Ramsey: Europa League is a massive opportunity


Arsenal’s only remaining chance of silverware this season lies with the Europa League, and should we go all the way it would become only the third European trophy in our history.

The Gunners won the Fairs Cup in 1970, and the Cup Winners Cup in 1994, but since then have lost two continental finals including the Champions League to Barcelona in 2006.

And not only does the Europa League mean tangible success, it also provides a backdoor into next season’s Champions League, so there’s a lot to play for.

That was something acknowledged by Aaron Ramsey in the build-up to tomorrow night’s second-leg clash with AC Milan, with the Welshman hammering home how crucial it is for what’s left of this campaign.

“It’s a massive opportunity for us,” he said, “so that’s something that we’re going to have to be prepared to give absolutely everything for to try and achieve.

“This game is very important for us and for our season. I think we’re into a stage then where anything is possible. You’re a few games away from a potential final.

“We’ll be giving everything tomorrow to make sure that we’re in the hat for the next round.”

And even with two away goals, there’s no danger of underestimating our illustrious opposition.

“I think that they’re a quality team,” he continued. “We’ve seen in the first game how good they are. It was quite a tight game even though we came away with a 2-0 victory.

“They’ve turned a corner as well with their new manager, so they’re on a bit of a good run and it’s going to be important for us to stay focused from the beginning.

“We can’t take this one lightly at all.”

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That last line sounds ominous as fuck when you think about how they’ve talked about taking games seriously before…

You can just never breathe easy with this team. I’m used to it now.


Completely. As I read it, the thoughts of ‘hmmm, foreboding’ came to mind. Good, yet sad, to see I”m not the only one.


It’s 3 finals, no? Zaragoza and Galatasaray, plus Barca….


Thumbed you down because unfortunately you’re correct.


Hope the team is pumped. We have a good chance of the final, then we’ll see, but not holding my breath yet.

If they really want to get rid of Arsene a win could do it… (though I know it may encourage him to stay).

Parlour\'s Pay Packet
Parlour\'s Pay Packet

I wonder if winning the Europa League would help us with our demons in the Champions League.


To be honest watching Barca destroy Chelsea tonight I simply don’t think we’re good enough to win the champion’s league

Chelsea played quite well but Barca are so deadly going forward


Sneaking into Champions league next year is nearly as attractive as the trophy itself. You get the extra money, the attraction for possible transfer targets including managers and I would love to see 4th place team knocked out by it.

Sheffield Gooner

Don’t think that happens. Weren’t there 5 in it this year after Manure’s win?

Voice of Reason

We’ve actually lost our last 3 European finals. A win would be long overdue!


Not to be pedantic, but since 1994, we have lost 3 European finals, 1995 CWC, 2000 UEFA Cup, and Paris… 4 if you include the super cup…

Evang. Simon

Jesus is Lord….

The Welshman have spoken and so shall it be…



Shouldn’t take any game lightly. That’s been our problem far to often

Glasgow Gooner

I’m hoping that winning this game will be another morale boost for the club and all associated with it. That’s us.

Mustafi’s Inner Calamity
Mustafi’s Inner Calamity

Sign him up !!


Now don’t go bombarding on every opportunity Aaron