West Ham’s visit to the Emirates rescheduled


Arsenal have confirmed that our Premier League home game against West Ham United has been brought forward a day and will now be played at 1.30pm on Sunday, 22 April.

The game, which will be broadcast by Sky Sports, had been scheduled for an 8pm kick-off on Monday, 23 April.

We’re guessing that our potential involvement in a Europa League semi-final first leg on the following Thursday has played a part in this decision.

Our upcoming league match with Southampton was recently moved from a Monday to Sunday to give us more time to prepare for the away leg of our showdown with CSKA Moscow.

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I don’t give a damn about this piece of information, I just want to thank you Arseblog News Site for being the only football-related website the filter at my new job doesn’t recognize. Thank you.


Good stuff, sensible decision as a nothing match for us, other than the possible pleasure of pushing the Hammers to the Championship.

A Different George

I’m not sure I understand. The Premier League rescheduling a game to help a club in a forthcoming European match? What’s next? Making sure away supporters can get home before the trains stop? Where will it end?


As one of the few English clubs left in European competition, this is a positive move.


Positive and welcomed! Finally. Only took them forever to realise EPL clubs have a betetr chance of european success if they get more rest between weekend matches and thier european adventures!

Scott P

I’m all for moving more games from weekdays to weekends!


Relatedly, our match with Leicester will probably be played in the last week of the season – and certainly if we get past CSKA, since Leicester have a match in the midweek in between the EL Quarters and Semis.

If we get to the final, our run in after West Ham would be:
Thu 26 Apr: EL semi leg 1
Sun 29 Apr: Man Utd away
Thu 3 May: EL semi leg 2
Sun 6 May: Burnley home
Wed 9 May: Leicester away
Sun 13 May: Huddersfield away
Wed 16 May: EL final


Curious to know why this is being thumbed down … isn’t it all true?


Right in the end but, just like the Southampton game, this fixture went Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Sunday! As if planning life wasn’t hard enough.

Means I’m at home for wife’s birthday though; shame my brownie points had already disappeared when she realised I would have been at football that night ?


FFS i had flights and accommodation booked and now this , not one shite given about fans that travel.

Mayor McCheese

Wow, that Usmanov piece got pulled pretty quick. I’m sure he hires a lawyer just to read Arseblog.