Wenger reveals team news ahead of Man City clash


Having lost to Man City on Sunday in the Carabao Cup final, Arsenal take on Pep Guardiola’s side again tomorrow in the Premier League.

It’s not exactly the ideal opponent after such a disappointment at Wembley, but it is what it is and we have to get on with it.

Arsene Wenger faced the press this morning and provided the latest team news update.

The Gunners will be without Nacho Monreal who forced off during the first half on Sunday

“He’s out for the two games, this weekend, and Thursday to Sunday he’s certainly out,” said Wenger.

“He might be out for two more, Milan, and maybe even one more. He has an inflamed back, a disc problem.

“Everyone else is fit.”

It’s now down to the manager to get a response from players who were unquestionably below par in the last game against the same opposition.

Arsenal lie 10 points behind the top four with just 10 Premier League games remaining.

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I feel really bad, but I just wished that I cared any more. Sorry Arsene.


If you call yourself a fan, you will care and support the team even if it’s crap and relegated…


I care passionately about the team, just not the manager. He’s had twenty years of my ‘caring’. Sorry.


We do care that’s why we say we don’t because that’s the only way to show our frustration at what has been a frustrated season, to be honest it’s been a decade of frustration, but deep down it’s Arsenal 4ever we’re just powerless to make the necessary change.

Mein Bergkampf

You do realise we’ll probably win this game now, right? Aub will score a brace, Jack will have a worldie, Cech will stop a penalty and everyone will be talking about turning corners. It’s just the Arsenal way.


Ha ha, yes, probably. That’s part of the frustration. Wenger bangs on about consistency, but where the hell is it?


we are consistent in patches


Not this time..this season everything is going downhill, so i guess we wont see any surprises..but at least there will be no more false hope after this..


Blinded and feeling numb from all the pain our manager and players have been giving us..

But COYG!!! We have the home advantage and I’m hoping we can subdue their attack. Our own attacking threat is our massive strength, looking forward to Mkhi Ozil and Auba having something up their sleeves. would be delighted with a 1-0 to us or even a fighting 0-0


Perfect time to play a great game, show City and the world how good we are.

Oh no, that was on Sunday…


If this team weren’t motivated for a cup final, what can we expect tomorrow! Perhaps a Mikhitarian-Aubameyang may add some fire and build on what was an inept, impotent and placid attempt on Sunday.


You can still expect xhaka to play. You can expect him to turn our corners into thier throw ins.
You can expect him to not to track back and let city’s midfield walk through us at will.
And you can expect Wenger to pick him the very next game we play regardless ..sad days


8 points below fifth and 8 points above 7th with a game in hand (which we are unlikely to win tomorrow…).

We have our own little Arsenal league bubble for this season that I can’t see us moving from.

Season practically over in the league, nothing much to see here.

Mein Bergkampf

Yeah, as a result it’s a game I’d love to see at least one youngster start. I’d play AMN instead of Xhaka who, let’s face it, if nothing else, is just so bereft of form. I’d also make sure Nelson and Eddie made the bench at the expense of Welbeck and Elneny. I know it sounds mad, but these are the only players I can see really making an effort who have a point to prove.


10 points behind with 11 games remaining..


Would like to see Nacho get completely fit and back on his game we will miss him.
It’s looking rather strange that wenger gave up playing our tank and now he’s needed but looks rusty and a rusty tank might be a problem against this city team.

Yellow Ribbon

Maybe if we win all of our next ten games we will have a chance of finishing in the top four with a game still in hand. Not happening aye?
I don’t think we have won even three matches on the trot this season.. what are we going to win ten matches in a row?


Lose and it only confirms that the squad and tactics aren’t strong enough and Wenger should go. Win and it only confirms that we’re so mentally weak that we couldn’t rise to the occasion in a cup final, and Wenger should go. A draw gets you a little from column A and a little from column B. It’s a lose-lose situation really.


Game has a draw written all over it, Man City will probably let us have it out of sympathy.


I agree. I remember a game against Leeds in the seventies in the League Cup, we won 7-0 and the following Saturday we played them in the league, 0-0 and the usual boring fare.

It’s often shay happens when you play the same team.


Pep will show no mercy


If Wenger dont feel he is the cause of all these, sorry i cant feel as well.


Good luck to Nacho, I’ve had spinal problems for over 30 years, a small injury which turned out to have a huge impact on me, so let’s hope his injury is minor and clears up quickly.


Assaulted by the vile Walker, wasn’t he? Will miss his attitude. Get well soon, Nacho.


Another game, another loss. It doesn’t matter who is or isn’t available.

Just wishing Arsene will become unavailable permanently soon…


‘Monreal is out for two games, he could then be out for another two games, and then another two games after that, and so on and so forth’


“Boohoo I’ve turned down many clubs” – Jesus Christ Arsene, you haven’t turned down another team since PSG came knocking in 2011.


Comfartably numb. I´m really sorry to confide, but I will be enjoying watching Pep´s side playing the “Arsenal way”


does that mean Lacazette is fit ?


he says things these days and you wonder which side of the mouth


French man with an African Leader mentality. The blame is now at the door step of Kroenke and his associates.


What’s wrong with African leaders.

Blame is in all directions :

1) Wenger is responsible but…

2) Players need to also balls up.

3) Director of Football team have bought poorly in January. No consideration to current needs in squad and balance.

4) Sure Kroenke can get more involved but do you really want an American who has only a foggy idea of the game wading into matters he doesn’t fully understand? In that context he has done well to keep out of it.

5) Coaching staff is antiquated. Our systemic issues have not been resolved. For all the reputation of Bould as a defender for the club, clearly he isn’t the Carlos Quieroz type Wenger truly needs to push forward over recent 5 or 6 years.

Its never really one thing that is to blame. That would be simplistic to say the least.


Does this game actually means anything to us? City already won the league, and there’s no way we’re getting top 4. I wish I could say that our guys will play for the badge and pride but we all know that’s very unlikely.


That’s alright cos we have Welbeck to propel us to europa glory.

Great idea selling Giroud, buying a player cup tied for europa who can’t put it in from 2 yards and needs “service”.


even a win on Sunday which is unlikely will never lift the gloom, the pain is actually is in the manner we a lost a final, a cup final, you wonder how we got there the first time


Well we beat Chelsea didn’t we?

Anything can happen in the cup final.

Fact is City are in top form this season and we have clear systemic issues (not to mention we have not reinforced properly in January)

…not that surprising.


can we really have the scenario where not performing players are listed for sale as well as non performing managers, you assume that a modern day Arsenal Fc deserve a HYBRID MANAGER.. one who exemplifies every thing we want at arsenal, every thing we deserve.


What is hybrid?

What nonsense are you babbling?

Who do you want to get rid of? Who is non performing?

The whole team is non performing at the moment.

Do you want to get rid of Mustafi and Granit?

Because Mustafi is (unfortunately) about our best Cback at the moment. Holding, Chambers are even less. Should we get rid of all 3?

Granit is poor but Elneny is mediocre?

Are we City that we can get rid of half the team and then spend on quality thereafter knowing there are 7 or 8 teams who have financial clout and allure better than us (not to mention CL football)

Is this even realistic?

Try getting rid of some of our dead weights.

You think we can sell Elneny? Who wants him? You sell Granit and we are left with AMN and Elneny. Good idea? they can’t even hold against Ostersund never mind City.

You have to clear the cobwebs in your head a bit.

We need the right replacement for Wenger.

I don’t know what is hybrid. Utter nonsense.

Drew Dewsall

You know what? There is no way our midfield would have been as pedestrian as it was had the Coq been playing!! Yes I know he was far from the class player we should be expecting but can you imagine him at any point walking back? I think not.


I mentioned when Flamini was around that he was providing us far better security (with Ramsey at that) then many believed at the time.

Coquelin when he returned to the team that season was responsible (with Ramsey) for letting in 14 goals in 7 straight matches.

So we sold Coquelin but what riles me is we then get distracted by Mslintat trying to add his ex- Dortmund charges unecessarily and we ignore both defense and midfield.

At least one of those areas needed reinforcement in January…not another striker that ‘needs service’ but when he gets his chance is unable to convert from 2 yards out. World class you say? You’re having a laugh.

World class creates its own.

Midfield was crying out for somebody as alternate to the flawed Granit and the mediocre Elneny not to mention Ramsey whom I feel is more suitable in the Ozil role or the role supposedly Mhkitaryan (again unnecessarily) is suppose to provide.

As an example, Geoffrey Kongdogbia is on loan from Inter at Valencia (where we sold Coquelin to) Not saying he is the solution but he has the physical competitiveness, strength and quick feet to offer us a little something different defensively in the midfield. We could have moved for him.

The whole “director of Football” and his decision making scares me.

There is a lack of appreciation for the fundamental balance of the team and what we need both tactically and strategic terms.

Watched a documentary about Juve recently and you see how much more well balanced their purchasing has been.

We have two similar type strikers both of whom need service. We have lost Giroud who is not cup tied for europa and has capacity to offer something different when we need.

We have lost plenty of pace out wide which means we are now reliant on fullbacks to push up. This creates fundamental issues defensively as Bellerin and Monreal have to push forward which means gaps open up.

The cbacks try to cover for the holes left behind and we end up with a situation like against city where a mistake by Mustafi leaves him with no cover because his fellow Cbacks have adopted positions too wide to react. Its systemic.

To think Wenger leaving is going to solve our porblems is half baked.

It will depend who comes in. If we bring just anyone, it can get a lot worse as they will not be able to stand up to the dictates of Mslintat buying independently of what we actually need.

Sure change is needed but effective change is what we need.

There will be options for us in terms of new manager particularly post Wcup but we must be VERY prudent who we select.

No just about anyone-else other than Wenger WILL NOT DO.



The same people who had a moan about Flamini should do well to think we were in a better position with him in midfield than we were when he left and Coquelin (supposedly a better player) left at our disposal.

Now those same simplistic voices want to point the finger at Granit and Mustafi.

There always has to be a scapegoat after all.

BUT Granit for all his faults is still one of the better options in midfield when you consider the half baked AMN in similar position against Ostersunds and the mediocre Elneny (albeit its debatable if Granit is even a better option at this point)

And therein lies the problem we have, we have not fixed midfield and have poor options whilst instead conspiring to juggle unnecessarily our offensive proposition and brought in Aubameyang who can’t finish from 2 yards and is cup tied anyway for the europa.

Similarly with Mustafi, no mention of the number of critical blocks he has put in over last 6 games because it won’t suit certain stat merchant’s narrative.

Sure he was culpable but the broader picture missed y the simple minds is our issues in defense is (has been for a long while) systemic.

BOTH Chambers and Koscielny were positioned too wide away to cover for any (ver possible) mistakes by Mustafi one on one with Auguero.

And this essentially because we have shed pace and creative players out wide in exchange for Mhkitaryan and Aubameyang which means the wide areas are now made up for by the wingbacks which create their own issues defensively in the pocket of space behind.

This is not the first time wingbacks have been caught too high, Monreal guilty on numerous occasions in recent matches. Another lighting rod Bellerin also with difficult task compounded now as he is asked to provide offensive power but has to also be present at the back.

And on the note of poor defenders, the REALITY is that Mustafi is one of our better defenders.

So these vices want to get rid of him when we are carrying Chambers, Holding neither of whom have been proven mettle and are poorer than Mustafi in option.

Its laughable the thinking.

And for that matter we compounded our lack of defensive options further by again this January rather unnecessarily adding Mavropanos, another young defender not experienced enough to come straight in but has to wilt away on the bench for us starved of experience (perhaps on loan) that may harden him for future.

Muddled thinking by BOTH certain fans and the club.



You’re making some good points, Santori. If Aguero was onside on the goal kick, one or both of the other backs were keeping him on. Maybe Mustafi thought he was following the script by being “wrong side” of Aguero, and it was Chambers or Kos that ruined the offside trap. When I saw Chambers out there, I knew we were in trouble.

DM has been an issue forever. Maybe this is a case of a new manager tweaking the system to play to our players’ strengths rather than panic buying a Kante. AMN is never going to be Santi Cazorla, but he does seem a gifted defender.

It’s not just wingbacks getting caught too high. Wenger sends the men out to play as though it were 2000 and we could play with anybody. We can’t play with City. Why not park the bus and counter against the clearly superior (for now) teams? We have the personnel, but they aren’t prepared and set up to do that, so we get embarrassed by the likes of City, Liverpool, and even Spurs.

I don’t blame the players. There are no Santoses out there this year. (Yes, Xhaka does switch off from time to time.) They’re professionals and are trying hard, doing what they were told to do. This same group would have been in the thick of the top four mix if we had the 1999 Wenger or the 2017 Klopp. Next year has to be better, but only if we have a new, improved manager. That Brendan Rogers talk has to be a joke, right?


In other news… Spurs versus Rochdale…COYR


I care deeply whether we do well or not, but also have much lower expectations now going into matches which is what depresses me the most. Even now if we play a great match and have a good result I can’t get too excited as I know the next match could be a totally different story. The end of the season was always our time to put that run together to ensure at minimum champions league qualification and also some FA cup runs to look forward to, but now the top 4 is probably out of the question without a miraculous change of events (our playing so much better and nearly winning out and others dropping points with so few matches left) so all we have left is the Europa league to pin our hopes on which depresses me greatly to realize that is all we have to cheer for at this point.


I see the game isn’t sold out, proves no one can be arsed anymore. I can’t even be arsed to go and I have a season ticket. £65 down the toilet but an evening of my life saved.

I literally cannot take any more of watching Wenger’s Arsenal. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you’re proven wrong. Our form right now is relegation form.


How did you see that? Did you see the snow or the fans who do not live in North London and have to be at work on Friday morning?


So, I presume this means Mustafi will be on the field again?

O\'BuaKol Terah

What is happening in arsenal is a self inflicted pain,what are these lads doing in the first team defence Mustafi,Rob,and Calum Sham..even Mo El somebody help me