Wenger: Lacazette will start scoring again


Arsene Wenger says that Alexandre Lacazette will find his goalscoring touch again after the French striker missed two excellent chances late on to rescue a point for the Gunners as they went down 1-0 to Sp*rs last Saturday.

He volleyed a Hector Bellerin cross way over the bar, before getting onto the end of an Alex Iwobi pass in the dying minutes but rather than hit the back of the net his effort rolled agonisingly wide.

The French international’s confidence has taken a hit in recent times, and the Arsenal manager admitted that the recruitment of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang might have dented it even further, but backed the 26 year old to find his shooting boots again.

“Maybe his confidence is not at its highest because he has seen a competitor coming in,” he said.

“But, for him, one against one with the keeper, he is still a good goal-scorer. He has gone through difficult periods before.

“He works hard in training, works on his finishing. Did he not touch the ball well? It can happen, it is a fraction of a second. But he created two chances, that is a quality as well.

“He will score goals. He is a goal-scorer, he scored goals in his whole career. He will score again.”

Confidence aside, it’s clear that the former Lyon man is struggling to make an impact at the moment, with just one goal in his last thirteen games.

Let’s hope he can rediscover some form because with Aubameyang cup-tied in Europe, he’s our first choice for those games and the Europa League has become even more important as the top four gets further out of reach.

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The sooner he starts scoring, the better

Mein Bergkampf

To be fair he’s joined a team with the understanding of playing with world class players such as Sanchez and Ozil, under a world renowned coach, for a club fighting for the title and him at the centre of all this.

What he’s had is speculation about the other stars of the team – including one player leaving, a dottery old manager who is past his sell by date, terrible service and a defence like a sieve and now he’s been replaced by a new record fee striker. I’d probably be feeling a little out of sorts to be honest.


And getting paid handsomely for the privilege. I doubt he is sulking, but if he is then that’s not acceptable. He needs to get his head down and work hard.


and what about ozil, he is getting paid more than anyone, I bet he aint sulking either


Ozil is TOTALLY not the point.

Might I suggest chilling abit on that. He’s an Arsenal player – and a damn fine one.


ozil IS TOTALLY the point, and might I suggest YOU chilling a bit on that, yes he is an arsenal player, but a damn fine player remains to be seen


Have you ever watched football ronaldo?


It’s the Muppet Show, with our very special guest star, ronaldo!

It’s time to play the music…


For me, I think his miss was more down to the fact he wasn’t really in the game for the entirety he was on the pitch. Coming off the bench in a match like that, its notoriously difficult for players to get up to speed, especially when you take into consideration he only really had a hand full of touches prior to that key moment, and one of those touches being when he tee’d up that shot from Bellerin’s cross and sent it over the bar and into orbit.

I don’t think it was really the smartest substitution from Wenger. I knew from watching it at home that we were going to be fortunate if we could manage to furnish one or two decent openings to score in the closing stages of the game. So for me, keeping Aubameyang through the middle was the smarter decision then bringing on Lacazette who hasn’t scored in what 13 games now? And I know that we will never know but I genuinely think Aubameyang scores both of those chances at the end there

But what was most disappointing for me was the fact that we were none existent for the whole game, we didn’t show up again. Another big match away from home, and we didn’t do anything. Which has been a horrific trait of ours for sometime now, not just this season.

In the Premier League we haven’t beaten Spurs away from home since 2014; Chelsea away since 2011; United away since 2007; Liverpool away since 2012; we beat City in 2015 but that was the first time we had beaten them since 2010.

Like those stats are fairly shocking when you consider we are talking about Arsenal Football Club here.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Not shocking if you consider the system de play where everybody has to go do sideway passes.


We don’t have the players who can penetrate a tight defense, beat a player or two with their own technical wizardry.

We have players who are good at passing but once you choke the supply lines, pack the middle (particularly with a good team), we go side to side.

Which is why I’ve been saying our balance isn’t right with the new additions not helping. They only replicate or add on to what we already have.

In fact the new striker Aubameyang coming in only further complicates matters in rehabilitating Lacazette’s form.

Less time on the pitch means less time to get sharp.

And when you have a striker that has to carry the europa (the competition most likely to gain us CL), you are asking for trouble.

We inexplicably bought a player who is cup tied.


Technical wizardry doesn’t really have a lot to do with the reasons why we lost to Spurs. Nor do I subscribe to your point that our squad is missing a player that can take on 2/3 players in the opposition final third to score a wonder goal. There is only like a handful of players in modern football that have the ability to do that. And again its not the reason why we have only won like 3 games on the road this season.

The main reasons why we aren’t winning games is because we do not set up correctly. We shoe horn our players into positions they are not good at playing. We also do not adapt our game to beat our opposition. And our team isn’t drilled correctly on how to defend properly. Off the ball we are probably the worst team in the league.

Those are a few of the many core reasons why we are 6th in the league.


I think both points have a part to play. On the technical wizardry bit, we don’t have a player that can bring the ball down the wing/beat the high press which gains us ground in the opposition half. We always had a player that has that ability – Henry, pires, helb, rosicky, gervino(heh), arshavin etc. Players that can dribble into and hold on to the ball in attacking areas.

Right now only Jack and somewhat Ozil can do it(We miss Santi). Which means we playing our side to side passing way way too far from the attacking third. We are contained too easily and can be pressed into stupid mistakes. I feel because we lack that kind of player, any attempt to move/dribble further up the pitch will lead to an easy turnover and a quick counter before we have time to re shape our midfield and defence. How many times have you seen us this season where we try to play out the back after a corner/back pass, only to lose the ball in our half and have the opposition score.


Completing a sideways pass doesn’t really have anything to do with it. Go watch Man City play. They make hundreds of sideways passes. So do Barcelona. A sideways pass isn’t a bad thing at all. That’s how you move the opposition around. That’s how you probe their shape to look for the openings to slide in a through ball. That’s the whole idea of possession football.

But that doesn’t matter either, because we aren’t a possession team anymore. We aren’t anything. We lack so much identity its crazy.


I am not concerned about the miss tbh. I mean look at Henry in our CL final, he missed a few sitters (by his standards)

What’s concerning is that Laca’s movement is slowly getting worse. Atleast to me in the last 3-4 games he has started, he doesn’t look as sharp as before off the ball.

Whether that’s a confidence thing or that extra motivation you get when you start a new job is wearing off, I don’t know.


If you are a real player, competition should improve your performance ans hunger, not destroy your confidence! Laca needs to find his inner killer and feed it with couple of goals asap.


Real players are also human. People react to stress differently. It would be wonderful to put an end to this “elite mentality” view and find other arguments that may be a bit more helpful to the players as a critique.


he has got to get in the team first, and what about the rest of the team, shouldn,t they be scoring aswell

Asrar Ahmed

This media fueled narrative that he is somehow a poor striker because he hasn’t scored its ridiculous. If you have watched him during games he is constantly getting into brilliant positions but the team is not set up to play to his strengths. Bellerin constantly cuts back and passed back when he has acres of space. Our default passing method has been to pass sideways sideways sideways backwards on repeat for an entire game until we get hit on the break, lose a goal and then decide we need to start playing forward. By this time he has either come back into midfield to retrieve the ball or he has been taken off. Can someone tell me which striker in the world would score if he was not getting service? Very few can dance through an entire team and score. I am worried the same will happen with Aubameyang. A counter attacking set up is the obvious solution. This reminds me of the time that cunt Ruud Van Horseface became angry with Ronaldo for trying a million step overs and by that time the window to find him had gone. It is the same with our two strikers. I blame the system. I blame the poor man’s Barcelona tactics. We should use Leicester and the invincibles as the template. We were a counter attacking side and went 49 undefeated..

Heavenly Chapecoense

Thanks for coining : Poor man Barcelona system. Iwobi made a couple of good assists lately but he was champ in stopping the ball for sideway passes while a striker is running off him. Hope other players will learn too.


I’m sure he will pick up, though tricky times for him. Most expensive signing but not any more and second choice striker it appears.

Bigger scoring issue not discussed is Aaron Ramsey. Hat trick against Everton but then didn’t show up v Sp*rs. No goals or even chances. He has got off lightly.


You know Ramsey didn’t play against Sp*urs right? ?


Of course. Not having him made a difference, he is undervalued in my opinion.


How has he ‘got off lightly’ if he was injured?


It may be difficult to explain humour to you.

Try re-reading it, add what every Arsenal fan knows, that he didn’t play, and then let me know if you understand.


Then see if you agree with the serious discussion point ‘Not having him made a difference, he is undervalued in my opinion.’

Some are struggling to understand or agree with that.

I think if he played he may well have popped up with a goal, especially given the confidence of a hat-trick the previous match.


Only you can understand yourself. Dont know what you are on about.


Np, I’ll avoid humour, it seems that at least half the people here can’t get it. Shame.

And more think that we didn’t miss Ramsey. Strange.


Next time try funny humour


over half. which means it’s not very good humour


Having to explain humour to others is never funny. Requires thinking.

Still amazed that people didn’t think we missed Ramsey.


Yes, we missed Ramsey imo but you are not funny and your condescending tone towards “half of the people here” does not help. Try to be funny and/or at least make some sense, instead of digging a hole.


Ramsey didn’t play. We all know that.

At the time my initial comment was 50/50 thumbs up/down so half did think it through.

Northern Gooner

I’m sure it sounded funny in your head, but as a general rule, if you need to explain a joke, then it’s not funny.

Still not sure what your “joke” is about, sorry.


True, it isn’t funny for those that you have to explain it to. Though see below.


Humor is not what you think is funny, but what others think is funny. If 50% miss the funny in your humor… it just might not be that funny.

Merlin\'s Panini

Ah, but if 50% do see the humour then maybe it’s just not to everyone’s sense of humour?

Phil Collins writes shite songs but loads of people like them. Doesn’t make him good. But then, that’s just my opinion.

I could see that Pedant wasn’t being serious when he mentioned Ramsey. It was obviously a joke, otherwise you’d have to be pretty stupid to make the comment.
I didn’t find it hilarious but not completely unfunny, and equally not worthy of 15 responses back and forth having to explain it.


Two cannibals eating a clown. One says to the other “does this taste funny to you?”


Tough crowd!


I read this entire pointless thread for some reason.. at this point the joke is my entire life.


Not sure why this is getting down-likes, it’s obviously a joke and aimed at the people on here that scapegoat Ramsey for everything


Thanks for trying, I hoped it was obvious but perhaps it needs ‘lol jks’ after it for those not getting it straight off.

Someone who downvoted is not going to change their opinion though, admitting you might be wrong is tough.


‘Admitting you might be wrong is tough’. Sure is. See above for a perfect case of a guy who can’t admit his joke was not funny.


Ok, let’s look at the facts, adding together:

– those that did find it funny by upvoting
– those that defended it – see above
– those that didn’t understand the joke ‘You know Ramsey didn’t play against Sp*urs right?’, ‘How has he ‘got off lightly’ if he was injured?’ and all those that upvoted those comments ie almost as many that downvoted my initial comment

means most found it funny or didn’t get it (but will find it hard to admit that). If I’d got no upvotes I would agree it wasn’t funny and would come out and say so.

Can you admit the fact that some found it funny and some didn’t understand it?


But Ramsey was injured. 😉


Ah … social media. Where has Fatgooner gone? He is seriously funny. I thought your Rambo joke was funny. There r some funny fuckers on here. Bring on Europa for Alexandre to fire up. It’s our only top 4 hope now. Giroud in blue is just so wrong.


It was an attempt to amuse anyway, however funny it was. Social media means quick reactions (‘doesn’t he realise Ramsey wasn’t playing, t*sser’) and then self justification afterwards when they have time to think about it (‘it wasn’t funny’, rather than ‘I can see you were trying to make a joke’).

I guess everyone has to react quickly without any idea of the intelligence or intentions of the person posting. Doesn’t lead to the sort of situation that would happen if I said the same thing to a mate. And misses the important underlying message ie we missed Ramsey.

Yellow Ribbon

Though he didn’t finish it.. but I thought the way he made that run for that second chance was top class. All top players have missed chances like that before..so let us stop bashing him. I would be absolutely gutted if Lacazette doesn’t succeed at Arsenal.

Damo Dinkum

That’s the kind of run he keeps trying to make! It was a thing of beauty (until the finish). Let’s start playing him through more often, please. Let’s not forget, until Saturday night he hadn’t missed a single big chance for us. I think there’s a quality finisher there, hidden beneath shattered confidence.


I really like him but that’s not true, he’s missed a fair few, just they’ve all been once we were one or two ahead at home so it didn’t matter so much and thus people forget. Still have high hopes for him.


Lacazette has quality. His link up play is awesome + his runs behind. He just needs to get his confidence back. If only Wenger never subbed him at 70 mins on and on again.

Andy Mack

LMao_gooner, the 70min sub off has no relevance to Lacazettes confidence, just his fitness.


I admire your passion. I really don’t care if he doesn’t make it. I care that someone does. But I’m not invested into him at all.

That said I think criticizing him here is not really fair. At a club like ours you expect your strikers to be putting away big chances in big games and he didn’t. I think this was the rationale behind Petr Cech’s comments too. He didn’t and if he knows that and practices and seeks to improve and then tries to put it right on the pitch, that’s all you can ask for.

I can’t help but sympathize with him from the perspective that its his big move and he got six months and then someone else came in. But he’s not playing for Lyon, he’s playing for the Arsenal. He will just have to up his game.

I’d be pleased for him if he manages it. I think he’s a good quality striker and if it works out for him, terrific. He’s got my support.

Crash Fistfight

You should’ve put the first sentence at the end of your post. People might’ve read it before down-voting


Why? Maybe that’s his point and it’s a valid one that I agree with.

I like Lacazette a lot but i’m not invested in him. Not sure we can afford to be invested in individuals anymore. We’ve done that for a decade and instead of carrying us closer to a title or European trophy we’ve gone backwards.

I’m much more invested in Arsenal as a club being successful again. That has to be the priority now.

Crash Fistfight

I agree with the both of you. My point was that people are probably so quick to be offended by the first sentence that they didn’t bother reading the rest of it, to see that there was a lot of sense in it.


If he’d started Europa league games instead of the now sold Walcott and Giroud, instead of giving him 65-70 mins in most prem games, he’d probably have about 15-20 goals. Truth is he’s been managed pretty badly by Wenger.


Just because all the blame is going one place these days.. doesn’t mean……


So what you’re saying is he would be having a successful season if he had been playing for the B team and scored a couple of hat tricks against teams from Belarus?


He is saying his confidence would be still up there


I’m not so sure, Chuffy.

But then we’ve a game coming up so a brace against Ostersunds would go down nicely.


People act as if they are in training with these guys everyday, have access to all the stats and information about the players fitness levels and stuff and come out with all this crap about mismanagement of players.

You have no clue why Wenger subbed him so much for every damn game but I bet there’s a clear reason.

Wenger needs to go, it’s obvious. Coz right now he’s the lighting rod for everything that’s going wrong with our club. We need new ideas. We need something different.

But i’m tired of reading childish comments blaming everything and it’s mum on the coach when 99% of the people running their gums are actually clueless on what it takes to coach a football team.

Jus’ sayin.


Because you’re an expert? Wenger explained that he brought him off because he was tiring and not having an impact. Strikers can score from nothing at any point in a game. last minute off his arse still counts if he’s in the right place.
I’m merely making an observation. Strikers rely heavily on confidence, it determines whether they shoot or not, whether they challenge for headers or duck out, whether they make runs or not. The confidence has been sucked out of Lacazette because he isn’t scoring enough.
My argument is simple. Play him in any competition and if he scores we are talking about him having 15-20 goals. Goals are goals doesn’t matter where they are scored. Goals breed confidence and right now he has none.
Your comment is based out nothing but rejecting anti Wenger bias. You say Wenger should leave, but you don’t seem to know why you want him to go. Evidence suggests we are declining from game mismanagement amongst many other things so don’t tell me that my observations are childish.

Andy Mack

Ligue 1 is a much less physical league with a winter break.
AW has been slagged off many times for overplaying certain players when they’re already physically used to the PL but you’re suggesting that not only should he have played more games but he shouldn’t have been subbed off when he gets to the fatigue period of a game where he could very easily get seriously injured…
I think you’re wrong.


He hasn’t played in the Carabao cup or the FA cup. and has missed 5 premier league games. A less demanding league? What do you mean exactly by that? They still play 90 minutes and he played a full season as well the Europa league and scored 37 goals in all competitions. He is not a precious little flower. By my reckoning, all the top teams above us have played their strongest teams in Europe and in some cases the domestic cups. That’s why their main man has 20+ goals.
I can’t believe that this is so difficult for you to fathom and it makes me think what low expectations you have of a 46 million pound striker who has only started 7 games more than Elneny, a supposed squad player.

Andy Mack

Ligue 1 has a slower pace overall (bursts of speed) and less physical contact (yes they still have bad fouls and corners are a wrestling match but overall it’s a lot less than the PL, as every single player who’s ever played in both says in every interview), And it has a winter break, which is a major benefit fatigue-wise.
That’s why he has been played sparingly for the 1st half of the season, Although he has played a lot more 90 minute games (than people appreciate) in the 2nd half of the season.

Yankee Gooner

I’m sure these comment sections would’ve been ok with the record signing being shunted off to the Europa league.


I don’t think he has been manage well by the manager. he just came into a new league, new team and learning a New language. I think he has done relatively well when you compare him to the other two high profile strikers signed by our rivals this season.


Exactly.. I mean What did that clown of a manger expected, 1st half of the season he wouldn’t let him complete a 90 min , second half of the season he benched him for iwobi.
What a silly manager


not too worried that he will score. the fans need to back him.

Eric Blair

We’ve left ourselves in a difficult situation of our own making, with only Lacazette as a goalscorer for the EL games and top 4 seemingly out of reach. Bad planning or an acceptance that we’re out of the CL for a while and need a long-term rebuild?


I feel sorry for Lacazette. He’s only just turned up and now it looks like he’s already been demoted to second striker. He was awful on Saturday, but he does have an excuse: he hasn’t had enough game time recently. It was hard for him to just come off the bench in such a massive game and find his form immediately. He needs matches – full ones. I just hope that Wenger won’t ruin him like he has so many other players.

BTW: with a top-four place now surely gone, I just hope that Wenger uses his brain now and prioritises the Europa League. We MUST play full-strength teams in those games from now on.

And win the the League Cup, for god’s sake!


Did you just admit Wenger has a brain? 🙂


I’m hopeful this will turn out to be a decent season for us but we need BIG reinforcements in the summer.

Our team is fundamentally a technical football team but when we lose players like Santi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Jack we are bound to play sh*t football. Everytime we went on an unbeaten run or we were on top of the league we had Santi available and it’s not a co-incidence.

We need to buy more technical players to give the team some continuity in playing style throughout the season. Ultimately the game is about creating enough chances.
We should be looking to get in top midfield talents into our club along with a CB and an alternate GK.

This summer is an opportunity we shouldn’t miss because we have top players on long-term deals and we need to build around them.


We need Carzola back, he is the only player who can change things in Arsenal now, if fit, he can push arsenal to be in good form, but, he’s never back, pity

Steve Vallins

At top level football matches are won and lost on very fine margins . It’s only me looking back , not on decisions but the woodwork an early strike thunders back off the post against Brighton and another against MU if they had gone in the difference in his confidence would be amazing compared to what it is now
So if his confidence was high and maybe scoring a few more goals would we have gone and bought PEA


What we need is a leader, a commander at the back. A no thrills but physical centre half that takes no shit from anyone. How many people were ecstatic when Holding took no shit from costa in the cup final. That is the mentality we are looking for when bringing in a centre half. I’m still fuming about how nice we were at the weekend!




I just don’t know why blogs is talking about lacazette, he was only on the pitch for a few minutes, he just needs a few games under his belt and he will be fine, ozil is more of a concern than anyone else, just what is his role in the team ( if he has one ) he is the highest paid player who does the least amount of work, he is a luxury we cant afford, and the reason we play so good at home is because visiting teams don’t try so hard against us as they do when they are at home, otherwise we would be crap at home aswell, I hope that has cleared a few things up for you blogs, maybe I should start my own blog


just why is blogs picking up on lacazette, who has been out of the team for a while and has only been on the pitch a few minutes,why not pick up on mkhitaryan, aubameyang or ozil who have been on the pitch the whole game and done bugger all, at least lacazette got into a scoring chance, I think blogs is just trying to deflect the blame from ozil, there is no other reason for it

James Bassey

Come on Alex!. I want to see u succeed at Arsenal, break that no:9 jinx


Of course Lacazette will score again.

The real issue is why we keep losing to teams that press us high up. Seems to me that Wenger’s game management is about keeping everybody calm in order for them to make the right decisions and so they are creative and spontaneous in attack. That’s great but in the era of the high press, we get rattled too easily. Teams press up high up, and we lose the ball.

I do wonder sometimes whether Wenger’s general approach is not at odds with the dominant footballing rationality of the day. There needs to be coaching to overcome the press. We tried knocking it over them. But their back line and Dembele took care of that. We tried Giroud holding it up, but we don’t have that any more and it wasn’t a completely reliable strategy anyway. We had Santi but there are not many of his quality in the world. Seems that we just can’t compete with it.

Also, I would like somebody to explain to me what the hell Xhaka actually does that merits his place in the starting eleven or even position in our club. I just don’t get it.


While we were being complacent and relying on Wenger’s magic hat to gift us top 4 every year, Spurs had to cycle through a ton of managers before landing Poch. Our strategy was replacing players, not upgrading them, while Spurs had to find players who could bridge the gap.

When Xhaka first arrived he was all front foot and early passes between the lines! Made a big difference in those great early performances and the end of season recovery that took us to Wembley.

But now both Xhaka and Elneny deal with the press by passing back and putting our defenders under pressure instead of evading tackles. Neither can carry the ball when the moment calls for it and our forwards are starved of the ball. Ozil has play in the Pirlo role just to stay involved, whereas Mousa Dembele was striding through the lines and dumping the ball directly at Son’s feet out on the left wing.

Xhaka has taken to facing our goal even when he’s not under pressure and I’m absolutely sick of it. We will not start winning away games with either of those two in midfield and they both need to be upgraded if we’re sticking with Ramsey and Wilshire long-term.


He’s only like 2 goals behind Lukaku. If that makes you feel any better?


I’m backing Laca to bounce back and be a success at Arsenal. However, I am afraid that 50 million doesn’t get you the top class player you might expect. Even if you spend that much, there is still a significant gamble in that buy. Just an observation.


U know what miki said when asked about the difference between wenger & the cu*t mourinho , he said that moruinho demands the best from his players, he’s never pleased (which I think is the basic thing for a manger to do) while wenger just says “play, have fun & score” , WTF.
If u don’t believe me Google it , also the same question was asked to ozil a while ago..unfortunately the answer was similar, which means that we are basically a team without a manager..so he should really STFU.


‘Mourinho required a lot from the players, a lot, he was very hard.

‘Arsene Wenger is friendlier, he understands, can think about players’ situations, is calmer. That’s the difference.’

That’s the actual quote… quite different to what you said.


“Wenger’s philosophy in three words? Play football, win the match and enjoy”


Why didn’t you mention this part ?..
Anyway I’m not a journalist , what I have written in the comment above is what I remembered and understood from an article I read…now I posted the link of the article so people can understand what I meant.
But you questioning my integrity doesn’t bother me, what really bothers me is how there are still people who are over defensive of this clown

Crash Fistfight

That’s seven words.


Guess Mkhitaryan is not as smart as we think :-/


You could fit right in with the Mirror or Sun trying to conjure up clickbait headlines for them


Too bad I’m not a journalist, if I were I would make shyt up just to make him mad like how he’s making me mad right now..

John C

Lacazette’s goal scoring really is the least of our problems.

It’s 12th February and we’re 27 points off Man City after 27 games played with only 33 points left to play for. Our next league game is against City where if we lose we would be 30 points behind them and mathematically only able to finish level on points with 10 matches remaining, this is a scandalous position for a club Arsenals size to be in.

Even if you take City out of the equation we’re failing to keep up with the chasing pack, we’re 7 points off 4th and by this evening that could be 8 and 7 off fifth, we’re not even an also-ran. We’ve become also-rans to the also-rans!

Last summer we were told that we needed an additional 10 points to complete for the league this season despite finishing 18 points off Chelsea last season. Despite not being able to get those additional 10 points identified even if we won every match still available, what does it tell us about the mentality of the management when our aim is to get 10 points when 18 was needed.

We’re not even trying to compete



The club aims for mediocrity and achieves it.


And this is with Mhkitryan and Aubameyang added.

Clearly adding these players had little effect.

We beat Spurs without them in the reverse fixture.

SO what’s wrong.

It was the same manager that beat spurs then too. The same manager that beat Chelsea recently.

We are erratic and it is a lack of equilibrium between attacking and defending.

Which is midfield.

Ask yourself if the Mslintat team bothered to address that issue for us?

Instead (Regardless of Alexis predicament) we went to have ourselves forced to take on a United reject and then reconstruct our attack unnecessarily.


Wenger trying to put the blame of his incompetent management on the players performance. Don’t expect anything more than incompetent performances under the whole Kroenke/Wenger Enterprise.


Yes..because he’s a bad manager to say the least, If u compared our lineup to man u’s you’ll see that we definitely have better players (laca/auba better than lukaku , ozil better than mata , miki better than rashford , kosilny better than jones , bellerin better than valencia) & so on , yet they are far better in term of results & so in the table , just lets hope that no one will snatch ancheloti before the summer because if we get him he will do marvelous things with this squad..But I’m afraid first we’ll have to dethrone the clown , what a dilemma


You are deluded if you think things will improve. It may well get worse.

the “football director” team put in place does not buy in due consideration to squad balance or strategic implications.

Wenger has essentially switched off. He has had enough and he is likely leaving. You don’t have to dethrone anything.

BUT what you wish for you will get except maybe not to the betterment of the club.

Expect more cross purposes with the new manager. As much as we are struggling now, we can have even more years further down in wilderness.


Its far to early to label Lacazette a flop or whatever others will call him based off of 2 missed chances. I feel for him as I feel Wenger has destroyed his confidence by always taking him off even when he had scored and/or was playing well. And then the purchase of Auba and dropping Laca straight away was the icing on the cake. I would be so annoyed if we end up losing him after just a season or 2 because he is quality but we aren’t getting to see it atm.


The people who claim he lacks service will be saying the same thing about Aubameyang.

Lacazette does not lack service.

He lacks movement that suits the PL.

he is waiting for the ball to come to him or making runs his teammates can’t find.

he needs to go to the ball when it is crossed in (much like Giroud discovered with his near post finishes) and he needs to find runs that his teammates can actually make the pass to.

If you are world class, you make it happen for yourself.

NEITHER Aubameyang or Lacazette are world class. They are very good strikers but they are not Henry.

Henry not only has the pace but the ball control, vision and ability to take on 2 or 3 opponents on his own, take them out of the game single-handedly (and not just by out pacing them alone)

We are now lacking this sort of player without Alexis.


I agree about the movement and that he waits for the ball to come to him but the lack of service is true especially in away games where we create barely anything these days. I think Lacazette is more suited to a counter attacking kind of side similar to Auba but obviously we are or at least try to be a more possession based side. Either the team needs to play to suit his strengths or Lacazette needs to try and change his game to suit the team


For Laca to start scoring regularly, he’s going to have to find his way back into the team and I’m not sure how that happens. Can’t see us getting the best out of him on the wing, but can’t see us shifting Auba out there for him either. We can probably forget about 2 up top as well…


We just have to rotate between the two because we need Lacazette to get sharp before europa.

I wasn’t sure why so many were excited about us signing Aubameyang. Not that he is a bad player but as we have seen, stats don’t deliver on promise.

More importantly, we now lack different options to affect a game. We don’t have the sort of power that Spurs had with Kane muscling it into the back of the net. We’ve sold Giroud.

We have Danny Welbeck of course should Lacazette get knocked. That must inspire confidence surely in going into the europa as a route home to CL.


The comment moderation system in this blog is as fu#*d up as the team performances


Hopefully getting a full 90 in Europa League will help him get into a rhythm and get confidence back. He generally needs better service as well to reward his movement and put him in the right position to finish. Last game the chances were there in just a few minutes as a sub. More of that please!


we should have signed Mahrez


We should have.

A better balance of creativity and strike rate.

Motivated to leave. Not cup tied, 26yrs better stamina than an aging Mhkitaryan.

He’s also left footed but plays inverted right side equally well so flexibility and a genuine wide player because we are lacking in genuine wingers at the moment (iwobi is the closest)

And we are lacking pace (and an outlet) out wide to relief the team of pressure at the back.

We are also lacking a player who can beat a couple of opponents on his own on the dribble. Arguably even with Alexis, I felt we were a player of this quality short. Now we are two short IMO.

Some say he was never an option because he was quoted at 92m to City.

This ignores the fact that these prices are not fixed.

City came in late in market and without any options. Of course greedy Leicester would double on price and get some oil money.

We are a different proposition if we had moved earlier in window.

Leicester know our limits are lower and we also had a number of other go to options should they not bite. It would be closer to the 50m release price they are willing to sell on.

BUT our buying team had other ideas.

First they did not bargain hard enough for Alexis to go to City and were very happy to contemplate him going to United (for more but with less strategic thought). Then we were forced to take Mhkitaryan make no mistake because United had the upper hand as we had no options without City.

Which means we still need to consider goals since Mhkitryan brought in is a player low on confidence (and fitness) from United.

They then decided to go for Aubameyang which meant midfield (and defense) took a back seat.

I would have preferred we had taken Mahrez, kept Giroud and bought us a proper DM who could add height in front of the Cbacks but also screen us better.

Instead we are left with unnecessary reconstruction of the front line with a cup tied player, and a ‘world class’ player who seemingly now can’t finish on service given to him whom we now rely to do the business in the europa. AND of course Danny Welbeck.


Like morning dew love will come again to you
– Poets of the Fall


Some usual people blame Wenger for Lacaztte.

The same people who claimed he was world class and mobile.

The same people who got all excited because he would score the goals for us unlike say Giroud who they said was ‘plan B’ at best (Harry Kane scoring this weekend off a header mind you)

The same people who complain he gets no service.

The same people who ignore the fact that he was given a perfectly good pass from Iwobi but could not finish.

The same people who lay it back to Wenger now and say he is the way he is because he is not played enough.

The same people who say he should not start because Aubameyang is better.

The same people who say Aybameyang is Henry like in pace and will score goals for us because he is world class.

The same people who will complain he gets no service.

I remind everyone that our brilliant buying team in January has put us in a predicament whereby we are now reliant on LACAZETTE to do the business in the europa becaus eAubameyang is cup tied.

And if Lacazette doesn’t do it, we have Danny Welbeck.

Which the same people said was a great buy off of United (like Mhkitaryan) as the United fans laugh at us taking another of their rejects (like Silvestre)


We have to play Lacazette.

He won’t stay sharp polishing the bench.

I don’t know how some people think that is a good prescription.

He has to play through the rut, gets limited time but make full use of it.

Again we are reliant on him to do the deed in the europa. It doesn’t look good and I have no idea why we had to reconstruct the attack when other areas of the team needed attention.

Blame Wenger all you like but it was the new “director of football” that held sway in these convenient ex-Dortmund deals, with less consideration to our strategic picture or balance of the squad.

But we have no choice now but to help Lacazette find some form. Otherwise its Danny Welbeck. Plan C anyone?


2 CBS 1 DM New goalkeeper actual wide forward or fuck off Wenger.


Surely he can score against Ostersunds.

There isn’t time to give him any more games in preparation for this. He will have to do the business for us.

He got into decent positions against Spurts which is a plus.

Both Bellerin and Iwobi found him with good ‘service’.

Previously, his movement was not good. He would wait for the ball to come to him or be hard to find.

If he sees our wide men (nominally nowadays the fullbacks) running to the byeline, he should have the sense to come closer to near post (particularly Bellerin) to meet the cross (something Giroud learnt and prospered to good effect)

Otherwise right now its all about composure.

He needs to not rush the finish and not get anxious over the current drought. The goals will return.