Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Report: Arsenal 1-2 Östersunds FK (inc goals)

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Kolasinac, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, Wilshere, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi, Welbeck

Subs: Macey, Monreal, Mustafi, Nelson, Xhaka, Willock, Nketiah

Arsenal went through the Round of 16 of the Europa League despite being beaten 2-1 by Östersunds FK at the Emirates this evening.

Arsene Wenger’s team selection included Hector Bellerin despite the Carabao Cup final on Sunday, while Jack Wilshere played in midfield.

With a 3-0 lead from the first leg, the Gunners weren’t exactly full on from the start and the visitors took advantage, having the first chance of the game from close range but the effort was blocked by Rob Holding.

There was further danger in the 10th minute when Nouri took his eye off the ball when he’d just have had Ospina to beat, and Sema forced Ospina into a save in the 18th minute. Arsenal had yet to threaten the visiting keeper.

Nice work from Bellerin down the right saw Wilshere shoot but it was blocked out for a corner, and then the visitors made the most of the fact Arsene Wenger’s side were not switched on at all.

In the 23rd minute, they worked it down the right, Aiesh was played onside by Chambers and he slotted home. 1-0. Just 69 seconds later they doubled their lead.

After Iwobi lost it, they played a hopeful long ball forward, Sema held off Chambers, and fired a shot across Ospina into the far corner. 2-0.

There was little response from Arsenal, Wilshere shot over the bar from a good position, and Ghoddos hit a free kick on target after Maitland-Niles had been booked for a foul as the Swedes played with 10 men due to injury.

They took the lead into the break, at which point Arsene Wenger replaced Maitland-Niles with Granit Xhaka, and in the opening minute of the first half got a goal back.

Kolasinac, Bellerin got down the right, crossed it, defender made a bollix of it, and the Bosnian smashed it in from close range with his right foot. 1-2.

Welbeck did well to create a chance for himself, but his decision to try and chip the keeper from 2 feet away from him showed his lack of confidence. Ostersund had another great chance to score when a corner was flicked on, but Ospina saved at the feet of the attacker.

Elneny had a pop at goal but it was straight at the keeper, and that was followed by Danny Welbeck doing exactly the same with his head from close range after being set up by Iwobi.

Joe Willock came on with around 15 minutes to go in place of Wilshere, Arsenal had some crosses which didn’t find Arsenal men and the visitors really were the better team on the night.

Although the Gunners had a two goal cushion, it was almost cut to one in the 83rd minute when Islamovic flicked a cross from the right just wide of the post. Kolasinac got forward well, Willock had a shot blocked and Iwobi shot over but we don’t want to make it sound like Arsenal were dangerous because we weren’t.

The referee fell over, Welbeck had a shot saved, Iwobi went off with cramp to be replaced by Nelson and in the end the game was put out of its misery by the final whistle.

Not exactly the preparation you’d want for a cup final.

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Mayor McCheese

Think we spent most of the game on our arses.

Runcorn Gooner

Full credit to Östersunds but most of our players should be investigated by Trading Standards for being called footballers. Absolute disgrace to the name of AFC.

Dave M

Talk about making a statement. The rest of Europe must literally be shaking in their boots at our might

granit(e) hard!

couldn’t help laughing at this…though i acknowledge i shouldn’t be laughing, given the circumstances


Their is no way in hell that this team or any arsenal team will win the Europa league. We are doomed. Thank god we are absent from the champions league. What a shit show. Arsenal is a waste of my time anymore.


‘They wanted it more’
Arsene signed his first contract before Ostersunds even existed. Pathetic


Real professional performance tonight

Mayor McCheese

Yup. As Elneny so wisely said, we’ve sent a strong message to Europe with this Ostersund tie.

Mein Bergkampf

Conclusive proof that Arsenal are refusing to rest on their laurels as regards the “Worst team performance of 2017-18” trophy. Amazingly bad, hilarious at times. From individual performances to team cohesion via tactics and mentality, that was absolutely fucking appalling. Kudos guys, I genuinely thought I’d seen the worst.


Some of our team wouldn’t get into their team. What has happened to our club. We are a fucking laughing stock.

Mein Bergkampf

We play with the complacency of a team who have done something to merit complacency.


Outstanding assessment


There are plenty more games yet

Crash Fistfight

Well, probably 2 more.


Since its internet and everybody is entiled of their opinion, I would like to read the “But we qualified! I dont understand why people are still bitching about it!” comment.

Mayor McCheese

It’s so very Arsenal, isn’t it, to confirm advancement with its worst performance in living memory. Not even sure that’s an exaggeration.

The Peter Simpsons

It isn’t.


qualified for what


When that comment shows up we can check it off the standard checklist along with your “I want to complain about something somebody hasn’t said yet”.


If there was a game to have this kind of performance, this was surely it


Unfortunately we might see a few more of these before the season is out

Dave M

yeah and spurs too, because we never want to play well in that game,

so what will the excuse be for this weekend? Who cares, just the Mickey mouse cup?


A confidence inspiring performance…


That was bravo levels of poor positioning from Ospina.. what was he playing at. He can’t play on Sunday surely, just a shame Cech’s form is at a career lowpoint as well.


Indeed, very confidence inspiring…….for Man City……


Well that was awkwardly embarrassing.
Well played Östersund. You deserved that and are a credit to your fans.


I’d never heard of them before this tie. Looked them up before the 1st leg. A lot about this club to like (the culture and community stuff is great). They outplayed us tonight – we were utterly dire, but they did well. Hope their fans enjoy the moment. Well done to their players and manager.


We are the MIGHTY arsenal ???

On a side note a huge round of applause for every arsenal fan around the world who stayed up and watched this shit show from arsenal ??

PS : welbeck’s movement for a striker is 0/10. We are doomed if he is our striker in the next round.

Gunner From North

just when you think we can’t get any worse….


Absolute crap. I almost put money on Welbeck not scoring but the bookies wouldn’t take it.


If it wasn’t for a few defensive errors on their end over the two legs we’d be done. There were times when Arsenal players were shouting at each other to go after a loose ball only for two or three of them to leave positions and meet at the ball. Then there were times when they’d stop the play with the ball and realize there was nobody to pass to. At one point Bellerin is yelling at Wilshere who complains that he could’ve just passed back. Back?! I’m sick of us passing back. Österwhatever showed us all night how to… Read more »

Le Jim

Haha we’re so shit.

Jean Ralphio

Oh Laca, where art thou?


Can we retire Danny Welbeck?


Welbeck was pretty shite, but let’s not pretend he was the problem.


Weve hit rock bottom lads

Mayor McCheese

While women continue their struggle to break the glass ceiling, Arsenal show the world their facility in shattering the glass floor. I’m convinced we can yet plumb new depths.

Nachos in Montreal

No politics into this,please


Don’t count your chickens buddy. It’s only February.


No No No . These “cheap ticket” games are the only ones I can afford on a regular basis. Love to hop on the bus with my mates have a few pints… Admittedly we were chatting about everything during the game . But we got one in. Right here right now……as the intro Arsenal music goes … Just wish another 40,000 had come along to fill the place. Respect to the Swedish team they brought probably all their supporters. Safe trip home guys >

Mkhi Most

Not sure we’re at rock bottom yet. It could get worse.

The Squillaci Code

Poo emoji

Jimbo Jones

Tonight’s game should serve as an inspiration to all non-league players who have had knock backs. Keep at it, work hard and you can still have a career in the game………playing for Arsenal!




Saman Ghoddos is miles better than Danny Welbeck.


And no one would disagree to this… I cant believe welbeck is an english international!


And? It’s been over 10 years since being an England’s international meant anything. Easier to get a cap than a bap these days.


The England team are a bit shit at the moment

David Seaman

Somehow surpassing the Swansea, Forest and Liverpool games as the worst of the season, embarrassing


Well that was shit


Overpaid cunts. I feel sorry for the fans who turned up to watch this.


List of teams in the last 16:

Arsenal (England)
AC Milan (Italy)
Athletic Bilbao (Spain)
Atletico Madrid (Spain)
CSKA Moscow (Russia)
Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine)
Lazio (Italy)
Lokomotiv Moscow (Russia)
Lyon (France)
Marseille (France)
Viktoria Plzen (Czech Republic)
RB Leipzig (Germany)
RB Salzburg (Austria)
Sporting Lisbon (Portugal)
Zenit St Petersburg (Russia)

Nachos in Montreal

Thanks for saving me the Google search?


I honestly dont see what other people see in Maitland Niles. Dont mean to sound hateful towards him or anything, hes probably a decent person, just think it’s ridicolous that some fans are comparing to someone like Xhaka. Eventhough i dont rate Xhaka, he was still miles ahead of Niles when he was around the same age. Being a defensive talent has nothing to do with physicality and speed, and more to do with intelligent decision making. Something none of our academy products have.


Actually just generally for all talents, should decision making be on of the highest priorities. Less Mangalas, more Kimmichs.


Mangala was able to thrive at Porto where the play is less physical and more tactical. He struggled in England where defending is much more about physical duels. And really Kimmich is kind of a freak – some people think he’s better at his age than Lahm was.

But yeah players need a good mix of both and it’s obvious that we’re not coaching the decision-making part well at Arsenal.


You could say that about a few others. Holding and Chambers were dire. Iwobi wasn’t great either.

They all have their moments but they don’t look very convincing at the moment …


Well what’s the common denominator here then? How about the head coach and staff that have barely changed in a 2 decades..

SB Still

Says a lot about the club’s defensive training than about the individuals.

Don’t fucking how so many can be so poor at defending for a club so constantly in Europe. They all look so unsure. Chambers who was a regular at a premier league club last season looks almost like a non-league player. Same story with Holding. After looking like a massive bargain buy in his first season with us, he now looks like a player we over paid at £2M.


Okay, I was one of those who wanted AMN to get a run-in at DM. Now I know why he didn’t before. He loses the ball too damned often. The speed of thought is not there. As a fullback, his job is simpler and he isn’t expected to do as much to move the ball forward. He may develop the skills necessary to play centrally, but he does not have them now. I really thought he should have been the first one replaced, and was glad to see someone else instead. (Kolasinac had a bad first half too.)

dr Strange

You know you’r in trouble when you need to bring in the defensive brilliance of Xhaka to steady a sinking ship…


A new low point


The 2nd goal was the definition of Arsenal…One down, immediately allow a 2 vs 1 from one pass..Chambers destroyed by a small piece of skill.
Bellerin awful again all game.


League game against City they had like 8 chances like that, fortunately Koscielny stopped most of them. Guardiola was fuming. They will have the same chances again and I’m afraid this time will be different.

KW gooner

Bellerin was decent at least be fair


He was one of the better players, Elneny saved our arses a few times and was everywhere, and Micki was putting a shift in. Welbeck and Iwobi were absolutely useless and why we kept trying to pass it out from the back when there was no pass to be made God alone knows. Wilshere was totally ineffective. That was right up there with some of the worst dross I’ve had to sit through. It would have been a lot worse if Willock hadn’t lightened the atmosphere by falling arse over tit about six times before changing his boots, which was… Read more »


Why? because he delivered 2 decent crosses….2 more than he has in 18 months.

Jacks Contract

I am seriously as positive as they come in terms of Arsenal. But my God, that may have been the worst performance I’ve ever seen from the team. Hoping by some miracle we can lift a trophy on Sunday because this squad needs some sort of lift/boost. Comfort zones all over the park!


No wonder Alexis wanted to leave.
I don’t blame him anymore.


Yes, United played truely amazingly good football yesterday and in the last weeks and they’re really looking like winning the treble if not this than next season. Surely he went there because of his ambition. What other reason could there possibly be?!


I find it amusing that he went there and they are just as shit as we are


Really? Last time I looked they were 11 pts ahead of us and had one foot in the Champions League QF.


And it took them less than 15 minutes to beat us in our own stadium.

Kudos to the people who get some perverse satisfaction from slagging off them and Alexis but the league table doesn’t lie.


Have you watched them play recently?

Kwame Ampadu Down

It’s brilliant how Alexis leaving has solved all our team spirit & cohesion issues that’s for sure.


And Mkhitaryan leaving Utd has really brought out the gem of an attacking player ruined by Mourinho


Yeah he was what was wrong at the club. Curse that desire to win


I would genuinely swap every player from their team for the pathetic pile of shite who ‘showed up’ for us tonight. Multi millionaires who didn’t even bother to turn up in front of fans who had paid a small fortune to watch them. I love the Arsenal, but for the sake of football I was willing Ostersunds to score a third goal tonight and knock us on our arrogant asses.

Crash Fistfight

Tickets were £25 tonight for lower tier. Not exactly a small fortune. That wasn’t really your point though, to be fair.


£25 plus travel. Let’s say £35 all in to make it easy. To earn that £35, you have to earn £50 gross(/before tax) assuming you are in the lowest tax band.. That is half days work for many people.. You wouldn’t go into work and expect not to get paid for half a day, you wouldn’t throw that money in the bin, so you’d only buy the ticket and make the effort to go and watch arsenal if you felt there was value in the cost.. Clearly there wasn’t and thats the point


Not sure why everyone is hitting on Wellbeck. He at least tried quite hard and tried to be everywhere. Many others where just being there.

Jimbo Jones

You can’t knock his effort but he’s just not good enough. Nobody wants to kick a puppy


Yet another example of why Wenger needs to go. Utterly embarrassing.


Why the hell are we playing our away kit at home?


That was a new low.
No protection for a brutal back four……..god love Holding……what has happened?
Jack…..OMG…..patently not fit, what is he doing on the pitch, hopefully he hasnt exacerbated whatever jnjury he has……..with the final on Sunday. Madness playing him.
Iwobi was actually worse than Welbeck, cause at least Welbeck tried a little.
They send on Willock, obviously with the wrong boots……professional football club?
And what the fuck is wrong with AMN?

SB Still

Either we go in thinking we just have turn up to win because we are favourites or we go in fucking scared when playing teams like ManC even ManU and concede early.

Why can’t our mental prep along with all the other footballing prep be better much much better.

This season the club seems to have written-off despite all the spending and new appointments.


Next time Wenger runs his «I’ve always honoured my contracts» shit I’ll have a nervous breakdown.Please leave after this season and take mute Willy with you. Thank God those guys we’re out of season..


looking forward to the player ratings if holding and mhki get 2 i will be suprised. wellbeck? god help us. he is hopeless. 1/10 @ best.

Eddie McGoldrick

Me pretty much every game for as long as I can remember now…

Eddie McGoldrick

This too


Norse manure.

Petits Handbag

My dad supports Leeds. I’ve a voicemail from him laughing down the phone. My dad supports Leeds.


Are Leeds in the last 16 of the Europa Cup?


after this i wonder how many ManCity will hit us for on Sunday – it’s seriously scary now


Massive clear out needed…. we’re a team full of Ray Wilkins clones ?


Remove 1 person and there will be a massive improvement


Wow that was stunningly bad, almost as bad as Notts Forest. probably unfair to pick any individual as everyone stunk the place out, but my god Iwobi and Mkhitaryan was absolutely terrible.

I appreciate we were 3-0 up from the first leg, but at least half the team are not regulars – how on earth are they going out on the field with a complacent attitude. Defies belief.
Still we are through – roll on Sunday – can’t say i’m too confident, but you never know.

Paul Smith

Our full backs need to be reminded that they are defenders. They fly forward at any and every opportunity leaving huge gaps and no one covering. Look at the build up to the 2nd goal…Bellerin is flying forward instantly and leaves a nice easy gap to attack. We’ve just conceded a goal, where is the thinking? Where’s the game management? We are so brainless all the time

Yellow Ribbon

That was a new low this performance. We keep surprising ourselves.
That was a new low from the fans too..was surprised to see that half stadium was empty. Looks like we are going to soon be giving a tough competition to city. Ready to rant and be giving a mouthful on here and on Arsenal FanTV but nothing to show for.


I decided to stream this, as I thought it would be an easy game with a few goals to enjoy. How fucking stupid was I?


I did quite appreciate the beautiful offensive football…unfortunately we weren’t the ones playing it.


If Chambers and Holding are our centre back pairing of the future, then our future is as bright as the bottom of a coal mine at midnight. And what’s happened to Kolasinac? He was brilliant to start the year, but the last few months he’s been a disaster. As for Oh-Welbeck, the sooner we convert him to a tea lady the better, although he’d probably fuck that up as well.


Ostersunds is really wishing they had the first 20 minutes of the first leg back because other than that, they took it to us. Really pathetic display from our boys tonight. Being this type of intensity on Sunday and we will be down 4 in 20 minutes. There’s really so many things we did wrong today that I’m not even going to bother.

granit(e) hard!

No mate, If Ostersunds can score 2 in 2 minutes, with the same abject approach on Sunday, city will score way more than 4 in 20 minutes…..Guardiola teams are known for being ruthless and city is no different, they just keep going and the score line could be embarrassing, maybe even a record tonking at a cup final!. my, it is a sad day indeed when as an Arsenal fan, instead of looking forward to a cup final, I am actually dreading it. sad. Its just not logistically possible to have simultaneously recruited and home grown so many terrible football… Read more »


Comedy gold.

TC Goon

Have they ever won or even played well in those atrocious blue youth kits? Just wondering.

I barely saw any of this game and I’m embarrassed for them. Scousers, Sp*rs, Blues…fucking Leicester, all these teams would have made mince-meat of Osterund, both legs. I don’t understand why the guys can’t show up, why they are so delicate and fragile.

Fireman Sam



On the plus side.

I was thinking man city having lost to Wigan would want to bounce back from a defeat.

We are in the same position now.

So we will go into final not complacent


Arsene mate, its proper broke, think we need a different garage.


Worst I’ve ever seen. They would have been booed off at the end but there were no fans left to boo them. Bring on City…..

Monkey knees

The obligatory “we got through, at least” comment. Ahem.

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