Wenger with the latest on Wilshere and Ramsey contracts


Arsene Wenger has provided the latest on potential contract renewals for Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey.

It’s being reported that an agreement with the England international is close, after the club put forward an incentive based deal which has clearly been made with his injury record in mind.

The 26 year old would take home a lower basic salary but, if he stayed fit and available, would be in line to take home more overall.

Asked about Wilshere, Wenger said, “We try to make progress, as I told you that many times for Ozil. But you never believed me.

“I’m positive because I want him to stay. I do the maximum I can to make him happy.”

Fingers crossed on that one. As for Ramsey, there is a little less urgency as his contract does not run out until June 2019, but the Frenchman is keen to get him tied down too.

“Aaron is a little bit different because he is less time-constraints than with Jack,” he continued.

“With Jack it is now. With Aaron, if we lose two weeks or three weeks, it doesn’t matter much.

“I want him to stay as well, if he starts to score hat-tricks!”

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William Nilliam

Both very useful players who on their day would walk into any team. Let’s get this done.


Without wanting to be negative and moany the Ramsey one is pretty urgent giving how long negotiations take these days, being 4 months away from having 1 year left on his contract isn’t long. We all know negotiations get much more twatty with less than a year to go as press speculation increases – as seen numerous times with other players (sanchez, ozil etc)!


we basicly have 4 months to tie him down. or it’s a sell.


Ozil, Sanchez and RvP before them were a bit different because on top of the product on the field there is the club image off it.

Ramsey is a good player who’s having a good year but if he rejected the terms and we sold and replaced, there wouldn’t be much outcry. Doesn’t make him poor or average but that’s reality.

That’s why even entering his last year wouldn’t be hell raising. The club would still hold a good hand on the table. Same like the Jack situation now.


wilshere and ramsey are just as good as ozil, if not better, an there fore should be on at least the same wages as ozil, if either of them left it would be a massive blow to the team, but if ozil left it wouldn,t make much difference


Not sure if this was meant to be funny but thanks for the laugh anyway.

Robins Boost

comparing Jack and Ram with Ozil is like comparing Mustafi and Gabriel with Campbell, Adams and Keown.

Wendy Agnew

Jack is easily as good as Ozil!!!!


Whoever thinks Ozil is worth keeping is crazy. Ramsay is twice the player. It’s only been in the last 3 months that he has actually made a difference, prior to that Arsenal have been playing with 9 outfielders. Check the records to see what Arsenal’s record is when Ramsay doesn’t start. I believe Ramsay is one of the most underrated player’s in the league.


Wow ! Your Commenting form has gone as bad as , if not worse than your namesake’s form in Madrid.

Girouds Lovely Locks

I’d disagree. Wilshere and Ramsey are the only players who can be given the captaincy and make me believe they truly earned and deserved it.


Really, why is that? Bellerin’s recent comments (i think it was) indicated Ozil commands a lot of respect from the squad and is a leader in the dressing room. He’s also, objectively, one of the best players in the league and the best player technically in the Arsenal team. The team’s trophy-less drought ended with his arrival as he has led the squad to three FA Cup trophies, not to discount the notable contributions of others in that achievement (esp. Ramsey). He is also the highest paid player on the team (some reports say in the league, but I’m not buying that). He’s earned that, at least. If he was made captain next season, even though I don’t expect it I wouldn’t be too shocked by it, either.


I would strongly disagree with your assessment of Ozil. If football was played running around pylons and shooting through small hoops I would probably agree, he has remarkable talent, BUT ITS NOT, you have to play against other men, he does not make a positive difference half the time you don’t even know he’s on the field. Having said that he has finally made some difference in the last 3 months. What did he do in the first TWO and HALF YEARS!!!!!!?


Get it done. If both are fit then I think both have to start. 4-3-3 with Ozil and Mkhi either side of PEA. Next step is finding a player to play in that three with them to provide defensive cover.

Faisal Narrage

Neny for now.


Would be a fool to sign a new deal early because of the inflation on footballers wages year on year. I wouldn’t if I played for Arsenal and I’d never want to leave.


Things aren’t black and white though, I’m sure your agent would be well aware of yearly wage inflation and quote that back to the club as a positive that you are willing to forgo waiting and all the uncertainty for a bigger slice of the pie now.


The other side of this is Ramsey could have a career ending injury tomorrow and misses out entirely. There is a trade off – if you wait until your contract runs out you will likely get more money assuming you are in form and healthy. However you lose the security in which you accept slightly lower wages in return for the club accepting risk of injury

Robins Boost

and whichever way we look at it, whether he signs the contract now or signs it just before his contract runs out, the $ he earns, the difference.. come on, it’s not going to affect his lifestyle.

Mein Bergkampf

You did worry if Ozil leaving for nothing could have started a mass exodus. Thank god that’s not the case. I’m telling you, Ozil signing a new contract is the best thing to happen to this club since we signed him four seasons ago.

I don’t even care who knows it, I want Ozil posters all over my wall and a bed spread with his face right across the middle. Ah, it feels so good to love again!

Granit(e) hard!

lol…….just…lol. You, my friend is a stand up comedian

Billy Batts

I’m going to put this out there – do we need both of them? They’re very similar players. Aaron perhaps slightly more attacking, Jack perhaps slightly better in possession, but do we have room for two players like this? I personally would like to see the club bite the bullet and pick one, shift the other, and use the spare wages/squad space to get a proper defensive minded midfielder in there. Not a deep-lying playmaker, someone who’s happy to sit and tackle.


They are very different. Ramsey gets into the box and likes to lead from the front whereas Wilshere likes to come from deep and produce a killer pass that results in Ramsey trying to score.

Robins Boost

yup. that would make them the perfect central midfield pair if partnered with a top top DM. they’d be the world’s best partnership… TBPTEL!


Exactly, they should work well together on paper.


They basically play the same position but are different. No question we need them both.


Right now, I’m thinking these thoughts about Xhaka. Unless we move him forward he’s not justifying the price we paid for him

SB Still

It’s Xhaha that we need to consider


I think we could definitely use both. If you think about it, they’re both injured a lot, so between them it’s like having one player. Sign them up, make a cdm signing in the summer. And defense, but that’s a whole new conversation.

David C

with both of their injury records we need to keep both of them! I’m really excited for Jack and think he can start owning that slightly deeper lying Cazorla role that we’re missing. Oh man, imagine Santi returns for us this year too!!! A boy can dream, right?

Robins Boost

if there’s spare wage/ squad space to consider, I’d be considering Xhaka’s first before Aaron and Jack.

Gudang Bedil

Tie’em all I say! Tie’em all!


We’ve got the money, tie them with lucrative contracts. But the happiest news will be Chelsea being declared bankrupt. Then Conte will be employed as a ball boy… As usual Terry will be in charge of the wastebasket. Lol


Sell Ramsey, pointless player and easily replaceable.

Nic Bell

Do you even watch football?

Danger Mouse

Yeah, totally pointless hat trick he scored last weekend, totally pointless cup final winning goals in last few years… I don’t know why he bothers…


What a troll you are sir…


I love Wilshere and Ramsey, and when fit and on form, both are world-beaters. I’d love for both of them to stay.
In case of Wilshere, given that it’s Feb now, either he renews or goes; if we’ve done the best we’ve could have given his injury woes, then we have no choice but to wish him well and move on. As for Ramsey, the last thing we want is for another Ox/Sanchez/Ozil situation next summer. We need to act decisively, either now or in the summer. Extend or be sold. And as the whole Sanchez-Mkhi/Auba thing has shown, if fans get adequate replacements for departing players, they could be more forgiving. There’d be a tinge of regret, but a new box-to-box midfielder scoring 10-15 goals a season, and a competent player who could break through the lines and play one-twos would help the moving-on process (It’s an oversimplification, I know)
Maybe this new management team behind the scenes is going to be more ruthless in our future dealings with players going and players coming in. And with compensation. Goodness knows we’ve kept quite a few players who weren’t up to the mark in the past.


world beaters …lol


As ever with this team, it’s all about where players are played and if the system suits them. We wound up with a glut of central midfielders a few years ago because Wenger wanted an all singing interchangable midfield with players able to play anywhere. Ramsey is allowed license to come forward for Wales because defensively he’ll have Allen and one other to take up the DM position, we all know what happens at Arsenal.
Ramsey is not a DM.
Giroud was never a lead the line with pace CF.
He’s a good player who would be snapped up by all the top 5 sides. Sign him up and lets win some trophies.. .preferably a PL title

Man Manny

The only two viable survivors of the famous “British core.”


i definitely want more incentives for them

Robins Boost

just sign da thing Jack! you’re one of us! Jack for Captain and Kos/ Monreal/ Ram for Vice Captain.
We need to play a solid DM (Elneny for now), partner Jack and Ram in CM (which we’ve all quietly and secretly dreamed about for the last 5 years), and play Ozil, Micky and Auba as our front 3.

Lonely Loneliness

In Others words, Jack is cared for, Ramsey not so much


thats a bold statement


Sign a godamn dominant Dm and you can play both…Jack is at his best between the Dm and the AM…

Joseph Furey

Wilshire’s been our best player in a third of the matches he’s played in this season. We haven’t had much to shout about, but his revival has been A Good Thing, no doubt. Xhaka has been calamitous of late. His passing accuracy has gone up, but he’s a spectator as a defensive force when he’s not getting carded.