Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Report: Arsenal 1-1 Atletico Madrid (inc goals)

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere, Welbeck, Ozil, Lacazette

Subs: Cech, Holding, Iwobi, Chambers, Maitland-Niles, Kolasinac, Nketiah

Arsenal’s defensive frailties came to the fore again as a late Antoine Griezmann goal cancelled out Alexandre Lacazette’s opener, as 10 man Atletico got themselves a 1-1 draw at the Emirates this evening.

Arsene Wenger picked the expected line-up for his final European game at the Emirates Stadium, with David Ospina getting the nod in goal ahead of Petr Cech.

Vrsaljko picked up a 2nd minute yellow card for a foul on Jack Wilshere, and after a confident start the Gunners made two good chances inside a minute. First, Welbeck crossed with his left foot from the left hand side, Lacazette was there at the back post but he put it into the ground and wide.

Then, Monreal crossed from the left, Lacazette was there again, his header was curling away from the keeper but Oblak made a fantastic save. Then, amazingly, Vrsaljko got a second yellow card for a foul on Lacazette and the visitors were down to 10 men in the 10th minute.

Diego Simeone was furious, and when he adjudged Hector Bellerin to have committed a foul he went ballistic on the sideline and was then promptly sent off by the referee who took exception to his antics.

Bellerin’s dangerous crossing from the right tested the Atletico defence, Ramsey had a shot blocked from inside the box, and another excellent Welbeck delivery was met by Wilshere but his header was tame and straight at the keeper.

Welbeck’s movement and a combination with Wilshere saw him fashion a chance which Oblak saved, and when the resulting corner fell to Koscielny at the back post, the captain somehow sliced the ball wide.

Lacazette went over in the box looking for a penalty but it was a bit of a dive in fairness and the referee played on, Ozil shot over from 25 yards in the 25th minute, and Monreal came close with a right footed shot as Arsenal sought the goal their dominance deserved.

Antoine Griezmann had Atletico’s first attempt in the 33rd minute but Ospina was equal to it, and when Monreal gave it away and Partey went on a run, the Colombian keeper had to make a good save to keep out another effort from the French international.

Correa shot over as the first half drew to a close, and despite the dominance in possession and 14 attempts on goal, the teams went in level at the break.

Ramsey had the first attempt of the second half but it didn’t trouble Oblak, and Atletico sat deep, trusting in their defensive capabilities as Arsenal dominated possession and tried to find a way through.

It was getting frustrating, but in the 61st minute we finally went ahead. Ramsey played Wilshere to the byline inside the box, he clipped a cross to the back post, and Lacazette was there to head inside the post. 1-0.

Atletico made a change, sending on Gabi for Gameiro, before Lacazette almost turned provider with a fizzing low cross which went along the 6 yard box, and he nearly had a second from a corner but his header skidded just beyond Oblak’s far post.

The visitors were defending very well, and brought on Savic for Correa to try and keep the scoreline as it was, but Arsenal paid the price for not being ruthless in attack when they conceded an 82nd minute equaliser.

They played a long ball over the top, it weak defending from Koscielny, Ospina saved the original shot, Mustafi slipped and Griezmann was there to put the ball home from close range. 1-1.

Fernando Torres came on for Griezmann as Arsenal looked for another goal to take into the second leg, and it almost came from Ramsey but again Oblak made a great save to deny the Welshman. He had another go, but this one was easier for the Atletico keeper, and that was that.

A real disappointing end to what was a great opportunity to take at least a win into the second leg, and it’s now going to be an uphill task next week in Spain.

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We are handed a golden opportunity and, in classic Arsenal fashion, we play ourselves out of a win.


My word, that was arsenalish. Miss, miss, miss, then a defensive fart. Classic.
Now it is impossible.


“impossible” to win in any other way than the Araenal way! The hard way! But this team is only any good when trying to out score the opposition anyway.

Runcorn Gooner

Our defence let’s us down yet again and our forwards don’t take advantage of numerical advantage.
Credit to Athletico with 10 men for 80 minutes.


the whole set up was wrong though. At that point you sit back and close out the game, a second goal is just a bonus. Classic Arsenal , classic Wenger, pretty football without an ounce of pragmatism.

Matt P

I actually blame our midfield more than our defence. Really lame performance, no thrust or final quality


Defence had fuck all to do 95% of the match. So couldn’t disagree with you more.

Defensively they were packed like a tin of sardines, not all that easy to break down. Also two world class saves from their goalkeeper. The only issue I had attacking wise was the pace that we played at.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Closing out the game with one goal in hand is not good enough against that lot. We needed three goals to take to their place. The don’t concede goals

Matt P

Really? Our midfield was mediocre. Yes they packed their defence but we showed a lack of skill and thrust. I am not excusing the defensive fuck up, just saying there was much more woe to our performance than one error.


They’re over here conceding double chances off every corner we get, losing headers to Lacazette, having Oblak pull off three blinders and we’re the badly coached defence?

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge luck plays a part in this game, we don’t quite have it. That goal was the epitome of comedy scoring, if anyone makes fun of Welbeck’s style again, I’m just going to play this back for them.

And Simeone, no thanks. Brighton would take that side apart on the regular, give Atleti an extra man just for the laughs.


Thw14 that’s an awful lot of luck we haven’t received over the last 10 years plus.


I absolutely agree the effort, application and coaching has often been lacking.

This didn’t feel like one of those occassions.


I would be inclined to ageee with you if I hadn’t seen this so many times before.


Brighton eh? Dont be silly. Why couldnt Arsenal with 11 v 10 for heavens sake?


Bus parking and diving had a major say in this.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Bus parking? I would have been very happy if we played like Athletics did tonight under the same circumstances. One of the best performances I ever saw was Chelsea’s performance with ten men at Barcelona when Torres scored with what seemed to be their only foray into Barca’s half


Thank you thw14 for being half full rather than half empty…

Too Drunk To Be Offside

The tie is not done but, that was utter sh!te. For all these years Wenger has been very happy with mediocrity and very happy to surround himself with a bunch of at best average players mostly and defenders who are defenders only if defenders now means something very different from what it once did.

Why should it be a surprise that this sorry lot let him down when he is looking to go out on a final high. Its your own fault Wenger, and all those years of mediocre management comes to bite the club in the arse.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Credit to Mustafi though for still trying to block the shot, despite being shot by a sniper from the crowd.


We need new central defenders

Too Drunk To Be Offside

BTW while I am ranting, just WTF does Bellerin bring to the team.

Great defending – No
Great crossing – No
Great passing – No

Bellerin is a classic case of a very average if not a poor player living like a superstar under Wenger. I don’t get it. Haven’t seen Bellerin do anything useful in a football game that often (if at all, do remember one cross though for an assist) all season.

Why is he a permanent fixture in the XI?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

BTW the perfect replacement for Wenger spent most of the game today in one of the stands.

He is everything Wenger is not, fiery, no nonsense to team’s work ethic, knows how to get a team to be solid defensively, all the qualities that are in short supply under Wenger.

Just sign him already.


Sorry I don’t want to watch a team that plays like that every week.

Might as well start supporting Stoke.


I’d rather lose

Twisted cuntloks

If you had a choice between tippy tappy,sideways pretty sometimes football, with a sieve like defence that finishes 6th each year or effective, efficient football with a tight defence that helped us challenge for major honours (ie challenging for the PL until at least the final few weeks of the season, what would you choose?


Some kind of middle ground perhaps. Attractive attacking football with organisation and a tight defence.

I seem to remember we had a team like that once.


Best player on the pitch for me tonight. Good in attack and defence, fast, skilfull and perceptive. Big improvement for me on some of his more recent performances.


Should I call it cowardice or what, why do we feel more comfortable passing back, the keeper only made 4 great saves the rest was just too casual. And I didn’t stop yelling ask Welbeck to get in the box to add height and really pressure them


Maybe he should clear his office and leave tomorrow.
That needs to happen to lift the doom and gloom


We actually played very well tonight and used width as we never usually do. On another night we could have had 4 or 5 but their keeper was outstanding and sadly we were not clinical enough. Their goal was a joke and so sad to see how Koscielny has become so suspect. There was nothin mediocre about our overall performance and now it’s going to be difficult. It was good to see a full stadium and it was a great atmosphere.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Their goalkeeper was man of the match for me

Reality check

You probably haven’t followed Kos’s career. Physical attributes wise, he’s probably the best defender you’ll ever see. Mentality and application wise.. Don’t get me started. There is a reason no top club have ever come in for him. He’s always been suspect, always capable of a brain fart here and there. I like him because he sometimes scores crucial goals.

Runcorn Gooner

I just hope the new manager addresses the area that AW has failed to address for many years…….defence or we will nothing for years.


Agreed, some people on here are crying out for more attacking players. Major off season signing must be a quality centre half.


I don’t think we were handed this golden opportunity. I think we provoked it by playing flawlessly. Our intensity, composure, gameplan was perfect. We made one terrible mistake, as you said, in classic Arsenal fashion.
But for a team playing without Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan, I think it’s ok to struggle scoring more than one goal.


Snatching a draw from the jaws of victory. How frustrating was that ? It almost felt like a defeat. Especially considering that it was our last chance of solverrto give Wenger a proper send off. They were there for the taking but we failed to capitalise on our advantage as we were not clinical enough in front of goal. That our captai would switch off like that on a European semifinal tie was unforgivable. The only positive now is that unlike in previous European knockout ties, at least this time we are not completely out after the first leg. But… Read more »


Ugh. Koscielny kicks it into his head as he attempts an overhead, it goes through keepers legs, and Mustafi knees it into the goal to draw a game we utterly dominated. If that does not sum up our season so far I don’t know what will…
BUT, we showed tonight we can perform, and that Athletico are beatable. We need to go to Madrid with confidence. We CAN do this.

Bernardo Binda

Really have to disagree with you there. We showed that even with a man advantage we can’t score much. If anything tonight reinforced how amazing Atletico. They got a deserved red card and were still almost unpenetrable. We can still do this but it’s going to have to be much better than tonight. Hopefully we can figure out a gameplan that involves less sidways passes/hopeful crosses and more attacking verve. hopefully Mhki will be back cause he would’ve been helpful tonight.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Unpenetrable! Really? We had tons of opportunity’s, on a better day (or perhaps against a better team) it would have been 3, 4, maybe 5 goals against them

Bernardo Binda

yes our 10000 crosses was an attacking masterpiece

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Dude, we scored from a cross


We created plenty of chances in the 10 minutes of 11 vs 11 football. If you are so dogmatic about throwing mud at this team, why even bother?

Bernardo Binda

I’m not throwing mud, I’m crossing it

Matt P

Yeah I thought it just showed how clearly our quality is firmly in the second tier of Europe


Bernando their goalkeeper did pull off some blinding saves.


When a team is playing away from home in the first leg they usually play defensively. When a team goes down to 10 they shut up shop and go all out defence. Athletico have the best defensive record in Europe. Jan oblak has a deserved 80odd million euro buyout clause and made 2 great saves to deny us. Greizmann is in the top 10 strikers in the world. They had 5 ‘pieces’ of luck in their goal: kos’ clearance not clearing his head. ospina unlucky not to stop the ball when it went through him. Mustafi slips when tracking back.… Read more »

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Costa? Nooooooo. I can see what’s going to hapoen

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

That really is the job if the new manager. This lot are not going to score enough in Madrid against these seasoned campaigners


We showed tonight against 10 men for near 90 minutes st home. I love your delusion but call it what it is.


I’m not saying we did well, we should have won by a 2 goal margin.
Just explaining why it isn’t completely our fault.


I really admire your optimism. And I would agree with you if this had been the home leg. Unfortunately I think we will now require something truly amazing to get through. Such a shame – they were there for the taking and if we had gone 2-0 I would have been extremely happy with that to take to he 2nd leg.

Sheffield Gooner

Wank, but there’s hope, I guess.

dr Strange

No there isn’t. We pissed away our only chance in this tie. AM can go home, defened and hit us on the break.

We are without chance if we don’t get extremely lucky but I doubt we ‘ll get that twice.

SB Still

We played into their hands by playing at a walking pace instead of going for the kill, after the sending off so early in the game, they easily lasted the whole game.

Too many nicking a living currently. E.g. Wilshire was hiding, playing against 10 men!

We need to go away and score, against a team who have let in 4 goals at home all season in the league.

Sir Henry Norris's Brown Envelope

Slow buildup, sideways passing. Who watched Liverpool against Roma? We needed to play like that against ten men


I’m completely surprised by this result.


Sarcasm…I hope


Of course. What else keeps you sane when supporting this club?

Kwame Ampadu Down

Well we totally Arsenaled that.


Must we shoot ourselves in foot. Our players are cowards that’s they are the best at passing the ball back.


I wish I could see the stats of how many times we passed back against ten men.

Bernardo Binda

we’re shit

Tommy Gunner

Goodness, if that’s how they defend with 10 men for 80 minutes away from home, we have a serious job on our hands

Dat guy

We can still beat them away if we play how we did today. Unlucky today


Why do we always yell for Xhaka to shoot from 30 yards out? He rarely even hits the frame.


In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man Is King

Fireman Sam

Ha yeah I was shouting “don’t shoot”

But maybe it sounded like “shoot”

Xhaka is king of the skied shot at the moment

dr Strange

This sums up everything that’s wrong with this team and management.

Pepe Nero

This is football, you fucking idiot.

If you were a neutral, you’d have enjoyed all of it: our domination, the saves of their keeper (which on another day would have probably gone all in), as well as their equalizer.

dr Strange

I’m not neutral you fucking twat.

Pepe Nero

Well, become one. Then you can take the next step and become an Arsenal fan. Because at the moment you are on the other side of the spectrum.


Pepe Nero – are you really asking a fellow Arsenal fan to become see the game as a neutral??? I agree with dr Strange, you really are a prize twat!


Take it your an ‘apologist’ for the old French fraud. Inherited a great defense plus Parlour, Bergamp, Wrighty etc. The last 10 years has said everything.

Tommy Gunner

So Pepe, we can’t be annoyed at the way OUR team messed up because it was a good game for the neutral? Pipe down, go and have a cup of tea, and stop flying off the handle when someone says something you disagree with

Pepe Nero

What happened today was simply bad luck. That’s all I’m saying. It is football.

We did very little wrong today. We dominated, and on another day would have scored 5. Do you blame Kos for losing a yard of pace due to age?

Yellow Ribbon

Exactly. Instead of going and getting a fancy manager, we should probably be looking for someone who could sort our defence out and kick some guts into our players. I would be happy to revert back to the good old 1-0 to the Arsenal for a few seasons.

As for as our chances of reaching the final.. we have just got to pray.

Yellow Ribbon

But saying that.. I just don’t want to blame Wenger if a player of Koscielny’s calibre plays like an absolute rokee.


At least we still have a chance in the 2nd leg. But they are going to be really tough to play at home now that they have an away goal. For just once can’t we have a goalie we face have an off night rather than putting in a blinder.


Oblak is one of the world’s best keepers…apparently we are linked with him…yeah that knowledge doesn’t make me feel any better either.

DieHard Gunner

How do we score against a team that has only conceded 4 goals this season in the league. We should have score about 4 or 5 tonight. Me do miss Mahi but more importantly we missed Giroud tonight.
Onward forever.

Santi's Smile

Giroud definitely would have been perfect for the way that match took shape.

Spanish Gooner

I disagree purely on the basis that Lacazette was superb. His movement in the box and willingness to move into channels meant he scored one, hit the post and forced Oblak into a fantastic save. Giroud would have stood still and waited for balls to be pumped in.

Spanish Gooner

9/11 players on that pitch were faultless. Koscielny obviously fucked up, but Mustafi was also horrendous on the goal. His partner had a 1v1 aerial challenge and he was 10 yards up the pitch jogging back instead of busting a gut to cover. I’m fucking furious

Kwame Ampadu Down

Agreed on the goal but 9/11 players were faultless ? Crazy stuff. Apart from Lacazette & Monreal the others were either meh or terrible.


Easy enough for Koscielny to punt it away.

Can’t see what Mustafi did wrong. He tried to get back to cover, slid to prevent a ball across goal but damage was already done.

Chiefly it was a Koscielny error.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Hilarious. The man who constantly slates people for having bias towards certain players…who absolves Mustafi of blame for EVERYTHING. By saying you can’t see what Mustafi did wrong you’ve proved you either have no idea about football or you’re a liar.


What, are you serious??

Did you see Mustafi’s reaction when he saw his team mate struggling with Griezmann? There fucking wasn’t any reaction until he was completely fucking beaten.

Fucking furious.

Kos was utter shite there and so was Mustafi.

Spanish Gooner

Bellerin had a monster performance, Xhaka’s shooting drew the Atleti defence out even if he wasn’t on target, Welbeck put the shits up their full back with his direct running, Ramsey would have a winning goal if not for an unbelievable Oblak save, Ospina made one good save vs Griezmann and was unlucky in that his first save for the goal landed back at Griezmann’s feet. Ozil and Jack could maybe have done more but they were by no means terrible


I agree on pretty much all of that my Spanish Gooner amigo, but, and call it nitpicking if you want, Welbeck had a rare 1on1, not against Partey (their excellent and quick right sided defender) and decided to cut inside and lost the ball which was the catalyst for their counter which led to the goal. Yep we had ample chance to snuff it out after that but it’s mistakes like that which frustrate me and are wholly avoidable. Otherwise great game Welbz and Kos and Mustafi. Fuck sake!

Kwame Ampadu Down

So you’re saying Xhaka played well purely on the basis of kicking the ball wide regularly & Rambo did on the basis of one header ? Standards are low these days…

Fireman Sam

I agree with blogs that Özil wasn’t really on form tonight. Thought most of our players did well against well drilled opponents …except for the usual defensive brain fart.

Neil Bhalla

That goal was 99% Koscielny’s fault.

He’s too high up the pitch and not in line with Monreal, who’s about 10-15 years further back.

He can see where Griezmann is and reacts too slowly.

He is actually quite good in keeping up with Griezmann but then loses his head and panics an pointless, stupid and naive overhead kick into himself/Griezmann. All he had to do was run with Griezmann and wait for the ball to bounce before whacking it out.


Sad and a bit unlucky. Only Lacazete tried his best and delivered. Ozil poor as hell. Same old Arsenal. What a shame.


Ozil was orchestrating the majority of our attacks in my opinion


Not in your opinion. For real.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Do you support Arsenal Alex? Genuine question as I have never seen you post anything other than praising Ozil. Who was shit tonight.


Name one big game 11 has taken the game over and dominated..


Is there a new rule now that would prevent me from talking about him alone? No free speaking? Özil created chances after chances. If this is being shit, ok then…

Kwame Ampadu Down

I’m just curious why someone on a website for a team comments on one member of that team only & never on any of other 20 odd members of the team squad. It’s just weird to me. No-one else does it.


How Arsenal was that? That defense again, so so poor from Koscielny. Weak……


LOLLLzzz……..we are so bad it’s funny!


I laughed through the whole match. I laughed at:
– the red card
– at Diego Simeone
– at Arsenal’s slow, directionless build up
– at Welbeck’s “predatory” instinct
– at Athletico’s time wasting
– at Athletico’s goal

But most of all I laughed at the Spanish commentators on the stream I was watching. I’m inured to these results. I had my entertainment and life goes on.

Jean Ralphio

There is no justice in this world. Only stupid mistakes.

Luke Brown

Horrible result


A horrible result is if they scored and we didn’t!


monumental missed opportunity 🙁

Pepe Nero

The bad news is that we’ve been going at them for 90 minutes against 10 men, and we have to pick up where we left at, against 11 this time. The worst news of all is that we can hardly surprise them next match – this was our best available eleven.

Kos would have never messed up that clearance in his 20’s.

Mesut's Magic

Well apart from that time he did, in a cup final vs Birmingham

Pepe Nero


I probably should have said ‘in his late twenties’.

The man clearly has lost a yard of pace.


Heart ache.


Why? Just why?
Sunday league defending 101. When in that sort of position you hold the attacker off until it comes down and smash it into Row Z. I’ve never seen anyone, of any footballing competence, attempt an overhead kick in that situation. A full rugby tackle would have been prefered.

We should have troubled them more. Credit to their defending.


I just had the most horrible thought…

Did we just Spurs it up???


No , we Arsenal-ed it up!


To play the devil’s advocate: if you asked before the game I’d have taken the 1-1


Didn’t realize Arsene’s parting gift to us was going to be a two-leg Greatest Hits DVD.


What’ll be next week? 5-1 to atletico?


Well, we are saving the win for Atletico’s home. I won’t lose hope yet.


Fuck me. We definitely needed Auba tonight to finish some of those chances. Off course 1 mistake and 1 goal. Koscielny kicks it into his own head, Ospina gets nutmegged, mustafi slips over, knees it into the goal. It’s like the three stooges back there.

Whoever the next manager is, please have some defensive coaching ability.

Ties not over, but somehow we now need to score to be able to be in it next week.

Matt P

That was shit. Just proved once again that the club really needs a shake up.
Some of the touches of many of our places are well short of top class


You guys are being a bit negative Nancy. First half done, job is to win in Spain. No “protect the lead” mindset just win.

Billy Bob

It’s been a bad week and this farsical conclusion to the game just compounds it!!! When we went 1-0 up I thought “finally” BUT then we goofed it up big time!!! If we can’t beat these guys with a man advantage at home, are we not going to struggle in the away leg?

Mesut's Magic

Well I thought we played pretty well. Terrible defensive error though! Hopefully with some time to cool off we’ll realise tomorrow that we’re still very much in the tie, and should have Mhki back for the second leg. You never know, maybe Santi will make a miraculous recovery to play in Spain!


We were not good enough in front of goal and we paid for it with the inevitable mistake bc we did not produce enough up top. Still paying for this decision to buy Auba instead of simply retain Giroud. He would have tucked away some of those crosses. And we lack the creative play of a genuine winger. Fullbacks Monreal and Bellerin did well, Welbeck was OK but no one to pass for Granit (who was again excellent) that could set of on his own, get past 1 or 2 of their defenders on his own. We could do with… Read more »


Ponderous. As per usual we were too slow in our build up to take advantage. When we were incisive and quick, we carved them open. But the moment they went to 10 men, they were always going to bunker down. We needed to move the ball quicker, and we needed movement in support. Instead we let in a critical away goal for them. One goal up, our brief would be not to concede but we again left a Cback one on one. To be fair, Koscielny had every opportunity to do the simple thing instead of trying to hook it… Read more »


A long pass, 1 vs 1 and a bad decision. Sounds familier? Mustafi too far away as usual.
But anyhow, we played well and showed guts and attitude tonight.
Wr beat them in Madrid, they’re cocky and up for a surprise next week.

Fireman Sam

If I was an opposition coach I’d just say “lads, it’s arsenal” – meaning, “play a few long balls, their defenders will trip over each other and the goalie will headbutt the post, or something like that”. Always comedy at the back.

Feel sorry for Kos. He’s been splendid over the years but feels like his time is really up.


Controlled steady performance undone by one ball over the top from a side that never ventured out of their own half. Sums up our season really.

I suppose the only thing to take away from this is that it is only half time. Need a performance along the lines of the San Siro one to progress.


Bollocks who cares. We’re the arsenal, if we have to go and do it in their backyard we will, it’ll just make it all the more enjoyable when we get to the final.


Only Arsenal can make me depressed after a game where the opposition had 10 men for 81 mins. Sigh.


Why do we always have to have the KosMustafiLaurelandHardyKeystone Cops shit show? When we keep missing all those chances you just know what’s going to happen. So disappointing and annoying. Also why doesn’t the manager put some fresh legs on, to keep things alive, his game management was it’s usual awful self. Athletico Madrid are just glorified stoke and I wouldn’t want their cunt of a manager anywhere near Arsenal, thanks.

Fireman Sam

He does look like a Cartel drug baron though. Kind of cool to have a rough looking baddie out of Miami Vice on the touchline.


I can’t be so negative. It was a decent performance lacking the clinical. Repeat that most times and Arsenal would have won. By the by, the point is this tie is still very much alive, sure it is a disappointing result, but not a disastrous one. Might as well keep positiveness going a week longer, nowt else for it.

Petit's Handbag

Christ I’m going to bed sad tonight.


Nothing’s changed….arsenal need to score in Madrid….asking them to play for a draw would be risky….contrary to what “fans” here might think, we are still in it….but hey, dont let me get in the way of your moping




1. A very good performance which deserved better.
2. We were awarded a gift with the sending off, then wasted it.
3. The goal we conceded was a comedy of errors, but we’ve been rubbish defensively all season.
4. Welbeck miss showed why he’s not good enough for Arsenal.
5. Typical Arsenal to blow this great chance. But it would be typical Arsenal to go to Madrid and win.


We did well. Created chances. Took shots. Fair play to Atletico, they defended like their lives depended on it.
Hopefully, against the odds, we will fare better in Spain against a more open team. As I say this I realize they have conceded a grand total of 4 goals in La liga at home this season. But hey, stranger things have happened.

Fireman Sam

Let’s do them in the upside down.


Comfort zone = Our philosophy
Players want wages.
Fans want entertainment.
Board wants profits without taking any risk.

Passion is dying a slow death. Is it the money in the game or is it lack of characters/leadership?


Simple. Beat them there and we move on. The only way they move on is a 0-0 draw, or a win by them. All we need is a draw above 0-0/1-1, or a win to move on. What I am trying to say before Arsenal fans rip apart the team is we are still in as good shape as they are. Also, let’s not forget they were lucky to score when they did. Let’s have some faith in our team.


Griezmann, what a diving cunt!

Hank Scorpio

Pathetic. No excuses. Summary executions deserved for all involved.


Would leave us a bit short for next week but hey ho



The Swede

A draw that isnt 0-0 or 1-1, for example 2-2, is what we have to aim for because we will never win in Madrid. With that said i believe that we probably need to miss CL again to receive the necessary overhaul after this awful season. We really need to rebuild the squad in a serious way and i dont think that will happen if we reach CL.

Fireman Sam

What are you smoking in Sweden lad?


I don’t know about all of you, but I’m willing to sacrifice some of the “values” of this club for some defensive stability when it comes to our next manager…


I don’t see why we can’t have both to be honest.


I don’t see how defensive stability comes at the cost of club values?

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