Wenger stands down – first team squad reaction


News of Arsene Wenger’s decision to call time on his Arsenal career this summer has shocked the first team squad as much as it has the fanbase.

Several of the players have taken to social media or the club’s official website to reflect on their relationship with the boss, here’s what they’ve had to say…


Per Mertesacker

He’s been the major figure for this club for over 20 years. He’s been so impressive for me and he’s trusted me so much throughout my career, in bringing me here, giving me the opportunity to play here and making me captain even when I was injured. He also gave me a future role here at the club, so I’m very grateful and humbled for the opportunity he gave to me. It is a sad day for me but we’re also moving forward for the future. It’s in Arsène’s interest as well that this club will give positive memories to the fans and the people. (Arsenal.com)

Jack Wilshere

First of all, I was shocked. I didn’t see it coming. I know he had another year left on his contract and I thought that he would do it, but unfortunately he’s not. I’m sad. Ever since I’ve known about Arsenal, Arsène has been there. I’m sad, I’m a little bit disappointed that we couldn’t give him the season he wanted, but we’ve still got a chance to win something so he can leave on a high. He’s been great for me throughout my career, gave me my chance from a young age, stuck with me, showed his faith in me and helped me to develop as a player. I owe him a lot in his career and I want to give him the send-off he deserves. I’m sure the fans do. I know the rest of the players do and we want to win something for him now. (Arsenal.com)

Hector Bellerin

Personally a very sad day. I am forever in debt to this man. The person who had faith in me and gave me a platform to progress. Thank you for all the memories and trophies boss. (@HectorBellerin)

Alex Iwobi

For Everything You’ve Done For Arsenal Football Club, For Trusting Me As A Teenager, For Giving Me The Opportunity To Express Myself And Grow Both As A Footballer And As A Person, I Will Forever Be Grateful To You Boss. Thank You So Much! (@AlexIwobi)

Aaron Ramsey

It’s been an honour to play for you and win trophies with http://you.You have been a big influence in my life on and off the field from a boy to a man.I am so happy to see everyone showing gratitude and respect today because you more than deserve it. Thank you Boss (@AaronRamsey)

Rob Holding

Forever thankful to the boss for bringing me to this great club. Now let’s end the season on a high for him! (@RobHolding95)

Joe Willock

A man who believed in me when most people didn’t. Taught me and nurtured me. Today is a sad day, a day where a legend has decided to step down, I will forever be grateful boss. (@joewillock)

Shkodran Mustafi

The end of an era for Arsenal and also a very moving moment for myself. You’ve made me a Gunner. No matter what I say, I can never thank you enough for all you’ve done for this club. We’ll give our all to make this a worthy farewell. (@MustafiOfficial)

David Ospina

Thank you for all the memories and for giving me the opportunity at Arsenal. (@D_Ospina1)

Petr Cech

After the big news today it’s an opportunity for all the Gunners to show the love and appreciation to the man who created huge part of the history and legacy of @Arsenal and hopefully will leave with another trophy in his hands! Up to all of us to make it happen. (@PetrCech)

Nacho Monreal

Thank you boss for all the memories and for my opportunity to come and player under your guidance!! (@_nachomonreal)

Danny Welbeck

Feel privileged to have worked under such a great manager. A true gentleman and an innovator of the game. We will fight until the end for you #MerciArsène (@DannyWelbeck)

Eddie Nketiah

Arsene Wenger will forever be a special manager to me. He gave me a chance and I will always be grateful to him for that. He has shown faith and support in me – not just as a manager and as a coach, but also as an individual. He will truly be missed. (@EddieNketiah9)
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Bob's Mexican Cousin



I’m not crying…you’re crying :-(…..


In tears


They can all write as much rubbish as they want now. It was his believe in you guys, with all your mediocrity and lack of commitment playing for the club, that got us here.
Wenger was more a father than a coach and that was a big part of his decline.


Ironically, he would have believed in you and supported you too. A class above.

forest gooner

A true gunner you are!

Reality check

Nice comment but sentiments aside.. he rejected, benched and sometime completely frozen out many many many players..
Football and his coaching aside, I’ll miss him, he’s a great man and I’ve learned so much from him, just his interviews. His words of wisdom have been a guide in my life, his personality an inspiration. He’s father i never had, a teacher i should’ve had and a mentor may everyone have.. MerciArsrne


The time for savagery is over Shambles, its finally over. Lets enjoys his last few weeks and send him out on a high. There’s no need for any more bitterness

Arsenala Vista Baby

Enough with the hatred. This is not the time.

Arctic Marty

give it a bleeding rest will ye. of all days….

Johnny Gooner

And that’s because, at the end of it all, no matter what you say, life is more important than football. I’d rather be a father than a coach any day.


Damn. Nice one.


Can you not just enjoy this moment as both a time the club moves forward and a time to be thankful for everything he has done? I’m so happy he’s decided to move on, but I still am in shock and quite emotional about it. Now isn’t the time to ridicule the man, it’s a time for happiness and respect.


Wow…just Wow!


i think it speaks volumes that so many players, past and present, think of arsene wenger as a father figure. so many stories all these years past, of how arsene treated people; players, staff, fans alike, with such genuine warmth, that they all have so much respect for him even beyond football. what he has achieved with arsenal is just one part of his legacy; but what type of a man he is, would reverberate through the lives of all those people who have crossed paths with him, and something i’m sure they will remember even well past their lives… Read more »

Udechukwu Nnoruka

I cannot understand you. How much history of Arsenal do you have? One of the sterling qualities of the man is that he stayed and struggled to get the ship back on course again. That he chose to leave when he thought that his further staying was untenable , is something to be admired. Please don’t kick a wounded legend. That’s not charitable .

Chippys chip


Met Christofi

I really hope we win the Europa League for him.


When the whole world from managers to players to fans pays tribute to wenger the internet is swamped and a news which is much bigger than city winning title says is all about a great men great legened and even more that loving a club is not only about winning trophies like oil clubs do chelsea and city which is forgoten as soon as they won it and managers like pep will be a past in 2 3 years time ans move on to other club.

dr Strange

I can’t help but feeling sad bordering on tears. Huge emotions. Huge, huge emotions and all my love to mr Wenger for all he’s done for the club, fans and the football in general.

Yellow Ribbon

Had these guys reacted with their performances then maybe Arsene could have left with a bang. All talk. Smh.


I’m surprised Mustafi didn’t Tweet with ”Well, that’s my Arsenal career over”


He doesn’t have to…just read between the lines

Evang. Simon

As much as i want this man to leave, am too emotional to say goodbye Arsene…. Nobody knows what the future holds without you at the helm of the affairs… well we ask for it and we get it so we should be prepared to face the resulting consequence….. All optimistic that this is the beginning of a bright future…
I cant wait for the launching of your book….

Arsène's protege.

Was like a Dad that I never had. This feels so sad. I mean really sad . I haven’t stopped crying.


calm down, no need to get over emotional.


It’ll be interesting to see how many of our current squad stay next year. Per of course, is retiring, but waiting to see what happens to the futures of Wilshere, Ramsey, Welbeck, Cazorla plus the likes of Mustafi, Ospina, not to mention our loan stars like Perez, Jenkinson, Martinez et al. It’s going to be a busy busy summer. I’d like to see the younger players like Chambers, Holding and Iwobi stay of course, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the new manager thinks. After 22 years, things are about to get really hectic!

Yaya sanogoals

Lmao. Loan stars. Really?


God Iwobi’s tweet burns my eyes… Why Does Every Word Begin With A Capital Letter??


No emotion, glad he’s gone. Actually, delighted.


You mean, like how people spit gleefully on your grave?

Bernardo Binda

you realize being glad and being delighted are emotions yes?

Faisal Narrage

All emotional.

One thing though….
Why Does Iwobi Start Every Word With A Capital Letter?


Just wondering how long it took Iwobi to put a capital letter at the start of every word?


I was thinking the same. Footballers sometimes aren’t the brightest tools in the shed.


Sharpest tool even. Haha.

King Henry

I can’t read these without welling up. Thought it was time a while back but I love the man.


I really want to hear the entire and packed Emirates singing his name. We will never see his like again and just think of all the incredible memories he has presided over. All the world class players that have graced the pitch that he brought to the club and all the trophies his teams won for us. No more do we need to hear Wenger out, no more do we need to feel anger at our league position or apathy about how poor we’ve been this season, now is the time to celebrate the Arsenal legend. And if any Arsenal… Read more »


Sad but inevitable. I’ve been saying he would leave 2018 for several seasons now. Naturally this is also motivated by recent results but I don’t think the man will want to manage another club. The obvious is the National job for France when Deschamp steps downafter the Wcup. Timing could mean : 1) We are close to landing our target replacement and club feels confident enough 2) Wenger wants to give the team an extra boost/motivation for the forthcoming Athletico hurdle. They will want him to leave with a trophy (and a significant europa one) but being the man he… Read more »


Reading this on a bus with tears welling up. Typing but don’t even know what to say. You’re a rare gem in this sport and you’d always be up there as and with the greatest sports managers ever. I’m very glad to have known and witnessed your work, the culture you’ve helped imbibe in the club, the style of play and most importantly that contagious class you uphold that sets you apart as a person. He’s taken hits upon hits to protect His players, staff, board,…. An Icon of purist football, the game will never be the same without your… Read more »


LOL… bet you some obtuse person will blame Jack’s contract situation on Wenger leaving too early now.

You’ll never win with that lot.

Hope this gives the team a right kick up the arse to get us by Athletico.


Getting the chills. Trying to not cry.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Already tears in my eyes…Wenger arrived at Arsenal the same week I arrived in England for studies and it’s been a landmark for me…He had to go but we have to make sure that we pay ALL the respect he deserves both as a the best Arsenal coach ever and as a great person.


Seaman; Sagna, Campbell, Adams, Cole; Vieira, Fabregas; Ramsey, Bergkamp, Pires; Henry


Thank god. Finally.

Tony Hall

As the saying goes …
form is temporary
class is permanent

And Arsene has always been a class act through the good times and bad

Billy Bob

I like Danny Welbeck, nice comments ?


Ospinas sounds blunt as fuck!