Video: Brighton 2-1 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


Arsenal lost for the eighth time in 2018 today, going down 2-1 to Brighton in what was another dismal away day – that’s our eighth defeat on the road this season.

Here are the ‘on the whistle’ thoughts of James from @gunnerblog

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Sad gooner

What a bunch of turds


After the game, my dad (he doesn’t follow football much) looked at me with genuine concern in his eyes and proceeded to ask me “Son, why do you punish yourself like this persistently? Can you not start supporting some other team?”.
I couldn’t even think of an appropriate answer to his question.

The Loon Ranger

I’m a granddad any my son and both grandsons are gooners. Insanity doesn’t just run in my family it bloody gallops


And my 5 year old son can’t understand why i support a team that loses all the time.

Glasgow Gooner

My Mrs thinks the same


The exact same thing happened to me!
My dad isn’t much of a football fan and since I am not a Londoner, he asked me why I couldn’t support City ?
Alas, the heart loves what it loves.


I would of said, Fuck Off Bollox Your A C…

Fireman Sam

All clubs go through a rough patch. Sucks when it’s our club though. We still support the Arsenal, however mental the manager might be…the longer this shite goes on the more pain we have to endure, but endure we will, and we will come back from this with a new manager and new energy, wether it’s 2018 or 2019. COYG.


What’s next?


I like how calm and considered you are James; we’re not even surprised by defeat any more – that’s how bad it’s got…

If (when) we get hammered over two legs against AC Milan, that has to be the time to make the change. If we don’t, the rest of the season is going to be an agonising death spiral. If we can get someone new in then at least we can see if they can get a bit more out of this crock of over-paid, under-achieving ‘talent’. And if they can’t then they can start to make plans for the complete squad overhaul we need.

PS. I’d be playing El Neny. He is tidy on the ball and right now, we just can’t keep hold of it at all, so that wouldn’t be a bad skill to bring back into the team.

Glasgow Gooner

Feels like everytime we get pumped, we hand some kind of historical record to the opposition.

This is truly awful. Roll on next season.


You’re a nicer guy than me, James. I really don’t care about the glorious send off anymore. If we won it, I’m sure he’d stay.

Paulo Cuntchops

Why can’t we get an interim manager in to see us through until the end of the season? As much as I hate to use them as an example, Chelsea have before with Gus Hiddink and it worked for them. We desperately need change NOW!!

Boring Arsenal

Arsenal are just boring. I don’t bother much anymore. The football is aimless, the “crisis” is so familiar there isn’t even train-wreck appeal. It’s like when you go to an old favourite restaurant and the kitchen has changed and the food is bland and greasy. Still an expensive restaurant, mind…

Wyn Mills

Why are none of these 3 cuntss up on their feet shouting at the players?

Pep, Klopp, Conte, Pochettino, Mourinho, Wenger. Spot the difference.


true dat.