Sunday, August 7, 2022

Arsenal launch new Puma 18/19 home kit & training range

New Arsenal home shirt by Puma for the 2018/19 season.


Should you wish, you can buy it here.



Arsenal Puma home shirt 18/19 short sleeve
Arsenal Puma home shirt 18/19 long sleeve
Arsenal Puma home shirt 18/19 women’s short sleeve
Arsenal Puma home shorts 18/19
Arsenal Puma home socks 18/19
Arsenal Puma home stadium jacket 18/19
Arsenal Puma pre-match top 18/19
Arsenal Puma home goalkeeper shirt 18/19 short sleeve

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The pre-match top should be Away kit..


You mean third kit. Away should be yellow and blue. But yes, it does look so much better.


I like it. The subtle detail on the front is cool. Think I’ll buy my wife the ladies one. She’s a Liverpool fan 🙂

Theo Richards

At least if the kit is ugly the football will be beautiful…

Damo Dinkum

My eyes…. The goggles do nothing…


Real.. acid?..


Only the pre-match top and the goalkeeper kit are worth even looking at. The others leave me rubbing chili in my eyes.


We’ll look like Braga or something


Yes, I am the guy with fun fact: Their now characteristic Arsenal-esque red/white jerseys were first used in 1945, a switch that seems to have two equally possible explanations. Back-then president José Antunes Guimarães was a well-known Arsenal fan, a businessman, who had to travel to London once in a while. According to some accounts, he’s the one who decided that Braga should wear jerseys similar to those of the Gunners.


Woah never knew that. Thumbs up for the history lesson!

That reminds me that Juve’s black and white stripes are originally based on Notts County, the oldest pro football club in the world who started out in… (googles)… 1862!

Johnny T

Never knew that! What a great history exchange happened here. Thanks


Must be Puma’s revenge for us ditching them. I can’t think of any other reason why they would design something this ugly.


Surely the club could tell them it looks crap and try again?


Pretty sure they hade this design ready to go before any new kit deal had been agreed with anyone else.

Carlos _ Santana

Crikey mate, puma the crazy ex girlfriend

Ashraf George

not a fan of puma but it could rub off on me

Jungu Beans

Those sleeves – ugh…must…avert…eyes….


stadium jacket and goalkeeper shirt are nice, home shirt is totally trash


Every comment now makes sense without the like/dislikes….. Blogs why….. Oh why


There’s some problem with the ratings plug-in. Will look into it.


lol, even without anyone in it, the male one has a belly 😀 thanks, Puma, everyone is fat with these kits.


The tight fit might finally get me to shed my mandles


I thought the same thing when we swapped to puma initially… “going to have to buy an xl because American fatness” and the large fit just like the Nike.
The player kits (compression fit) are the skin tight.

Easy tiger

I like it.


Me too. Classical and modern at the same time. Always thought we should’ve try one where the white sleeves are connected. I thought generally our home kits haven’t been that bad with puma. I liked the one with the white bottom on the back and the golden lines on the neck. Last seasons home kit was nice too. Really liked the dark red. The only one I wasn’t very impressed with was the one with the v neck. That looked pretty ordinary.





Monkey knees

Says a lot when the GK and pre-match kit outshine the home shirt. What is up with that neck and those shoulders!?

Merlin's Panini

I’ve been trying to work out what it reminds me of and I just realised it looks like a dress wear the straps have fallen off the shoulders.
So glad this Puma shit is coming to an end. Bring on Adidas. Please not Nike again. They were pretty terrible too.

Merlin's Panini

“where” not “wear”. sorry.


My wife text me this when she saw:
Please don’t spend money on the new arsenal kit. It looks like they are graduating from starfleet, about to go explore the final frontier… but like as red shirts… so gonna die




The blurry one at the top of the article isn’t bad. All I need now is an old CRT TV and a “rabbit ears” aerial and I’ll be OK.

Rectum Spectrum

At least in the 90’s when kits where shit they were fucking hilariously so. They’re like cars now – they all look the same. Unispiring modern sameness.


Puma’s worst yet. Those armbands really are awful. At least I only have to pay what it’s worth this year, I won a contest and mine will be free.

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