Video: Arsene Wenger post-Brighton press conference


Arsene Wenger spoke to the press following the 2-1 defeat to Brighton, giving his reaction the defeat but still insisting he’s the man who can turn things around.

Here’s what he had to say.

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Jimmy jump


Twisted cuntloks

He knows he is finished you can see it. The players want him out.
The emperor has no clothes.

Twisted cuntloks

‘I’m long enough in the job to know what’s going on’

The Loon Ranger

The important thing to remember is that Arsene is NOT Arsenal, even though he thinks he is. WE are the Arsenal and we were here before he came and we’ll be here long after he’s gone. The shame is that he’s spoilt the fond memories I had of him

Twisted cuntloks



The Loon Ranger


Twisted cuntloks



Fuck’m all, fuck’m all

Chippys chip

United west ham liverpool


@the loon ranger. I think what you said has some truth to it. He talks about his commitment to arsenal so much I think he believes his own rhetoric. When leaders have absolute power they begin to believe in their own myth. He seems to talk about arsenals interests as if they are synonymous with his own. They’re not. He is not arsenal. I really think he is losing the plot and he doesn’t just need a push out of the club, he needs dragging kicking and screaming. It’s over. It has been for years. He is wasting these players careers, our money and damaging the reputation of the club all for himself and he talks as if he has the clubs interests at heart. If you did how could you pass up Guardiola or Klopp when they were available? I really am starting to believe he is deranged.


I don’t see how you can come up with that statement. The players are just as much to blame as the manager. Yes, as manager Wenger is responsible for the abysmal displays this season but I’m fairly certain this is not down to tactics and it is not fixed simply by replacing Wenger – if he goes at the end of the season, so be it, but I believe his heart is in the game and in The Arsenal, so he’ll do his best until the last day. All of this pointing fingers does no good and I’m pretty certain it brings the players’ morale down. We’re all tired of the old “mental sharpness” line but all things being equal, it does make the difference – and when you’re in a pit it takes a bit of effort to come out and it doesn’t happen at the snap of your fingers. If you’ve ever felt burnt out you know there’s times when you’re not going to be delivering at the best of your abilities. Shit happens and then things get better. Think of Arsenal as the team of human beings as it is, not their video game counterparts – the “they’ve got a rating of 90+, surely they have to deliver” attitude.

There’s so much negativity around here I’m barely reading the comments of late and I’m guessing I’m not the only one – and this boils down to more negativity being thrown around. Nobody’s happy about the situation but I’m fairly certain the people who can do something about it, namely everyone AT Arsenal, are doing their best.

Your Wenger out statements help no one at this point. He *will* go if things keep going like this, there’s no point making this the sole point of discussion in Arsenal matters. And if, heaven forbid, any Arsenal player reads this, keep going mate.


But it’s not getting better… wake up FFS!!


Well, he apparently either has a shirt or pants, though I’m not certain he knows how to put them on.


One of the best managers of the PL era.

Also one of the worst.


Enough is enough!!!
It’s time to go Mr Wenger


The board need to show some mercy on him and free him from his waking nightmare 🙁

Sad to see this long drawn out ending


People keep saying hes broken, i don’t see it. He genuinely doesn’t seem to believe he’s doing a bad job or even accept how badly things are going. I think he believes his own excuses, i also reckon to people who know so little about football like the Kronke’s his excuses and endless mentioning of all these intangibles probably sound like sense. Like a politician hes probably convinced them that hes all knowing spinning this bullshit and thats why they’re so hesitant to sack him.


This is just sad now. Please, Kroenke, put him – and us – out of this misery.


This is becoming like a retirement home for an old man scared to live without football, not a football club. Embarrassing.

I hope his apologist for the last 6 years, including this site owners feel ashamed and apologise to those who saw this man as he is, a selfish old man who put his interests above our great club.

Arsene IS the problem


Just once I want to see Wenger pissed off after a loss like this. I know nobody wants to fire him in the middle of the season, but there will be far more permanent damage than just finishing out of the top 4 again if things don’t turn around quickly as players are not going to want to sign with us unless there is clear evidence changes are being made starting with the manager.


What did learn from that? the Arsenal press officer can’t close a bloody press conference!




Arsene you said you have come back from this before, No you haven’t.


Indeed. You’ve got steadily worse from this before and it’s still going on.

Jimmy jump

He’s not going to go. He really thinks he’s the one to lead us back to the top. This is, to put it bluntly, insanity. He clearly is hallucinating. TBH the signs of this have been apparent for awhile. What club with aspirations of a place at the elite table have had a goalkeeper as bad as Almunia? That was 2007. This situation didn’t happen overnight


Fuck. I’ve had five beers but I think I’ll need five more before I can watch this.


Time (overdue) for an ultimatum from the board: Arsene, we didn’t want to have to sack you, but fall on your sword now or you’re fired. Fat chance, I know.


Board needs to discuss a severance package with him. No one wants to give up a £9 million a year job and if he gets sacked they’ll have to pay compo regardless.

If the severance includes statue and ambassador role he might take it.


Knowing the fact that we wont be having a managerial change midway
He has to turn around the things asap
One thing that I criticise is He treats players like 4 year olds
Comon mahn . Give them a bashing. Bench them. Make them earn their money and not just collect heaps of pounds for strolling in the park


Sad fact is they earn the same sitting on the bench.

Elu alaekwe

Wonder why arsenal players who leave the club don’t do so well…..Hleb, Sanogo, Song etc?.They carried their mediocre attitude to their new clubs thinking every manager was like Wenger. Did you observe that Ox chamberlain had changed attitude at Liverpool, while Sanchez at Man U still thinks he was playing for Arsenal until Jose pulled him out, an abomination at Arsenal. It is not a show of love not to spank your kids when the misbehave, it is called weakness. Wenger is weak and every of his player past and present knows that. They play when and how they want because they know there will be NO Consequences.


I keep watching these things hoping for him to announce he’s leaving but like his players performances, he continually let’s me down. Hard to say which one of those disappoints me more.

Wyn Mills

Wenger, you’re more fucking animated in your interviews than on the pitch.


In the old days he used to throw his water bottle. He doesn’t even do that anymore.

Elu alaekwe

That’s because he prepares better for interviews than he does for matches. Have you ever seen him miss any interview? Win or loose Wenger will always appear at the press conference, to pontificate, mr professor.

Desi Gunner

“Nothing is permanent,” he says. I wish that was true.


I started watching this and thought, here we go, Wenger Bingo. But by the end, I just felt sad. He is a decent man and you can see that he has lost the dressing room and he is hurting. The trouble is, he believes he can still get us out of this mess, but that clearly is no longer possible, bar a miracle. Truly sad that it has come to this.

A Different George

My impression is that he has lost the dressing room in the same way that he has lost many Arsenal supporters. The players like him and respect him; many came to Arsenal specifically because he was the manager. But, whatever the cause of the problems, they don’t believe he is now able to solve them.


I’m not sure he does believe he can turn things around any more, not really – he says it, but you can tell from his body language that deep down he knows the game is up. I expect there’s a part of him might even be hoping the Board would have the guts to put him out of his misery.


Wenger is confident in halting the crisis that the club is suffering.
A crisis that he himself created.
Everything is lost on him. Everything.

Glasgow Gooner

He seems confident to me. No uncertainty for him. He intends to prepare for the next game until the last day of his contract.


It’s so depressing, I couldn’t watch the whole thing.


I doubt we sack Wenger mid season but it’s become obvious he has lost the fans and the players now as evidenced by how little fight this team is putting up and the leaks from the dressing room about how the players don’t believe Wenger and the coaches are capable of giving them the direction they need. People are still talking about what happens if we win the Europa league – this is a much stronger field than Man U had to face and given current form that’s a total pipe dream. We’ll be lucky if we even get out of Milan still in the tie. I don’t know if the answer is simply the board allows this season to totally implode to get to the point where its even obvious to Wenger that time is up but we’re reaching the point where it’s hard to believe things will get markedly worse even if we replace him with an interim for the rest of the season.


Win the Europa = Wenger stays = Yet another pathetic hiding in the Champions league. And it goes on and on……


You needn’t worry about that kas. We are not winning the Europa league, or possibly even another game this season.


I don’t even know what that whole naked trousers comment even meant?

Goonasauras Rexeloid

Basically the players are at their lowest, you can’t take anything more away from them, kind of ‘dont kick a man when he’s down, give him a hand up’

Gunner Matt

Such a big night on Thursday. Wenger has to stick with players that have been out of form and out of touch with each other. The rabbit in the headlights syndrome faces us once more inside the San Siro. This is the problem when you keep a giant defender like BFG in the squad and not understand he has nothing much left to give and not replace him with a similar player. We need a giant defender in this game and what we have are all performing under average. Gabriel for me is a much better defender than Mustafi and proving that with Valencia, where Coquelin has been back to his best as we watch Xhaka be consistent at being useless. Perhaps we should gamble on Mavropanos with the knowledge he cannot be any worse than Mustafi. It is not wise to make that gamble on a young player in such a big match I know but he could of been selected today. Like this whole season I cant see many surprises in the opening line up but that looks likely to mean a slow start and AC Milan winning comfortable by 2 or more goals; so some change must happen but wont.


This is like throwing a sausage into a tunnel to try and satisfy the deranged Mr Wenger !! It’s not ever going to happen. The man is living in Islington lighthouse believing he’s going to save us all from the impending eventuality of the P45.


I’ve been with the “Wenger out” crowd but with the proviso that he be relieved after the season ends. Now I want him out now, and have Steve Bould step up as caretaker manager. We can start working on getting a full-time replacement immediately.


Bouldy should be ashamed. If he had any integrity he would resign. How can one with such a pedigree in defence continue in this vane.


Not altogether sure that Bouldie has been given the green light by AW to have that much influence – if any – on how the team is set up. If that were the case, you would expect SB to implement all that he learnt under George Graham and we would see an immediate change in the way the defence behave for a start. I don’t think Bould has any more say than you and I. Arsene is stubborn if nothing else. It’s his way, end of.


Another bland, anodyne post-match interview where Wenger speaks a lot but actually says nothing meaningful.

He’s finished now, even the most blind, most stupid fans can see it. I would like to hear tomorrow that Wenger was called up to the boardroom and immediately sacked without any hesitation. But I fear that this farce will be allowed to run on until the end of the season. The useless Kroenke family appear to be incapable of making a quick, decisive decision.

I actually feel sorry for Wenger now. He has been hung out to dry and left to take all this flack. But Wenger isn’t actually the problem at Arsenal: the real problem is the Kroenke family, the Board and the other people allegedly running Arsenal Football Club. They are a fucking disgrace. As far back as 2010, it was obvious that the club was going backwards under Wenger, and that change was needed. But nothing was done. Wenger was simply left to manage his mistakes.

Last season, when Arsenal finished 18 points behind the Champions, Chelsea, and outside the top four, Stan Kroenke had a very simple decision to make. Arsene Wenger was out of contract and the club were going backwards. Wenger should have been given his gold watch and sent packing into retirement. Instead, outrageously, the club offered him a new two-year deal. The greedy, sad old fool accepted it. We are now paying the price for that bonkers piece of mismanagement.

In the worlds of business and sport, if you fail to deal with incompetent managers then you will soon find yourself in big trouble: that is where we are now. Stan’s “hands off” approach has brought us to this ridiculous situation. We are now a laughing stock: a massive, global sporting business owned by an ignorant American and run by a deluded, stubborn old fool who has completely lost the plot.

What happens now? Like I said, what needs to happen NOW is for Wenger to be dismissed and an interim boss to brought in until the end of the season. Wenger’s continued presence will simply damage the club further, and will make the next permanent manager’s job even harder. Wenger is a poison which is eating away at the innards of Arsenal Football Club. He has to go – NOW. Steve Bould can look after the team until the summer, when a new permanent boss can be appointed.

According to the media, Joachim Löw is the favourite to be the new Arsenal boss. I don’t want him. Yes, he won the world cup, but his club career is very average. I would prefer us to go for Diego Simeone, or Antonio Conte. We need a young, fortysomething boss who’s done it in the CL and who will be around for years, building a world-class team. Other names are possible too, but that’s the criteria.

Either way, it’s time for a change. Enough is enough.


The useless Kroenke family doesn’t have to make any decision–as long as the money keeps rolling in.


Yes but surely in the long term coupled with our consistent form of going backwards, it will effect our club financially. How much longer can our fans pay top dollar to watch a mid table team. How much longer can we attract the top dollar from sponsors and attract top players etc.

Yolo Toure

I struggle to buy into this narrative that he’s a selfish / stubborn manager who is only concerned about himself. Some people on here comment as though they think he’s purposely gone about wrecking the club & team.

Honestly, breaks my heart to Arsene have to go through this. I totally accept he’s been at fault for a lot of what’s gone on with the team in recent seasons, and that he should go, but he’s well & truly been hung out to dry by the club. Actually you could say he is stubborn, stubborn in the sense that he’ll never come out say bad things about the board because he believes in a united front.

Goona go mad

Culture at the club is terrible. Owners don’t have team performance expectations and AW has too big an influence behind the scenes. Players aren’t pressured into performing well as AW is too easy on them. If Board pressured AW to get results performances would be different. Could you imagine Fergie with our lot?


It’s hard to see wenger still defending his players he won’t ever throw them under the bus. This season has been littered with mistakes and poor effort from all over the pitch right from the start. Our midfield is mainly made up of physically weak but attacking players who are easy to brush aside and don’t like to be involved in a dirty dog fight. Our defence is slow and showing it’s age and these run of games have messed them up.
As much as wenger is to blame it can’t be right that fans feel he’s lost the dressing room or players are downing tools and not giving their all for our club. Maybe there just not good enough or our weaknesses have been sussed. I mean he bought them to the club and they should be fighting there arse off for every minute of every game, clearly they don’t, so Wenger must leave at the end of the season but so should many from this group of players who clearly are not upto taking our much loved club forward.


I agree on your points but one small thing about our defence. How can we be so short sighted selling both Coq and Gabriel. Those 2 were our most tenacious players. Something that I feel we really need now.




We have the ghost of a legend sitting on the bench. Such an unbelievable shame.

Robins Boost

Ok that’s it. I have found the solution to our problems.
We need to change the ATMOSPHERE and MENTALITY in the club.
I have the solution.
We need to hire 3 people to join the coaching team for the job: Roy Keane, Robbie Savage and Joey Barton, and call them the ‘TacklesTrio’
Their primary task is to add intensity and terror and fear to our players.

1) Serious in Training: They will be given licence to launch into full scale flying tackles to any players found screwing around in training.

2) Concentration Level: improve concentration level of players by putting a fish tank with 1 gold fish. The players will stare at the gold fish and follow it around for 2 hours each day after training. Anyone found wandering off/dreaming/ screwing around will be subject to treatment from TacklesTrio

3) in-game performance: review our game after each match. Any player found lacking in concentration/ effort/ defensive solidity/ purposeful off-the-ball-movement/ tracking back will be called line up in training on Monday, and be subjected to 1-3 tackles by TacklesTrio depending on severity.

4) Quarterly Review: to find a balance on injury and showing our players that we’re not kidding, select 1 worst performer each quarter to stand in the centre circle in training, and subjected to concurrent flying tackles from TacklesTrio.

5) End of Season Review: we’ll need to bring in an ‘external consultant’ on a 1-off contract basis. For the worst 3 players of the season, he’ll have to subject his wife/ gf to a lunch date with Ryan Giggs, followed by dinner date with John Terry.

If the 3 players for some reason are still at the club come the next season, their debt will be recorded. refer to (4), which will be carried out 1 day before they head off with their national teams for world cup/ european cup competitions.

Robins Boost

oh yes, forgot to add that Xhaka will be the 1st call-up to (3) on the 1st day to show the players what this is all about, and because of his accumulated offences.