wenger will still loose the league at this point with this team if he was managing man city.


I don’t blame any of the players, the manager was good but its time to bow out with some pride.


Destroyed, pretty much as expected.

Not really even able to get too angry about it honestly, we’re a bang-average team and when a bang-average team goes up against a very good team 3-0 is about what you’d expect.

As long as the manager stays the same Arsenal will continue their slow decline into mid-table team status.


Wenger has got to go. Now. Please.


I dont normally slag individual players off because its hard to tell how good are bad they are under Wenger, but Xhaka is and never ill be good enough for arsenal and the sight of him and Ramsey just walking about for that one of the goals was an utter disgrace.
Shameful performance yet again, we never got out of 2nd gear because we dont have a 1st, city toyed with us and never needed to be at their best as an average performance was more than good enough to beat this poor arsenal team.


I stopped being too hard on individuals years ago but today is different. On Cup Final day you bleed for the colours, for the club and for the fans. Xhaka and Mustafi are done at this club. They should go with Wenger. Wilshere wears the legendary no. 10 shirt but thinks getting feisty and arguing with the ref will inspire his team-mates (it doesn’t). Koscielny is a terrible on-pitch captain. Ozil can’t be trusted in big games. Chambers, Bellerin, Kolasinac and Auba are too young or too new so I’ll leave them out. But it’s Wenger’s team and players tell… Read more »


The Board? That bunch of senile septuagenarians? If you’ve ever seen the Monte Python skit of “Upperclass Twit of the Year”, that’ll give you some idea of the intelligence of the Arsenal Board.


Unfortunately it’s become more and more obvious that if Wenger stays on we risk falling even further behind. Even in the very unlikely scanario of us making the top 4 or winning the Europe league this has to be it


A fucking disgrace!!
Go now, Wenger!! Not tomorrow, but tonight!!!
We’re an embarrassment, a joke!!
Get out of my club!!!


It’s not Wenger it’s the board and the money. Just give him a year with half of what Pep has spent at City. If it doesn’t work out then you can say Wengers done but until then he is not Imo.


Fuck off!!!
How much money does Pochetino have to spend?!
This fraud if a manager and his pathetic owner/boss have turned us into a joke!!


We’ve just spent £9o million pounds on two strikers and we’re worse than we were before. You could give Wenger half a billion and he’d still be fucking up. We’ve spent money, in fact we’re even worse since we started spending money, so what the hell’s going on. Wenger needs to go as soon as possible.


Utd spent that 90m on one midfielder, who they bench half the time recently


So your logic is if UTD fucked up we are allowed to fuck up too, why do you compare us to fuck ups in the first place..that’s fucked up


just dont know what to say to that comment. I am actually laughing so thanks for that at least, on a day that as a fan I’ve not had a lot to smile about.


@ramgooner either you’re trolling or you don’t take the game seriously.
Anyway money doesn’t make glory it’s just one of many things that helps achieve that (there are countless examples if you bothered to check), and last time i checked we spent many of it yet we are far from glory.

but for real mate be serious or spear us your brilliance




I think you all take the game so seriously that you lack objectivity. The club is older than you and me and will go on for a long time. Nobody has a divine right to win. Winning is about details and money is 95% of details today.

I didn’t say Wenger should stay forever. I said give him A season with quality signings. Not crap like Lucas Perez and Mustafi in the last minute after we are couple of games into the season.


Great club
Shit team
Shit manager


First time in over Thirty years that I’ve turned off a game. I can’t believe how bad we are. I used to have faith that we had “bad days” but now we are abysmal at the back. Stop blaming Ozil etc. we have no defenders. None. Wenger needs to go before next season destroys us beyond repair, he has no ideas left.

Lone Star Gunner

I don’t turn off games as I’m usually watching them on DVR, but this is at least the tenth time in the last year when I fast forwarded to the end after the dagger goal was scored. No sense enduring the pain of the last twenty minutes in real time.

Sad days.


Based on performance Wenger should be sacked right now. But based on his legacy he shouldn’t. Off at the end of season, please


Worse part is, I barely care anymore.


Every game now feels like a new nadir.


numb to the pain now

dr Strange

Gutless fucking players. Gutless fucking manager. Gutless fucking board. Gutless fucking ceo. Gutless fucking owner.

Fuck off the ot of you except for Jack, who actually gives a fuck, and he’s the one out of contract in the summer.

What a fucking mess.


The owner isn’t gutless. He’s just greedy and doesn’t give a shit as long as the money’s rolling in.

Average Joe

That scene, with the little fella… With the crying end everything… You fucking bunch of zeroes, you did that to a little kid? Fuck right off you ZEROES!


My stream rather strangely and amusingly got stuck in a loop at the very moment that Neville was saying “what a disgrace” as the whole midfield just started walking. I let it play for a while before I turned it off.


Its gotten so bad that I now am not even depressed after a defeat in a cup final. I was unable to get tickets for the final but genuinely feel sorry for those that did. The club should refund every single one of them for those that turned up. Still another few months left of this season before the next begins…

Del Boy

fuck you city!
fuck you Arsenal!
time to disconnect myself from football and 11 overpaid c*nts who i’ll never meet (or really care to right now)
See you in a week!


they obviously dont give a shit. funny thing is i dont either anymore. the disconnect is complete. looking forward to a new dawn in 15 months time

Godfrey Twatsloch

Hapless Arsenal bends over to an up for it Citeh. Citeh deserves the win.

If we crash out of the EL as well then maybe real change can start to happen.


An easy win for Man City, Obviously their better than us, but so disappointing not to give them a real game.
If your game plan is to sit back and defend, then your defenders need to be good enough and ours are no where near that standard.
The midfielders play isn’t there either, we struggle against teams who press, – a game to wonder whether Keane didn’t have a bit of a point, regarding Wilshere.

Obviously we need a new manager, but massive player over haul required too.


Still dont understand why play 5 at the back when we cant defend at all. And why is Chambers starting?


Elneny should haven plapayed instead of chambers

Lord Bendnter

Today, the team with better players, better manager, better coaches, and better confidence won.


Last few games have been so, so poor! Team look lost. I can’t wait until the season is over. Hope we shake things up in the summer.


Mustafi isn’t very good. How chambers is even still on the team after the last europa match is beyond me. Xhala isn’t very good. Our difference makers on the bench, iwobi and welbeck?

What’s sad is all those players will be back next season to continue to play badly.

It’s no longer fun to watch the matches. That team looked hungover.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

And then…Wenger brings on…Welbeck


We are so shit. It’s so sad to see Wenger’s deluded decline


This game made me feel sad

Mesut O\'Neill

Yet again Ozil was absolutely anonymous in a big game. He is the most overrated **** in football. But if anyone dares to criticize him on Arsenal forums, they obviously don’t know football


We couldn’t get the ball out of the back except to 1) Long ball it to Aubameyang or 2) Have Wilshere run it straight into a City player. Midfielders need a back line behind them but Ospina gets more passes from the backs than our midfield does. There was a time when nobody in the club passed back – they had to attempt a forward pass.


….I can put aside the fact that City didn’t need to get out of second gear, how Arsenal players dropped their heads after the 2nd goal, the lack of fight, the pathetic defending (yet again), etc. etc. etc.

….but what I can not wrap my head around is how every Manchester City player outran every Arsenal player in one on ones. Sane flew past Bellerin, Kompany outran Aubameyang, Walker had much more pace than Welbeck.

Absolutely disgraceful.


Most of these same players do well for their national teams. They look as though they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing, as though they’re not coached properly, and I don’t believe they are. We keep changing formation, tweaking tactics, changing the team, playing Mesut on the wing for fucks sake. I don’t for one minute believe these players don’t care, they have absolutely no confdence, nothing to fall back on, they’re messed up by the manager. Jack and Ramsey hadn’t played together for ages, but he decides to test it out in a cup final. After that… Read more »


The midfield never played the ball through first times quick emough to tests Aub. Pace v kompany, as stat showAub. Is fastest player in Europe this season. Tactics!


I’m paying over 100 quid to watch these teams on thurseday, why?!?


Er, yes, why? Stop it.


Does that mean we’re not even going to Europa League next season?


Its Over, Arsene…The predictability of a soft first goal like that..Mustafi is shite as well.


Honestly they should announce it today. Why wait? What’s the point? Why subject us to anymore of this trash?