AC Milan 0-2 Arsenal – player ratings


Arsenal got a win under their belts at last with an excellent 2-0 victory over AC Milan at the San Siro tonight.

Read the report and watch the goals here.

Here’s how the player rated.

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I thought I saw Gattusso applaused when Mikhi scored…..


10/10 for Mkhi scoring with a number 77 blue kit.

Gudang Pelor

If it’s not because of that shirt he wouldn’t have hit the cross bar and scored. :p

Kwame Ampadu Down

Harsh on Ozil.

(just to save Alex from having to say it)


Just me upvoting! ?


Ozil’s closing down when we lose the ball is such piss. He’s 1/4 interested and was the reason they had a couple of fast break opportunities. If he closed down faster it gives us the chance to be in position to defend the counter. Better teams would had punished us.

Mayor McCheese

Xhaka and Ozil were outstanding. I particularly enjoyed Xhaka’s rugby tackle in the first half…which was not penalized!

Jungu Beans

I like how during his time wasting episode, he gave the Milan defender his death stare, and even when the ref prodded him to look the ref in the eye he would not let go of that death stare.


What about the death stare to Kessie?


He was good, though that shot from 40 yards in the last few minutes pissed me off about 70% as much as it pisses off Wenger.

Super impressed with AMN again. I know he was only on for a short time but I don’t recall an error from him at all.


Did you see Ramsey laughing at that attempt? El oh el

I\'m the Shad man

I hope “welbecking” a goal becomes Arsenal canon. His penchant for uncoordinated skill is amusing in these dark times


So do we call the scuffed goals Welbies?

Charles Orji

Exactly my thoughts about him of recent, just to add that he’s seem to be on the decline (and I don’t believe that it’s all to do with the recent injuries alone). He should rather watch out for complacency on his side. He’s taking Wenger’s known softness on his players for granted and swimming in mediocrity.


Brilliant! _/\_


I thought Jack had a better game than a 6.5 rating. His combination play with Özil and Mkhitaryan in the first half was fucking awesome.

Mayor McCheese

I agree with the rating, actually. He was fine, but he was too easily dispossessed on several occasions.


Also thought he was quite slow to react. There were several occasions where a pass or a shot were available and he either passed backwards or took a few too many touches and lost the ball. Not overly bad per se, but as blogs says, a bit off the pace.


Agree too.

Needed to keep it simpler and moving forward.

Always Arsenal



How the fuck can anyone thumb me down!?!?

President Eckener

Using a mouse, a touchpad, clickpad, touchscreen… Maybe even voice command? I’m not totally up to date on tech these days. Getting old, I guess.


I gave you a thumbs up just to prove we’re not all pricks.

Thierry Bergkamp

Maybe they don’t agree with you.


You asked for it mate.


He played ok but look completely knackered with 30 minutes to go. After that he couldn’t keep the ball and should’ve come off.

Giroud\'s scorpion kick

Tried too much, too hard sometimes. Pushing foward doesn’t mean trying the hardest option or the impossible dribble every single time.

Thierry Bergkamp

I agree, he was more than a 6.5.


He is courageous, but slows the game, fails to spot good passing opportunities and gets disposessed in dangerous areas.


Jack was piss poor. Kept losing the ball in the center of the pitch.
But the English media and fans will rant on about how good he was

Charles Orji



I love Jack, but tbh this was his 5th or 6th game with no impact at all. Kind of unfair how he gets away with it when others in his position wouldn’t have.

Loved the result!


I just noticed Milan are 7th in the league, 25 points behind the leader.

That’s what’s great with low expectations, you get happy easilier.

(Wasn’t it great to field 12 skilled midfielders like in the good old days?)


On the flip side….media painted themselves into a bit of a box since they lavished praise on just how good this revitalised Gatusso Milan side has been of late.

Revival they said.


I think you have arseblog confused with AFTV

Vagabond Puppet

I thought we started ropey but definitely improved as the game went on, especially after the first goal. Solid performance all around if a little flat. Onwards to Watford!


10/10 winning in the blue kit!
Now let’s teach Troy Deeny a lesson on “cojones”

Thierry Bergkamp

Fuck that sloth looking prick


The only reason people have thumbed you down, that I can think of, is bcoz they love sloths and can’t bear you insulting them with Troy D


Sloths are much cuter than troy deeney


Anyone is cuter than Troy Deeney!!


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, Harry Redknapp and Mourinho are thereabouts!

The Peter Simpsons

. . . and slightly faster I believe.


Time to incorporate the new verb of “welbecking” into my everyday vocabulary


Great result. 10/10 watching Gattuso look like his brain was about to explode on the sidelines in frustration.


Almost as amusing as Chiellinis interview last night after match calling Spuds a bunch of bottlers ?


“History…you need history” and then went on to basically diss the cunts. Salute!

Always Arsenal

Sorry. But AMN looked great and played really well. But 1.5 points more than Welbz. Not having it !

Always Arsenal

Ah ……….Yes ! Oops!


Bonus rating: I love AMN 9,5/10


Another bonus rating: hearing 2,000 Arsenal fans singing and drowning out 70,000 Milan supporters grumbling!


And Xhaka didnt get a card for time wasting ??


I’d really like to believe that his shot at the end was timewasting even if that proves his brain is lacking in realising that they throw another ball in in Euro games. Arsene was not in agreement though!


Agree with Arsene though. There was no need to take a pot shot, especially the most speculative of all.

He had team mates close by and couldn’t have kept the movement going, helped work the ball forward and maybe result in a goal.

It’s very rare that a shot from distance works, especially the way he struck it which was also pretty poor.

We know he has good range, we’ve seen it, but in these games at 2-0 up, you need to in those scenarios, retain as much of the possession you can


Agreed. 2-0 down, you go for that speculator every time. Not 2-0 up!


Bonus rating: 10/10 watching an Italian side get annoyed by cynical time wasting


Haha was gonna say that. If they were 2-0 up I may have put a boot through my tv due to the frustration of their time wasting. Fuck em!


Completely with you there mate – the greater the level of hypocrisy in your support the more satisfying the victory i say, and i was spouting levels normally only reserved for religious ideologies and political parties. Having already decided the outcome of this match in my head way in advance i was in a shit mood to begin with and with the usual targets of my frustration now walking onto the pitch requiring my support the only thing left to do was to describe with great prejudice and detail to the missus what a bunch of cunts this Milan side… Read more »

David C

They were diving quite a lot too. Glad the ref didn’t fall for it. How did Rambo get a yellow for winning the ball?


He won the ball… but ended up having the guy kick into his exposed studs. Wasn’t yellow for me but thought that was why.

I really felt the fight in the team coming from Ramsey… and i liked it

A Different George

I thought it was a foul; harsh for a yellow, but not ridiculous. Generally, well-officiated match (yes, there were mistakes, just like the players).


Shout for Danny who scared the shit out of them particularly in the first half and his work rate was fantastic both defensively and attacking. As the last man standing of our forwards and in such an important game well done lad. Over all its a 10/10 team performance.


Welbz is not very good at football.


Otherwise, he’s got it all.


10/10 for Ozil finger pointing particularly in the first half, channelling his inner Flamini.

2G Gunner

Milan were a bit divey! They must have been watching Sp*rs. Didn’t like that.
Lovely result mind…


Apart from that potential penalty in the first half


Not really. If they dived, they would’ve had a penalty.


Xhaka looked so much better against a team from a league with hardly any pace, even Chambers was keeping up with the runners.


That is something to keep in mind. Milan are not very good. They have not been for a while. But then again, neither are Brighton and they destroyed us. So let’s hope we can keep some semblance of form for the next game and beat Watford. Even though a result in the league means fuck all at this stage.


Cant really decide who the MotM was, but I’d go with Özil. That second assist was pure class


The BBC go with Mkhitaryan. I think I’d agree. All round effort, even if he’s not quite back to his best passing and crossing, he was always there defending when needed.


Ozil, Mkhi, Ramsey, Kos – that’s the beauty of an all around better team performance!

Petits Handbag

That was always going to be an easy win. The Italian league is a joke right now and to be knocked out by any side in the Italian league would be highly embarrassing. Any team that could lose should be rightly Kaned for being so Dier. NORTH LONDON IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE RED

Thierry Bergkamp

Calm down, it’s one win and half time against a team from a “joke league”

Giroud\'s scorpion kick

The poor clearance from Chambers near the side line that landed like a yard away onto some Milan’s cunt who readily passed it to another cunt who almost scored. Definitively not a 6. Still rusty, not Welbeck rusty but still.

Ooooh Santi Cazooooorla

GX did have a very good game tonight. However I think there should be some strong praise for Chambers, Hulk and Welbz. All 3 have either been average but actually did a good job. I think Welbz is crap as a goal scorer but he was a threat and a team player tonight. Well done all #COYG


I don’t think Ozil can do less off the ball, he always lets his player play the pass securely and with ease, so much so they get to pick the best pass and go through our lines and counter. Luckily Milan weren’t great but it was obvious against City with Wilshere shouting at him as to why he cant sprint a yard to force a pass that isnt as easy. He need to be a bit better and cut an angle at least.


Much better ratings Blogs and a more balanced assessment. 1) Ospina – Still makes me nervous when coming out for crosses but he did well. Came out strong and cleared Mustaphi out of the way which is what you have to do regardless to get to the ball when you commit. Fantastic proactive clearance for the dangerous situation close to end of second half. 2) Calum – Still prefer a bit of pace on our right flank. We did not seem to have much width without Bellerin. Having said that Chambers performed well today with maturity and covered his Cbacks… Read more »

A Different George

Even when I agree with what you’re saying, I am always a little annoyed (actually a lot annoyed) that I have found myself on Santoriblog. How about just assessing one or two players a match?


Agree with points #3,7, 13, 14.
Just kidding Santori …couldn’t be bothered to read your blog post


BLOG, isn’t it. For more relaxing times for Arseblog readers, redirect for Santori time to Yes?


For the most part I think your points are sensible but there is one bizarre comment about Welbeck:

“One good pass that found Mhki (Somewhat fortuitously)”

What on earth was fortuitous about that? He played an almost perfect through ball that was headed straight into his path. The defender did very well to get a foot to it but such was the pace on the pass that he couldn’t do much more than divert it slightly. Just the fact that someone got a touch on it doesn’t make it lucky.

Yankee Gooner

If you listen to some classic Arsecasts, you can get a squarespace promo code to start your own blog, otherwise you’re going to have to start chipping in to cover bandwidth.




Mate why dont you us anothe nickname like New Adam, Prince of Persia or Lisa Ann?


Today showed that if we are given time on the ball and not hurried, we can execute things with composure, but I doubt this result would change anything about us in the league. Dont get me wrong, I am really happy that we won and we might win europa because of the lack of english (high pressure off the ball) teams left in it but that should not warrant Wenger getting to stay…or a contract extension. Hope we win the cup. COYG!


Holy shit. Did we just win a game where we actually played well?


That first three minutes was frightening. We always seem to take a while to figure out the game has started. But there was some very sharp passing from the men in those attractive blue kits. And for once we managed the game in the second half. (But may I ask why Mustafi repeatedly gets caught so far upfield when we’re winning the game? Isn’t he, like, a center back or something defensive?) Milan won’t be that bad next week, so this tie is not over. I hope Kolasinac’s injury isn’t bad; this was his best game in a while. AMN… Read more »

Wendy Agnew

Hate the blue kits!! We are red half of London not blue ffs!!!!

Johnny Gooner

I liked the bit where the ref was repeatedly trying to make eyecontact with Xhaka, who wanted nothing else but to stare at the Milan player he was trying to pick a fight with. Also, extra points for Gattuso damn near bursting a vein, he really was livid. Made me fondly remember that time he headbutted that baldy sp*ds fella. Good times.


Thought the score on Ospina was a little low. Except for one scary moment he was excellent.


Have had a pretty shite day today but this put a smile on my face.

That first Ozil assist was art.


Olivije Žirod

I disagree that we were that good or in other words I think our performance was not much better than the City or Brighton ones. There were two big differences today. One was Milan. They didn’t press us high, they didn’t put a man between our CB who would dismantle them, they didn’t press our midfield which let us to bring the ball forward into their final third without any trouble. We know we are dangerous when we get there. They are also fairly a slow team. The second thing was that we didn’t concede first. We were lucky at… Read more »


Agree that people are underestimating Welbeck’s contribution today. His running and harrying made space for our midfield, and he made some very positive contributions with the ball, too.
But we were definitely playing a lot better than against City or Brighton — more positive play, crisper and (I would guess) generally more accurate passing, more solid in defence. We did make some mistakes, in particular our passing is still not accurate enough, and we might not have beaten City still, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as dispiriting.


Why not give Sir Mo a go as our striker if running and harrying is what it takes to play that position? No doubt it would be an upgrade on the running and stamina.


Welbeck does it much better. Lots of power and pace and agility


Agree about Welbeck


More of that please, lads.

Olivije Žirod

Did Xhaka said come on F*ck off to Wenger or Ramsey?

Giroud\'s scorpion kick

When he finished the play with a shot to row 35 instead of keeping the damn possesion? Yes, he seemed to say something like that to Arsene, who jumped off the bench to give him a whack. Arsene probably said something like “you’re disloyal to your club”.


After he took that long shoot, right.


Harsh on wilshere who played very well in front of Xhaka and Ramsey. Very generous with Xhaka and Mustafi. We really need a top class defender.


But why oh why is JW so slow on the ball, often has the ball nicked off his feet, or falls over when robbed of the ball.. Like the player but very frustrating at times.


It seems My psychic readings got muddled (I predicted 2-0 to Milan). I am very glad I was wrong. Much better. Why can’t we play like this more consistently?

NY Gooner

When Wenger says he has two “world class keepers”, I have to wonder what he’s smoking when it comes to Ospina. Aside from his questionable judgement at times, show me a world class keeper that can’t get a goal kick past midfield. I’ve seen high school girls with stronger goal kicks. It puts the team under pressure every time. Granted Ospina is not a bad keeper overall, but world class? No.

Olivije Žirod

His goalkicks were directed to Chambers as he was the only one in our team capable of getting an aerial duel. That is why they were short.

A Different George

Well, he is Colombia’s keeper and they managed to qualify for the World Cup despite having to play Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc., so he is world class in that sense at least. Could he be the first-choice keeper for most of the countries that qualified? Sure, including England, though Hart can kick it further. (Not Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, or maybe Brazil.) Clubs? Well, I’m not sure he couldn’t play for Barca.


I thought Mkhi was great today especially in the 1st half. He really put in a shift and I thought this was his best game for us. He worked hard and didn’t shy away from tracking back. More games like this please.

Merlin\'s Panini

That was more like it. If we can carry on this form maybe we can make something of this season. It may just be a one off but pleasing to see the team looking like they give a shit.

Wendy Agnew

Don’t dare blame Jack!!


A win is a win, but that was the worst Milan team I’ve ever seen. No pace, anywhere, slow to press, no midfield, terrible technique, powder puff up front. Defending was woeful at times.

I don;t think Arsenal played that well either. Defence was crap, distribution from the back was laughable at times, misplaced passes everwhere. I think the problems are endemic, Arsenal will win the odd game but lose plenty with this awful squad.


Fuck yes. WTF was that ??
Rambo was very good and we were awesome as unit. The French ref was 10/10 for not minding a physical game. AW 10/10 sideline. Spock death stare on Xhaka a highlight …


MY ARSENAL! MY lovely loooovely Arsenal!

Does anyone STILL think that we won’t win the Europa? For some reason, Europa reminds me of THAT legendary UCL Final run 12 years back. But unlike that season, our pedigree – better than the rest but not the best…yet – in this UCL lite version will propel us to glory, ye dig?

And mark my words, Lacazette will steal the show in his homeground…..oooook ook. I shall calm down and be pragmatic and blah blah blah now. Whatever. Hmph.


A game of fallen giants. Glad we haven’t fallen as far as them. Hopefully this will be a driving force for us for the rest of the season.


Really don’t care about this win. Please Wenger leave in the summer, we’re awful and will be next season with you here.

Craig Hale

I think it’s a shame little Eddie didn’t get a run out. I was pretty disappointed with welbeck. Can’t wait till laca comes back. He’d definitely have finished that one on one that welbeck passed to the keeper. Also I’m aware that ozil is an attacking player but he needs to put a little effort in getting the ball back on the high press he literally just watched people run right past Him and did nothing to try and stop them at all

Sean Juba

I thought welbeck played well and worked hard – held the line, good passing and tracked back. Would have loved it if he got a goal. He’s what they used to say is an ‘honest footballer’. I’m not going to say anything negative as we won and it was a good team performance all round. I don’t care how shit Milan may be. We won. Away. Scored two goals

Charles Orji

Dude, you guys are so kind to Wilshire in your rating. He lagged behind a little..? Dude, he was like a lame passenger in a heated bus throughout the first half. Though he picked up on his pace, commitment, passion and work rate during the second half, but by then I was already rueing for him to be substituted with (perhaps Enini).

Neil Parkinson

Have to say my favourite part of the game, apart from the performance, was the 25 minutes it took Ozil to slowly walk of the pitch when he was subbed. Class! 🙂

The ghost of Peter Storey

Don’t get too exited. It was only Milan. It’s not as if they’re Brighton.


I think welbeck deserved a bit more for the contribution he gave, if only he wasn’t so poor at scoring he’d be up there