Wenger on the trauma of defeat, not sleeping & abuse


In a wide-ranging interview with Sky Sports due to be broadcast ahead of Sunday’s game with Watford, Arsene Wenger has discussed the toll that Arsenal’s recent poor form has taken on him personally.

Having experienced his first ever FA Cup third round exit, a third League Cup final defeat and seen his side fall adrift of the five sides above them in the Premier League table, the Frenchman has been under intense scrutiny since the start of the year.

Whether he survives to see out his current contract – due to end in the summer of 2019 – remains to be seen, but in the meantime, the 68-year-old insists that he’s as focused as ever on the job at hand and drawing on his experience to survive the current maelstrom.

“[It is] difficult because I want to do well for the club,” Wenger explained.

“I want to do well for the fans and want them to go home happy and when I can’t give them that satisfaction I’m unhappy of course. First of all, I dedicated my whole life to winning football matches so when I lose I’m in disastrous shape.”

The boss went on to explain that the mental trauma of defeat takes its toll in many ways, including a loss of sleep.

“Every manager will tell you that. When you don’t get the results, the first thing affected is the mood and the lack of sleep and the desire to find solutions.

“Overall it’s part of the job. When you’re a young manager, you dream of taking a job and winning every game but it’s not that. It is about surviving through disappointments, finding solutions and that’s interesting as well because it can make you a better manager to face a crisis.”

In a world where defeat and disappointment are increasingly met with visceral anger, in part exacerbated by the rise of social media, the ability to maintain perspective has been key for Wenger. Despite the pointed nature of the criticism he receives, sometimes directed at him by former players and often by frustrated fans, the boss says he doesn’t take it personally.

“Honestly I can take a distance with that because it’s not the person they hate, they hate the manager who doesn’t deliver performance,” he said.

“I can make the difference but I’m just unhappy that we lose games. I want to win. My whole life is guided towards that. I want to win with style, so it’s very ambitious and when we don’t do it I suffer like everyone else.

“But what is taken into account is Arsenal today is 30 million people – it’s not the suffering of one person. You want to make 30 million people happy and that’s what you care about.”

He went on: “I have people around me – people should not think that Arsenal Football Club is just me – I have a huge staff around me.

“The difference between when I arrived and today is that I now have a staff around me of maybe 20 people who I talk with, I ask their opinion and after I make the decision of course.

“But I’m surrounded by very talented people who dedicate their life to Arsenal Football Club. But, at the end of the day, I have to stand up for what is important for the club and that mean the results and the way we play football.”

Variously labelled a professor, educator and idealist during his 21-year tenure at the club (as well as some far worse things) Wenger, in full-philosopher mode, still argues that football should not be all about winning and losing despite the influx of cash into the modern game.

Responding to the fact he still has support from many neutrals, he said: “I’m very thankful for that – that I have some respect in the game!

“I think that despite all that, football, the modern game has gone to money. But football for me is first about values so if I can leave behind me that fact that it’s as well that.

“Maybe, somewhere, people who respect a little bit that Arsenal is about winning or losing of course, it’s vital – but it’s also about what’s important in the game, what is important in football.

“My regret personally is that, today, that has completely gone underwater. We don’t speak about that at all now. It’s all about only the side of the game that’s important but is not essential.”

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I don’t think any sane minded person has attacked him as a person. All of us recognise the immense contribution he’s made and it’s a given.

But in life there comes a time when no matter how much you try, the results don’t come and that’s the issue everyone has a problem with. We don’t question the commitment, we question the capacity to now be able to handle the club.

The game changes a lot over 20 years and there is no shame in saying, “I’ve done the best I can.” The platform, barring Jack and Ramsey contract situation, is strong for the next manager. Let’s hope he makes the right decision.

A Different George

Everything you say makes perfect sense but, unfortunately, many have indeed attacked him as a person. I don’t think you will have to look far, even on this site, to find comments that are far over-the-top, hate-filled, and devoid of any sense of proportion.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

This emotional tear jerker interview is nothing more than a PR exercise to try and distract from his failings.

He keeps harping on the fact that he wants to do well, but no one has accused him of not wanting to win. The accusation is of not being fit enough to lead Arsenal to where they belong – The League title (14 yrs and counting and the UCL – can’t even get the team to the QFs, let alone be a contender).

If I were Arsenal manager I would want with every fibre of my being to win, is that a good enough reason to make me the Arsenal manager? Its the same with Wenger.

No one says he doesn’t want to win, but you have to be good enough. His stubborness has robbed Arsenal of the place of where they belong. I know people will say what about 3 FA Cups. Just ask yourself, is 3 FA Cups in 5 years the end of Arsenal’s ambition?

What about the league, what abt UCL. Just look at United, they actually sacked their manager after he won the FA Cup. It amply highlights the difference in ambition and desire.

That being said, I sometimes to do wonder if Wenger is one good Transfer Window away from changing things. However I have thought that for every transfer window for the past so many seasons and there is no point waiting. I do wonder that the att is solid, what if Wenger invested in defence in the transfer window, the team would be so good.

However I have said that about a holding midfielder for nearly a decade now since Flamini left on a free after that stellar season. Oh if only Wenger signed a proper holding midfielder, oh if only Wenger signed a holding midfielder, only for transfer windows to come and go.

Wenger’s stubborness has meant that Arsenal have only 3 FA cups when Arsenal could have won so much more and been much more of a force, instead of the laughing stock that Arsenal end up being at the of most seasons.

All these cheap attempts to try and influence fans is beneath managers. Do you think David Moyes went partying when his United team lost or Van Gaal.

Managers should be judged not on how often and how much they cry when they lose, but rather on how often they lose. Wenger loses far too many games to justify being the manager of Arsenal.


He’s a bit too thrifty to close the gap and we are perennially one or two exceptional technical players shy of competitive.

BUT one again should understand the operating environment.

There’s been all this media nonsense by pundits who have never managed let alone operated in the transfer market that we panic buy late.

We buy late sometimes for a very good reason.

There are 8 teams who have money or stature beyond us and we have to wait for them to feast (commit) before swooping in for our targets.

These teams – PSG, Real, Barca, Bayern, United, City, Chelsea and Juve can outbid us on transfer and salary.

Remember the Ozil summer. Many were stupidly going on about how a 42.3m capture from a manager who is reputably one of the stingiest in market was a panic buy.


In fact it was an exceptional coup by Wenger and the ever popular Dick Law.

Remember a number of teams had requirement and spending power to capture Ozil that summer.

We had to wait the dying hours for several reasons

a) It whittled out the competition in particular as mentioned those teams with greater spending power

b) Bale’s transfer had to go through first.

One casualty of this was the Higuain move because Wenger had an eye on the Ozil target as well toward end of window and had no idea how high the spend would be on the German.

Now if you follow the media logic or some noisy fans, you would be towing the simplistic panic buy line, or clueless Wenger with no idea what he wants.

This is the problem with much of the criticism on Wenger. It is often stoked by media pundits with axe to grind who like nothing better than to see the drama of the Wenger out campaign because it sells viewership/papers.

Granted Wenger has failed to hit the promised heights and his inability to address certain crucial holes in the squad is his own doing, as Andy Gray said recently, much of the noise against him is bordering on teenage girl hystrionics.

There has been 3 FA cups delivered in the last 4 seasons. We have opportunity for a europa cup this season and a route back to top 4 for the 22nd straight season out of 23yrs Wenger has been on the helm.

A bit of perspective is necessary.


Couldn’t agree more. ..

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

A lot of your post has to do with money and Arsenal not being able to compete. In 2018 Arsenal have lost to –

Some lower division team in FA Cup
Man City (twice)

ONE of these teams has more spending power than Arsenal. If who spends more wins were true, then how do you explain the rest of the defeats on grounds of money?

Sh!t management more likely, no?

Have Liverpool and Tottenham been bought by oil tycoons when no one was looking. How do you explain them being 15 points ahead already in the season.

I am sorry but the no money argument doesn’t hold with Wenger. Wenger has lost to teams with and without oil mone in equal measure.


I don’t think Santori’s comments are excusing everything based on spending power alone, but merely that it should be considered in a balanced critical assessment (and his opening line does suggest that Wenger is at fault for being “too thrifty”). Thankfully in this sport, financial might does not inoculate a club from losing to Swansea or Bournemouth or Wigan or Watford, as all of the top six clubs have lost to financially weaker opposition this season. Alternatively, in the last 20 years of the Premier League, only Arsenal and Leicester City have won the title apart from the three wealthiest clubs of City, United, and Chelsea.


Hear hear! And only Gunners FC had won it more than once. Unlike Blackburn and that bizarre season – when Arsenal should have won like in the 07/08 season – when bleddy Leicester won! The same ‘championship’ winning team that had lost 7-3 on aggregate to us that season……😑

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

Those thumbing down this post, do continue, but after you have thumbed down the post, please explain how lack of money and not Wenger’s incompetence is responsible for the defeats to Bournemouth and the likes.

Sad gooner

The same way Man City lost to lowly Wigan. Just because you have higher spending power, it doesn’t guarantee you wins EVERY game. Liverpool and Tottenham have won the square root of fuck all in past five years. Yet they are lauded. When Wenger consistently finished top four, it was all about the tophyless run. Now that he has won 3 trophies in 4 years it’s about the league position. I don’t get this inconsistency in media scrutiny of Wenger. Let’s face it, the way both the Manchester clubs are spunking GDPs of minor countries on players we are not going to challenge for the league anytime soon. And please don’t give me the Leciester argument. That was a black swan event which is not going to happen in another 20 years or so.


So in your reckoning we are fucked for the league going forward?


Our greatest manager, incompetent?

Any argument you might have is killed with that one word.


Because that’s what happens in sport. It’s exacerbated when the manager gets no support from the owner and the waste of space CEO. It doesn’t help team when fans like you are constantly critical.


Imo the reason we lost was indirectly because of a lack of money to compete for top players. This competition with the big clubs and the fact that every league knows Prem clubs are riddled with cash makes our purchasing even harder.

And Wenger emphasizes on attack. Those players come at a premium price. He needs top quality attackers but acquiring them comes at the expense of a strong foundation, which is the holding mid. This affected our balance greatly, which has resulted in our abysmal play in both building up attacks quickly and protecting the defense.

That being said tho, Wenger has failed in one aspect in his pursuit of good attackers and that is a winger who is excellent at dribbling. He seems to favor passers/playmakers more, which makes us even harder to attack.

Too Drunk To Be Offside
Too Drunk To Be Offside

So you are basically saying that Arsenal lost because Arsenal have an excellent quality of attackers.

Who told Wenger to ignore the defence.

Tom Bush

A dribbling winger Is what I have been yearning for. We cannot continue to depend on poor crosses from Bellerin or pass our way through the middle when teams sit back to defend


Couldn’t agree more.


And that’s why Liverpool & Spuds have empty trophy cabinets


I wonder why there are never any ‘real’ experts in the media. I mean if you can oay some of these millions per year it surely can’t be the money turning away the experts. I mean the most celebrated pundit (neville) could’nt replicate his vast insights onto real world situations. Not sure why though…


The most naive of all comments. Wenger defenders are really damn desperately blind.
Are you really comparing young inexpienced Neville with veteran manager with 30 years experience


The pundits don’t get paid ~8m pa to manage Arsenal. It is the pundits job to critique Wenger, it Wenger’s job to shut them up by moving the club in the right direction in the table.
Season after season he failed to do that
At some point you could forgive because the club’s resources was affected by building a new stadium. But after the club became financially strong again the transfer window purchases barely improved


Quote@santori “We have opportunity for a europa cup this season and a route back to top 4 for the 22nd straight season out of 23yrs Wenger has been on the helm.”
A big if. IMO he won’t deliver europa cup. And season would implode. I genuinely hope I’m wrong


Perspective indeed. Top TOP comment this.


Very well made points regarding the transfer window. But as well I’d like to elaborate abit on your points about how we can do things more efficiently, but haven’t. There are 3 key areas essentially where we fall short:
1. A good scouting network, I can’t point to anyone in the squad who came as an unknown and blossomed into a world class player, Koscielny aside.
2. Wenger’s ability to coach players to surpass their potential, again only Koscielny fits that bill. If anything, most players seem to deteriorate once joining Arsenal; Lacazette, Xhaka, Kolasinac, Mustafi to name a few.
3. Players coming thru our academy. Remember the period during the stadium move? Most our young players coming thru during that period are good enough to play for our eleven, back then and even our current eleven now. FFS even Song grew to become decent.

All the above, were things Wenger did amazingly well, which we’ve grown complacent to in some sense. It was this very same modus operandi that allowed us to stand toe-to-toe with United in the late 90’s.

And when he’s not managed to reach the same heights the outcome is obvious to our performances. That said, his inability to perform at the same heights should point to his time being up, but at the same time fans should acknowledge that it was Wenger himself who pampered us with those same expectations, and in the least we should be thankful for.

With the recent shake up with the scouting team and youth set up, I believe Wenger knows his shortcomings in those areas, and he’s trying to solve them. I’m still leaning for him to go, at the current rate it doesn’t seem healthy for anyone involved, Wenger especially. But even if he leaves I’ll always be thankful and respect him for what he’s done.


You still think Ozil was a coup?? He was and is the wrong player for us to nail our colours to


Wow arsenal fans piss me off. We get one good win against a Milan side who frankly didn’t turn up and suddenly ‘perspective’, a Wengerism that has been ridiculed for the last few weeks on here, is needed. Suddenly a 2-0 lead in the first leg in a Europa league round of 16 game is enough to redeem our whole season? the last 5 seasons? We’re closer to Bournemouth in 12th than we are to 4th and have been on a steady decline for years but any criticism of Wenger is just fans being manipulated by pundits with an axe to grind? We show the same weaknesses year in year out and it’s because the transfer markets a bit difficult? We’ve got a team full of very good players, if you think they’ve been performing at or above the level they should consistently for the last few years then you’ve been watching a different team than I have. Honestly this team drives me up the wall enough, but my fellow fans probably make following them even more maddening.


If it wasn’t for Arsene Wenger I suspect you wouldn’t even support Arsenal, so go do one.



Twisted cuntloks

‘I think that despite all that, football, the modern game has gone to money. But football for me is first about values so if I can leave behind me that fact that it’s as well that’

I don’t quite believe this. If this was his belief why has he trousered some 100m from us over the past 10+ years?

He doesn’t need the money so if he was mostly interested in values why doesn’t he say to the club he ‘loves’ I will take a pay cut to help bring in another world class player?

I really don’t like these staged interviews trying win over the supporters hearts and minds. He should leave in the summer because what will come next season when he fails again (and he will) will dwarf what he has experienced so far.

Does he really want it to go that far? being truly hated with little respect for his achievements of 15 years ago?

He’ d be a fool to stay…


There may come a time that we miss Arsene, who must be aware that once he leaves the club is in the hands of the Kroenkes. I know we can point and say that was his choice. But mistakes are what regret is about. We might miss him, but really the current situation at the club cannot go on for much longer and he needs to think about transition, and if he’s got a say, replacement.

Ideally he would go once he wins the Europa league and restores us to the CL. Realistically, it could happen too, though I’d suspect if he won it he’d want another year.


Top guy, whatever you think of the current season. Intelligent and he cares.



Sometimes many of us fans forget that he too loves the club and desires its success as much as we do. Personally I do call for him to be replaced sooner than later for the simple reason that he seems to no longer be able to take us any further, in what has become an extremely contested and highly competitive football environment, with just about every EPL team being capable of beating the so-called Big 5 or 6. He has failed to change and adapt his approach to what is now a totally different competitive environment, thereby leaving us to badly fall behind our rivals. Yet despite all my frustration at our current state of affairs, I will not resort to insulting or name-calling the greatest manager in our club’s entire history.

Perspective indeed, people.

One Dennis Bergkamp

The man is class. I’m going to miss his press conferences, its hard to find a more articulate and intelligent coach.


Which is more than you can say for some of our fans vile and ungrateful calling him a C#nt on Arsenal FAN TV.



Why are you watching that in the first place?

One Dennis Bergkamp

Arsenal Fan TV is proof that supporting Arsenal is not a cure for being an absolute wanker.


Oaahahahahahahahahha! Kind of strident, but LOL-worthy nonetheless. 😀


Yes he does and i love him for it. Still gotta go


Just caring is not sufficient on its own. Everyone cares, even less talented players. Yet AW drops them when they don’t perform to the level
So he should drop himself


Got to love Wenger the man. When he does eventually leave, he can leave with his head held high, despite the recent performances

Twisted cuntloks

Sadly, if he doesn’t go this summer, he won’t be leaving next year with his head held high (unless the board reward more failure with a nice big pay rise until 2021).


They only allowed me one like – but I give your comment one million, million likes!


My comment is to Dom!


We love you Arsene for what you have done but unfortunately its your misjudgement (you believed you are the right person to take the club fwd and signed the contract extension) put you in this situation.
sorry Arsene cant even shed a crocodile tears for your situation. you are well paid, you picked the players but your team didnt perform. You should have taken the responsibility and resigned

Donald\'s Trump

No, he should be sacked. No one resigns.


He did re-sign..

I’ll get my coat.


So wenger is a masochist?

Mesut\'s Assist

I remember another interview where he revealed he is physically sick after games. No one can deny this man cares.


I really hope the fans at the Emirates will be extra loud and supportive as a thank you for the Milan performance for the next game. I’m sure the players will love it and get the message that we appreciated the effort put in


If the team is showing some fight and ofcourse playing well the fans gonna be loud. Remember the spurs game and the everton game emirates was rocking. Boys have given 1 performance out of 5, fans will try but its gonna take few more games for the fans to be behind the team.


I believe we really need a new manager, but I read pieces like this and I feel bad for him. As he says ‘They hate the manager, not the person’, but some people hate the person too and that’s sad.

Ideal situation is Europa League win and he goes out on a genuine high. I’d love that.

Also, please don’t reply to say if he won the Europa League he’d just stay. I’m well aware of all that 😉 – it’s just what I’d like.


very well said. any decision on his future should be taken based on the whole body of evidence – not simply on the outcome of the Europa league. But it would be great to see him have a chance to walk out with his first European trophy even if leaving is not his preferred choice.


Thanks for realizing that Arseblog. Those FA cup wins are the reason we’re having this conversation.


I loved winning those FA Cups


I did too but let’s hope Wenger leaves after winning the Europa cup. Best for everyone.


i mean Europa league 🙂


i want him to finish 25 yrs at Arsenal, get a gold watch and walk out.

till then we may lose or win. I doubt any other manager would necessarily deliver more than wenger delivers.

this is the first serious blip in 21 yrs. Uptil now he hasnt had even 1 season where he has underperformed w.r.t. to resources available.

I want him to complete 25 yrs. maybe even see off Kroenke. See LACA/ OZIL/ AUBA / MKHI / RAMSEY gel together…forge one last team. give it a good old go, in the age where mike dean and pep guardiola pretty much decide things. I dont care what results come.. still believe the best chances of good results are under Wenger.

I have watched and supported Arsenal for 15yrs…and have seen them fight liverpool, spurs, man u , chelsea and now city…recalibrate and rejig…in an ever changing landscape…but never did i feel, that we had someone managing who was clueless or inept.

anyone saying that, has an axe to grind.

if this passionate fanbase really had passion, they would have blockaded Mike Deans house.

Twisted cuntloks

I did as well but it only masked the deterioration that has been going on


Pay attention to how it is done, everyone. Arseblog delivers a daily lesson in how to write about and process the things we love (and sometimes hate …) with intelligence and respect, not unlike Wenger in the world of football. I like to think some of Wenger’s wise ways over the years have been more than observed by Prof. Blogs (and I mean that as a compliment!). Lessons in humanity, freely given.
(P.S. A similar nod to Arseblog News Hound; that Match Report yesterday replete with winged words was epically enjoyable.)


@futsboller What the heck are you talking about?


If he won the Europa League he’d just stay.


There’s always one


That train is never late


If he wins europa, he will stay. (Devilish laugh)


Win or lose hope he stays. …if AW goes in such drama we will never have unified support for any upcoming manager, this is a very serious trend that we are administering here…


Typical Arseblog, always defending Wenger.

relax, I’m joking. well said.


But he stays to the end of his contract at the very least!

Twisted cuntloks

These staged interviews are disgusting.

I have seen many, many interviews in my time just like this. The quicker he goes, the better it will be for the club.

If he stays on, he will need a fucking pallet load of nytol…

Toxteth O\'Grady

‘I feel bad for him’

Yes and no. Frankly, he didn’t look that well in his interview after the Milan game, and no one would wish that on anyone, he’s clearly not having a great time. But, his are not just ‘first world problems’ but ‘1 percent problems’. If he’s stressed, walk away, and live a millionare lifestyle. He’s minted. He’s had a fab career. He can take his pick of part time TV work. Retire boss. You, and we, deserve it.


Pure class. If his critics from in or outside the club would possess just a little bit of that class, we would have never been in such a hysterical situation.
I read a comment yesterday where somebody wrote that he fears that we win the Europa League because that would allow Arsene to stay and “further diminish” his legacy. So if he would win it and with that his 4th trophy in 5 years and only the 3rd european trophy in our history, he would have dimished his legacy during that time? Doesn’t that just shows how much we expect from him and that this is more down to what he has done in the first 10 years of his tenure than to the standard of the club before he arrived?


I thought he looked really unwell during his post match interview last night. Clearly he’s not been sleeping. Hope he gives us a great end of season with a cup victory but then he needs to bow out- for the sake of the team, the fans and his own health. We have been very fortunate to have him as our manager, he’s given us so many highs and also kept us at the top table when the finances weren’t there, but the game has moved on and we a fresh approach. Will always like and respect him though- he’s one hell of a guy!


In the pre-match photos of them travelling to Milan some of the players looked a bit unwell too. And in the pre-game photos of Koscielny and Ozil looking around the San Siro they both looked super-stressed.

Glad they responded on the night.


Yes he is, and he needs to stay till the end of his contract at least and preferably till his 25years anniversary is reached!


Goddammit he’s won me over again… He still needs to go, but he shouldn’t be pushed out.


Been there


Some of you feel sorry for him? He has 7 million reasons a year to care about this club.


or 8 lol

Tas Gunner

We feel sorry for him cause we know he cares.He is too stubborn to let go and it was the boards duty not to offer a new contract,but they bottled it last season.But if you REALLY think the main reason arsene wenger is at arsenal is for money,you really have the brain of an ant @antgoon.

twisted cuntloks

Maybe 10m

Donald\'s Trump

I feel sorry for him. He’s old and a little deluded and no one is stepping in to help him help himself.
He’s also uncle Wenger, I feel like I know the man personally.


Feel sorry for him, still think he needs to go and since he’s made it clear he won’t be resigning, he will have to be relieved actively (sacking) or passively (no new contract). Personally, would let him see out the season first.


Good stuff – as well know money ensures that people don’t feel emotions and it also makes their lives completely perfect.


I’m just saying it’s hard to feel sorry for him when he’s been given way too much time and power to win a major trophy. I know we’re not at the levels of a Real Madrid but they will get rid of Zidane who’s won them back to back CL and a la liga if he doesn’t win anything this season.


If he just wanted and cared about money he would have gone back to France (PSG) or to Spain (Madrid) years ago. He genuinely loves the club. Which makes our downward slide all the more depressing imo


Worst ‘slide’ I’ve ever been on in my life! Practically horizontal!

Twisted cuntloks

IMO it is reasonable to suggest that wenger would never have joined the major clubs like Madrid etc.
I’m sure it was a safer bet to stay where he exerted such power at a club that doesn’t sack a manager for not winning a single trophy for 9 years.
He wouldn’t have survived past 12 months elsewhere.


I’ve been an Arsenal (and football) fan for almost 4 years now. World Cup 2014 turned me into a hardcore and a more than a once-every-four-years fan. I picked Arsenal due to a friend. Even I have such a hard time living with both my love for this man and the knowledge the club need a new voice and new ideas.

I can’t imagine all y’all that have 21 years of memories and love.


I have no sympathy for him. He is one of the worlds highest paid football manager, and has earned in the region of £100mill over +20yrs so please spare me the emotional blackmail spiel – he definitely can talk the talk but no longer can walk the walk. Enough is enough, WengerOut !!

John C

I’m with you, this is manipulation plan and simple. More fool the fools who feel sorry for him


You’re the fool! It’s admiration, love and respect!

One Dennis Bergkamp

I believe the main cause for the toxicity surrounding him is the lack of consistency in performances. Liverpool, United and Sp*rs would happily trade their past five seasons for ours, it’s just the way we Arsenal it that gets people wound up.

Lets hope he leaves soon and on a high. Great man.




The bastard is making me want him to sign a new contract. How does he do it!


Because you are a pathetic fool with brain. It’s because of pathetic idiots like you that the club will never move forward.


We win one game against a wank milan and suddenly everything is right according to some on here

Just a very well constructed and manipulative interview where he again pulls at the heart strings


Not one single person has said that beating Milan means everything is ok again.


Check out ramgooner for starters


So we won against Milan so that Wenger can come out and do this PR exercise? Milan is not a wank club. They are probably the greatest club after Madrid. Chiellini low key roasted spurs in his post match interview after beating them by repeatedly saying spurs have no history.
Clubs around the world today respect and fear Arsenal because we have a great history and we owe a large part of it to none other than the man himself Wenger.
He earns his 10 million a year, he earned the right to do what is right for the club and I’m sure he will always put the club before himself.
I think he should stay and see out his contract.
I would absolutely love another year of Wenger.
At 68 he is going strong and is inspiring everyone.
The guy has not lost 4 matches in a row in his entire career until now. He isn’t done. He will fight.

Twisted cuntloks

It was a euro match between 2 mediocre teams sitting 6th and 7th in their respective leagues.
If you want Wenger to stay, you will be kissing goodbye eventually to the Europa league.


@Twisted cuntloks

To be very honest i don’t think we’ll win the Europa League. I say that because Atletico Madrid are in the mix and our best attacking player is ineligible. They are an experienced CL side and they are one of the most organized teams in Europe.

Unless we have a fully fit squad i don’t think it’s possible. I would have been confident with Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott but considering we’ve sold them with the long-term interests of the club in mind i’m more than happy with Auba and Mkhitaryan as minimum replacements but, we haven’t done enough business in January to help us push for Europa.

I don’t think Wenger should shoulder the blame. It’s a known fact that we wanted to do more business in Jan but failed to do so. I think it’ll come back and bite us.

The best way to keep the players in top physical condition is by resting them in the PL even if it means we end up finishing 10th in the league. No shame in that as long as we give our all in the EL.

When we face a team like Atletico, probably the only team who can outplay us tactically in EL we need our players to run, commit in duels and put in a shift because Atletico for sure don’t play football to impress people. They set up to frustrate teams and to win at all costs and we need to be mentally and physically ready for that challenge.

Twisted cuntloks

Most of what you say makes sense.
AM will be a different ball game. Simeone, I suspect, will nullify, out think Wenger at every turn.
What I find ludicrous is a well timed, staged interview after a reasonable result with a flukey goal and many here think wenger is the saviour again.
They will be sorely disappointed come May 2019…


Relax dude. Most things in life are staged. Some are staged better than others though.

Twisted cuntloks

Absolutely Oz, almost everything in our daily lives that comes through the MSM is staged. I am relaxed but thank you for your comment.


I don’t want Wenger to leave at the end of this season because i think with the right signings in summer he can still lead us to the PL in his last year.

However the only problem with Wenger’s teams is complacency. If we were in City’s position now the players would already be on the beach. We know this team is capable of going on unbeaten runs but they don’t have it in them to keep the focus until the end.

They care too much about their twitter and instagram. It’s partly the manager’s fault but what the team really needs is characters in the dressing room, guys who are not content with a 10 game winning streak, guys who want to strive for perfection. We need to sign some winners in the summer.

I think someone like Modric would be a fantastic signing.
Chiellini is available for free in the summer aswell. Experienced players like them will help us win big trophies which will in turn attract top young players and set us up for the future. There are plenty of experienced players out there we can get but the club won’t do it. That for me is a bigger problem than Wenger.

Kroenkes want returns with zero risk. 6th is what they’ll get. Without Wenger you could argue that we’ll be slighly better but i really think the possibility of us turning into another Everton is real.

PS: I have zero hopes in the EL because of Atletico. They are a team who have been to CL final recently. We had the bad luck of facing Barcelona and Bayern over the years and it has not helped us gain experience in the knockout rounds in European competitions. It’s sad because last year United had nobody in the EL and yet people think Maureen is a better tactician than Wenger.
In European competitions it’s all about experience. How many times did United get to play some russian club in R16? Crossing the R16 always helps a squad psychologically but sadly in the CL we haven’t been able to do it and it’s down to the fact that we always had to face Bayern or Barca(Monaco an exception).


Pretty sure some Barca cunt said last week that they loved getting Arsenal bcos they knew they could dominate us. Bayern must feel the same. Not a lot of fear amongst the real big clubs
Taking drubbings every year does not inspire fear ( or respect )


It is admirable to see him speaking about the game the same way he always has. He’s a purist and has had a lifelong love affair with the game. I think it’s heartbreaking for him to realize he’s reached the end of this love affair and is fighting tooth and claw to restore positivity which he clearly 100% believes that he can do. It’s very bittersweet, let’s hope this wise old man can ride off into the sunset with a sweet Europa League victory under his belt.


I’m not falling for it. Love what he’s done for the club and the sport. Deserves his statue and his legacy will always remain intact but this has to be his last season , Europa trophy or not.


The abuse is unacceptable.

Sure we are all disappointed in him and frustrated that he is holding the club back or unable to motivate the performances, conjure the right tactics, spend for the right players…but he should STILL deserve utmost respect.

Some people on Arsenal FAN TV should be ashamed of themselves…what they say about empty vessels.

Worse case scenario at this point is he wins the europa and decides to see through the last year on contract.

I don’t expect there will be anymore extensions given his age.

BUT as I have mentioned many seasons before, this summer is likely the watershed bc of post Wcup managerial shuffles and the opportunity to kick Wenger graciously upstairs into the National job for France.


Mehh… wenget out!!!


Every defeat causes angst, but I agree with Wenger about it not being only about winning or losing. Proud to be a Gunner, and only so cuz of this man.

Steve Vallins

When Arsene joined Arsenal we were an ordinary team nowhere near Man Utd ,Liverpool , Bayern M , Real M both Milan teams and Juventus
Barcelona only came on the scene after they beat us in 2006 , benefitting from the work what Cruyff had put in place
Look at our world standing now , I know we’ve had 10+ years of no league championships but the circumstances have changed , countries and billionaires owning clubs
Look what he gave us and in 22 years he never lost 5 on the trot , did Man Utd ever get the crictisism Arsenal get when they were relegated
Too many people have too much expectation because of what he gave us in early years

Twisted cuntloks

Erm… Financially we are 7th in the world but as a football team we are no longer taken seriously.
This gradual slow decline these past 10+ years is now starting to become visible to those with ‘wenger is god’ blinkers on.
Under GG our football reputation as a great team was restored. Wenger improved a few things but he was incredibly lucky to inherit probably the world’s finest defence.

Wenger was able to bring in a few more WC players to bring us the greatest team possibly in history. After 2005/6 we went 9 years without a single trophy. Not even a league cup win.
This was the worst period of our past 100 year history and Wenger was the manager.

To say Barcelona suddenly came from nowhere in 2006 isn’t quite correct when you consider they had won 9 European trophies before this…


Wenger was able to bring in a few more WC players – to an already strong squad. He doesn’t get to do that anymore. 7th largest financially means nothing if you don’t get to spend on par with the others – or even in the same league.

We ARE financially limited in comparison to all the other clubs of our financial size, and it’s 100% self inflicted by the ownership and board, which Wenger has for better or worse always dutifully respected as a professional employee.

Sometimes I wonder how despite the financial disparity after many of the matches we’re down to defense and player motivation (“focus” & “mental strength”) as the two biggest failures on a regular basis. It’s strange. Not bad given the net spend disparity; they should be quite fixable, yet never are.

Twisted cuntloks

well said. I do think a manager like Simeone could work wonders on our shoe string budget. We would seriously punch above our weight…


The man and the coach aren’t that separable. Arsene is in a tough spot. Who wants to admit they’re past their prime? I’m sure lots of us fear retirement as the on-deck circle for the the Last At Bat. It’s why he’ll have to be forced out.

+1 for wrapping up his career on a high note, but I cannot at this point see the board letting him go after winning EL. Miracles do happen, but… do we really trust Josh Kroenke, heritor of unearned billions and relative stranger to the world of international football, to wisely guide the foreseeable fate of Arsenal FC? Daddy’s given him the keys. Either he decides to rip off the band-aid this summer and the renewal begins, or he kicks the can down the road and it’s players disaffected, more uncertainty/will he get another renewal? it goes on and on.

The vast majority of Arsenal fans want Wenger to retire at the end of this season. As if this were a democracy… but still, if tickets sales suffer (they haven’t and they likely won’t). Will the tyro do what needs to be done?

Enjoyed the win as a respite from all this BS!


I love this man !! I do not have the luxury of supporting arsenal for More than 20 odd years but I started watching football because of this man . I am not from England and I had the choice of selecting any club when I was 10 years old, but I chose arsenal because of the values .I chose to suffer for those 9 barren years because of our values . And for me that’s his greatest achievement .. he’s so stubborn that I just want to see him lift that premier league trophy . I doubt that’s ever going to happen but I dream of that day 🙂 this man is my hero and I can never abuse him ..
PS: I love what blogs and company are doing . There’s not a single day I don’t read arseblog. COYG!


This guy is a purist and a tragic idealist. I commend, respect and understand where he is coming from..how many times do we as fans say football has sold out etc He is not wrong but that is the status quo and the mentality now and you must adapt to it His attitude is annoying because he recognizes what is wrong but refuses to accept it, which is admirable in some ways but as the manager of a football club in this current era is very limiting..


It may be really irrelevant right now but if we don’t win the europa and we finish below euro qualification in the prem, do we still get into europa through runners up to City in the league cup? Just a thought, at least we’ll have the champs league plan b for next season too… Optimism and belief.


Wenger in a nutshell “winning is important but not essential” 😤