Max Allegri says he’ll stay at Juventus next season


Arsenal’s chances of appointing Max Allegri to take over from Arsene Wenger seem slim after the Italian said he’d stay with Juventus next season unless the Serie A giants sacked him.

Given that he has just led his team to a fourth successive Scudetto title, it seems unlikely that they’d do that, leaving the Gunners shortlist light of one of its most experienced candidates.

Speaking to the press after sealing the title, Allegri was asked about his future and said, “If they don’t sack me, I’ll stay at Juventus next year too.”

As we reported yesterday, former captain Mikel Arteta is very much in the frame to take over and speculation about that was fueled by comments from Pep Guardiola over the weekend.

The Man City boss has worked with Arteta as his assistant for the last two years, and said, “If he stays I will be happiest guy in the world. If he decides to move because he has this offer, this option, I will not say you don’t have to go.

“I want the best for my friends, and he’s a friend of mine, and I want the best.

“If he decides to go, I will be so sad, but I will understand his decision, because it’s his career, his life, his family, and I am not the right guy to say you don’t have to do that.”

Maybe there’s a candidate we haven’t heard about yet, and it wouldn’t be unlike Arsenal to surprise people with an appointment nobody expected, but it does seem as if there’s something going on with Arteta.

The Arsene Wenger era finished yesterday with a 1-0 win over Huddersfield, read about that on today’s Arseblog.

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Manu Petits Left Peg

If this fucks up it’ll be spectacular….


I had a dream that Arteta was appointed coach and he took Guadiola as his assistant. Maybe I should stop mixing rum in my beer


I guess you have to take press conferences at face value, managers are always going to say neutral things in them.

If Allegri is out of the running it would be a massive disappointment, he’s won four doubles in a row & tactically he looks like the sort of guy who would sort out our well documented long term deficiencies.

As for Arteta? Not for me, this is a massive job, he’s only been an assistant for two years & we are replacing a man who has been at the club for 22 years, we need experience & discipline and I’m not sure how the players would react to a guy they played with now being their manager.

Let’s be honest, Arteta would be a massively underwhelming appointment, we need someone totally different to the Wenger way in my opinion.

Bad defending, lack of mental strength & bottling games have unfortunately became synonymous with Arsenal in recent years, we need a massive break from that and I don’t see Arteta being able to do that.

Happy to be wrong but I would prefer an experienced appointment.


Zidane was just an assistant as well for 2 seasons and a few months and is in his 3 consecutive champions league final having won the 2 with no major or big money signings, Guadiola was just a youth team coach for two years when Barcelona appointed him. When Arsenal came it was ARSENE WHO, coming from Japan but look at the accolades accorded unto him. I’m on board with Arteta, let him show us what he’s got. These people looking to him knows him better than we do. And why Do you think Guadiola chose him of all people even before he retired to be his assistant.


Im behind everything you just said, just would like to point out that the Wenger paralel isnt that functional since he already achieved things prior to his Japan stay, not like he started his career there.


I take your point but Zidane & Pep both did their apprenticeship with the reserve/youth teams.

Also (and this is isn’t a slight on their achievements) there is a world of difference between the Madrid & Barcelona squads they inherited against what Arteta may inherit.

Our squad needs a massive overhaul, Zidane & Pep has Ronaldo & Messi in theirs, plus the massive budgets that those teams have also.

On Arsene, he was appointed on the basis of his performance at Monaco and his relationship with Dein. The world was a lot bigger then and we didn’t access to all of the information we have now but he was still a brave choice and yes, it worked out very well.


I don’t agree that our squad needs a massive overhaul. I’m sure most squads in the premier league need a few new players, and maybe we do too, but our squad is, I think, pretty good. Liverpool are about to go into a Champions League final, having played most of the season with a midfield of Henderson, Milner and some other guy I can’t remember. Who saw that coming? Or maybe they just have a guy running the show who knows about modern football. The key question for me is, does Arteta have his own style and views, or will he be too influenced by Arsene’s ways, or Pep’s ways (neither of which are all bad, but don’t necessarily fit the squad we currently have).

Whoever comes in, we have to give them at least a season to settle in, and hope to challenge for the top 4. That’s a realistic aim.


In regards to the overhaul, to my mind we need the following –

CM (If Ramsey/Wilshire or both go)
LMF (if Welbeck goes)

We are talking six in, possible eight depending on departures and we have deadwood to clear such as Ospina, Jenkinson, Perez, Campbell along with players who have yet to commit their long term future to the club, that’s quite an overhaul, especially as like this year, we’ll have one team for the league and one for the Europa.


Not sure how the following have got on this season but jenkinson, perez and Campbell but I would have them in my squad based on their initial performances, even ospina is a strong number two if we replace cech.

The decision to loan them out have been some of wengers worst when, for example he kept iwobi on the books despite his repeated inability to shoot with anything approaching power to anywhere other than the centre of the goal.

Imo all three, moreso jenks and Campbell have the potential to compete with bellerin and iwobi respectively although jenks seems to have gone backwards under wenger, that’s a theme with many players and part and parcel of why it was time for him to leave.

There are other like debuchy or mustafi who haven’t taken their chances to perform in big games but these guys deserve a chance to compete shoulder to shoulder with their positional competition in training to show the new manager what they can contribute to the squad.

Maul Person

However you feel about the players and the level of change required, I don’t think any change will be as big as that. I think, for the most part, the new manager will work with what is available… initially at least. I can see a new GK, MF, RB (or RWB) and forward at the least but no more than 4/5 changes. Tops.

As @sheffieldgooner said, we actually have a good squad; I think most of the problems surrounding Arsenal are how the squad is trained and used, not how good they are. I suspect the board will want the new manager to make the best use of the personnel available. And I personally wouldn’t be against that, bar the 3-5 definite changes that need to be made.


wenger’s already experienced and won things before he came. Pep had to manage the barca b team and had proven his worth. Read his autobiography. Arteta hasn’t even managed a B team or youth team.
It’s a huge step up. I’m happy to be proven wrong but like many others i think we need an appointment that can galvanise and unite the fan base. If its arteta and he fails, it’s going to get ugly very soon and i wouldn’t want arteta to go through all that negativity so early on in his coaching career.

Gus Caesar

Can’t we just give him a chance first before we start talking about it getting ugly? None of us are experts on this appointment, we’re just going to have to wait and see, but it would help him if we’re all 100% behind him.


Interesting to see the difference of opinion Arteta’s appointment might lead to, before it’s even happened.

It’s hard not to agree with many others. If the reason the board and Arsene agreed to part company was due to the effects it was having on the fan base, I can’t see Arteta’s appointment being anything other than a continuation of the division that led to Arsene standing aside in the first place.

It’d be good to offer Arteta a chance, but if it’s time to heal a wound, I can’t see Arteta’s appointment doing that.

One would hope the board are aware of this.

Gus Caesar

I too would like a proven and experienced manager rather than Arteta. However, unless someone has been at Arteta with City or even seen his potential first-hand at Arsenal, I fail to see how they could know that he won’t be a good appointment. As far as I can see he could be a great appointment, an awful one or somewhere in between. It’s a big gamble and, yes, the pressure is on the board not to f*ck it up.

But, after all of the divisions amongst us fans, it would just be nice if people got behind him for a while. Perhaps the wounds that people think need healing could simply be healed by them not constantly looking for ways to be incessantly angry at things which haven’t even happened?!


That’s the mistake people make thinking that Wenger left because of fan opinion…of course the empty seats didn’t help but the failure to get CL was the biggest reason in my opinion

John Bull

Not correct … the announcement was made before the EL semi-final result against Atletico was known …. the Wenger out brigade fed by the social media , Morgan followers and the mainstream and tabloid narrative have a large influence on this …Anyway Wenger has come out of this in a far far better light … There is no doubt that if the club does not show a better performance in the next 1-2 years than the last 2 years , the decision will have been a negative one for the club — in the last 2 years –5th and 6th , 1 FA cup , 1 League cup final and EL semifinal …. minimum for the the next 2 years – at least 1 trophy , I final and top 4 in the league … otherwise we will have gone backwards …

Anne Noyd

I think main the difference here is that Arteta was literally playing with 80% of this squad two years ago. This team needs more than anything a new face with new ideas and a fresh approach. I cannot see this working out, however I can see why Gazidis would want it as it puts him firmly in puppet the master role he’s been craving.


Guardiola and Zidane both managed the B teams there, which play in the Championship or league one equivalent. It’s real-life management, only they can’t get promoted. So you really can’t compare them to Arteta. It was Arsene Who in England, but with a Ligue 1 and Coupe de France, they knew him elsewhere. Though Arteta is a La Masia product and has vast PL experience, he has nowhere near as much experience as the other three.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Maybe Arteta is going to Everton because he is more or an Everton product. He was part of the panic buy after the heavy defeat at Old Trafford.
Arteta may be a fast learner, I don’t know but can he bench one of Lacazette or Auba without them wanting to leave the club ? Auba had a very difficult personality at Dormund and that was the single reason we got him.

A Different George

Aubameyang had no problems at Dortmund until the very end, when he forced a sale. So, the opposite of what you say: the only reason he was a problem was that he wanted to come to Arsenal.

pradeep kachhala

valid points but both Barca and Real had massive resources and the right structures in place – they could afford to take the risk – i don’t think we can

Gus Caesar

On the contrary, expectations at Barca and Real are off the scale compared to us. If Barca get it wrong then their president is voted out. If we finish 6th again then we’ll lose a few million and the season ticket waiting list will shrink again but nothing else will happen.



I genuinely do not understand how people are making the comparisons between Zidan, Guardiola and Arteta.

Zidan inherited a team which already had huge success in recent seasons. With a squad comprised of some the of best players in world football; Ronaldo, Kroos, Marcelo, Modiric, Bale to name a few. He is also Zidan. One of the greatest players to ever have play the game. He already has a huge amount of authority in the dressing room, because players respect who he is and what he’s done. He also has management experience. He managed their B team, and he was originally assistant to Carlo Ancelotti at Madrid when they won the UCL and Copa del Rey. He’s been involved in the Madrid management set up since 2013.

The same goes for Pep Guardiola, he was highly regarded as one of the best players of his generation, especially actually by Barcelona. He again also has hands on managerial experience, he managed the Barcelona B team for a whole year before taking over the senior team from Rijkaard the following season. So from that time spent around the B team, he already knew who all of the best players were, so he brought them into the first team. He also inherited some absolutely phenomenal players as well, again some of the best the game has ever seen.

I’d also like to further highlight, that both of those guys also had pretty much unlimited budgets. No players are financially out of reach for either of those clubs.

Arteta has none of the above. He doesn’t have any clout in the dressing room. Because he wasn’t anywhere near the same level of profile of player that those guys were. He isn’t inheriting a team with players anywhere near the same level of those at Real or Barcelona. He also has ZERO managerial experience. None. Nothing. He has simply been Guardiola’s assistant for 2 seasons. That’s it. Its not as if he’s been working with him for a decade, and been part of the huge successes as Barcelona. Munich, and now City. He’s been there for hardly any time at all. He will also have a stupidly restricted budget, and yeah, I get it. We have Mislintat, but guess what, those players in his phonebook aren’t going to want to come play for Arsenal under Arteta without any Champions League football. The only reason we got Aubameyang in was because of Arsene Wenger. The player even admitted that.

If the appointment of Arteta goes through, which is looking like its ever more likely we are completely F’d in the A.

The footballing heavens are not going to open, and shine light down onto us and Arteta is going to be this unearthed second coming of a new Arsene Wenger. It is going to be nothing short of a disaster.

We’ve long waited to see the competency levels of those people who’ve hidden behind Arsene Wenger the last 10 years. The very appointment of Arteta highlights exactly the reasons why we haven’t heard from any of them. Its because they have no idea what they’re doing.


well said. i am baffled some people are even mentioning his name. for me allegri was the perfect man to replace wenger . now that he is out i think someone like nagglesman , tedesco in bundesliga, benitez or paul fonseca of shaktar would be a good appointment. nagglesman and tedesco because they are young and in a very short time have shown capable to change the fortunes of a poorly run club with limited resources. fonseca is unknown but i think he is going to be a star in the future . he finished second the the champions league group stage in a strong group and even managed to beat guardiolas man city. benitez is a dvisive choiice but i think he is very underated . there are not many managers that have won champions league for arsenal to hire . and even amoung them not many have won it in the past few years with a team that is not traditionally a super club. if benitez as half as outspoken as mourinho is nobody would be doubting his credentials.

tuchel is off to psg, sarri is good but i think we need a coach who can make us defensively strong, ancelloti is old and i think we should steer clear of him , luiz enrique could be good but too expensive and he needs to show he can manage on limited budget , jardim i think is a bit overated. besides this arteta and henry and viera are all too inexperienced or not good enough to manage arsenal


Iamgoober very well said, Id add that both Barca and real were already winning on top of the lengths they went to to groom a replacement
Not only has this board presided over this clubs relative decline in recent years but they have been too short sighted to groom Wengers successor in good time rather, seeking to appoint a replacement only after Wenger has confirmed his departure.

This speaks volumes of the tension surrounding his departure, they either couldn’t agree with Wenger that it would be best to begin the search/ preparations for his departure early enough leaving it to Wenger who seems to have little say in who his successor is anyway and/or have only now wengers gone, been in contact with possible successors creating a race against time to identify the correct man, confirm player contract renewals of wilshere etc and identify his pre world cup targets to acquire the right players before they blow on the big stage.

But anyway..

In our circumstance; no champions league football, no league title for 15 odd years, if nothing else the new manager has to have the pedigree of recruiting and trainv winning teams.

I’m not expecting a disaster from arteta but knowing the incompetence we’ve seen from financial meddling at the top to ineffective transfer attempts to a poor team selection from Wenger and his staff we need someone whom is expected to succeed not someone like arteta who from whatever angle you look at it we will hope to succeed in these circumstances.

I would love arteta to be successful but more than that I would hate to be asking a year from now as we celebrate surviving a relegation scare to stay in the league “why did we choose someone so inexperienced, why didn’t we have an experienced manager lined up?”.

If an experienced manager fails I won’t be asking those questions and I don’t want to be either. We have to go big now for a few seasons.

A big club shouldnt be taking a risk on a young manager when the club is in dire straights like us. He doesn’t have the experience and definied philosophy to lead and inspire the players, chairman, owner and fans to follow him in the tough times and with so many influence could very easily with flip flop or arrogantly hold steadfast to a doomed line of action or tactics with out the experience or self awareness to take a holistic view.

Arteta may be capable of this but unlike pep and zidane with their respective B teams he hasn’t proven it and whilst he’ll have my full support if he is appointed I will see it as a indication of the club management’s incompetence and hope that arteta can transcend that.


Yes but they both inherited teams with bottomless pockets and players like Iniesta, Ronald,Xavi etc….our incoming manager gets Danny Welbeck ( Sorry Danny 😉 )


But neither of them really used their “bottomless pockets” before taking their teams to huge success in their first seasons in charge. They both used the squads they inherited, basically (if memory serves, Pep brought in Alves and some kid from United’s reserves named Pique, while getting rid of some serious talent in Ronaldinho, Deco, etc; Zidane’s squad was virtually identical to Ancelotti/Benitez’s).

The key issue is not his age, experience, etc. It’s whether he’s got serious managerial talent. Given how highly regard he is by Pep and many others (Poch offered him a job on Spurs’s staff too), the circumstantial evidence is that he’s got the talent. But here’s the thing: NONE OF US REALLY HAVE SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, WHEREAS GAZIDIS, SVEN, AND RAUL ARE IN A POSITION TO MAKE A MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE INFORMED DECISION.

So it’s legitimate to think that, all else being equal, it would be smarter/safer to appoint someone with more experience like an Allegri. But it seems massively misguided to dismiss the very possibility that Arteta could be a good appointment out of hand, without first giving him a shot, if he does come in.



I’m sorry.. are you trying to tell me that Pep Guardiola didn’t spent any money at all Barcelona from 2008 until he left?

In his first season: 96,00 Mill – Players like Alves, Hleb, Pique,

In his second season: 113,50 Mill Euro – players like Zlatan, Chygrynskiy, Keirrison

Third season: 72,50 Mill Euro – players like Villa, Mascherano, Adriano

Fourth season: 60,00 Mill Euro – players – Fabregas, Sanchez

Pretty much just shy of 350 Million Euro.

He spent truck loads of cash. And take into consideration that this was from 2008, so they were buying players for the most expensive transfers fees at that time.

Since taking over in 2016 Zidan has spent around 115 million Euros; bringing in guys like Júnior, Hernández, Morata.

Both managers have not been held back when looking to spend money.

So your point is completely irrelevant.




That’s exactly the point I am making. That is the very reason why he shouldn’t be anywhere near being considered for this job. Because they cant be making an informed decision. Because he has no proven track record of being able to deliver anything. That’s the exact reason why his name shouldn’t be in our hat.

We should be looking to get a manager in who HAS got a track record of winning stuff. Who HAS got a proven track record of winning stuff.

We shouldn’t be handing out jobs to anyone. Genuinely there are probably a couple of thousand coaches in England alone who have completed all of their coaching badges with distinction, and have actually managed teams at a decent level that have far greater credentials than Arteta, but wont get considered.

Its a farce.

Sure if Allegri cant get out of Juventus, then you’ve got Carlo Ancelotti floating around without a job. There’s a guy who’s won the Champions League three times. Who’s won the Premier League. The FA Cup. Domestic titles in France, Italy, Germany.

You’re telling me Arteta is a better option than him as well?

Its not 1996 anymore. Its 2018. Arteta will get us eaten alive. Wake up.


Exactly. The Arteta debate isn’t really about Arteta, it’s an ideological battle about who we are as a club.

Do we recognise that we’re years behind our competitors and appoint a coach that can match our rivals head to head, or is Arsenal still this quirky little club where results don’t really matter and even if we take a risk that goes on wrong it’s just another couple wasted years on top of what we wasted already.

Everything we’ve done points to the former, but because the club have allowed Arteta’s name to be in the mix as a distraction, people are folding themselves into a pretzel trying to justify what would be an utterly mad decision.

Jack Action

PFo – Arteta has ZERO experience picking starting line-ups, dropping players, fielding calls from the agents of players whose egos are bruised, making half-time adjustments, in-game substitutions, leading press-conferences, pre-game talks etc. He might be a prodigy as a trainer (is this even being suggested), but these are things he needs experience to learn, especially in the modern Premier League. He’s only two years removed from the team – how on earth is he going to bench Ozil, Aubameyang, Mhyki or any senior player that is miles better than he ever was? Arteta was a good player but not world class by any stretch of the imagination. Zidane and Guardiola at least had that gravitas of having done great things as players… Arteta captained one trophy wining team, an FA Cup win over… Wigan.
This would be a dumb move and basically throwing in the towel on the next couple of seasons, perhaps he’s even being installed as the fall-guy until a better candidate arrives. Of course Pep speaks glowingly of him – that’s his assistant. What’s he supposed to say? “Mikel? Meh, he’s OK, he’s still got a lot to learn.” Then go back to work with the guy if he doesn’t get the job?

Jack Action

The difference is that Zidane and Guardiola all had experience with managing player expectations, dropping players from the line-ups, picking starting XI’s, making in-game substitutions, adjustments at half-time – even if it was with B teams or teams in Japan. Arsene Wenger had already managed for a long time at Monaco and Grampus … Arteta might be an extremely capable and intelligent trainer (we don’t know this for sure except for heresay) but we know he has zero experience the stuff I described. Not a fair comparison at all.


Almond. Arteta is Spanish. Guardiola is Spanish. Language. Friendship. He knew what he got. Those are some of the main reasons. But Guardiola wants him to stay. So he must be a very good assistent for Guardiola. And he was a leader at Arsenal. That’s about what we know about his qualities.

pradeep kachhala

agreed and Arteta isn’t really associated with the glory days like Vieira for example


so what?


I just think if people are up for taking risks and advocating for Arteta they might as well advocate Vieira or even Steve Bould.

But apparently all Pep has to do is say “he’s my friend” and Arteta is automatically in a higher bracket than two ex-players who are actual Arsenal legends and have more real-life coaching experience.

This isn’t an argument against Arteta, who I like and respect. It’s more about this ridiculous idolatry of Guardiola, whose done very little to deserve it aside form win a title. A very average but well-organised Arsenal team beat him at Wembley and made sure he ended his first season in England trophy-less. So he spends another 200m, and still couldn’t get past a well-organised Liverpool team with a very average defence in the CL. There’s no sugar-coating it – the CL exit was a massive failure for all that club’s investment.

It’s horrible to see Arsenal fans fawn over a manager whose football may resemble Wenger’s best, but needed to spend so much money to do it that it’s already permanently distorted the competitive landscape at the top of the Premier League.

Frankly, what City are doing is the antithesis of Wenger’s approach and Arsenal’s sustainability. We should be brave enough to keep charting our own path.


“But apparently all Pep has to do is say “he’s my friend” and Arteta is automatically in a higher bracket than two ex-players who are actual Arsenal legends and have more real-life coaching experience.”

Complete straw man. Ivan, Raul, and Sven may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they’re not morons. If he’s ahead of those others in the pecking order, it’s probably because IRS have some evidence that he’s got more managerial talent than them. (And you’re not really suggesting Pep’s comments to reporters over the weekend about Arteta being his “friend” are what’s pushed him up in the running for the job, are you? Because I’m pretty sure that’s not how cause and effect works…)

“It’s more about this ridiculous idolatry of Guardiola, whose done very little to deserve it aside from win a title.”

Huh? “A” title? So all those trophies at Bayern and Barca don’t count? Or the fact that his team smashed record after record in the league this season playing brilliant attacking football means nothing?

Geez, there’s legitimate criticism/skepticism of Guardiola: I don’t like the huge financial advantage City have, or the fact that Guardiola always chooses projects where the club have super-deep pockets either. But let’s give the man his proper due.


You seem to be labouring under the misconception that I have some obligation to give Pep Guardiola his “due”.

I acknowledged he won a title. If you want to worship at the man’s feet I’m sure there’s a City version of this blog out there where non-City supporters who are Guardiola fanboys can go and wax lyrical about him.

Jack Action

We know Enrique is too expensive, perhaps Jardim, Nagelsmann, Tedesco and Fonseca don’t want to leave their clubs. Allegri doesn’t want to leave Juventus. Vieira may be waiting for the City job, Guardiola never lasts more than 3 or 4 years in any one spot. Ragnik, Benitez, Rodgers and Ancelotti would not be very bold or exciting picks and IRS are not keen on any of them. This may be the reality – for all of our belief that Arsenal are an uber-attractive managing opportunity, perhaps not.

Is anyone discussing how Arteta may be the preferred option because no one else wants the job?


Jack, I hear you but surely the job is a coach’s dream?

60,000 seater stadium, ultra-modern facilities, a team with an attack good enough to match City’s home record… all the new man has to do is move the right players on, find a few gems at GK, CB and DM, add a proper wingman like Douglas Costa, rejig us tactically so we’re more comfortable defending deep and counter-attacking away from home, and we could be dark horses next year.

Gus Caesar

I think most of us would prefer an experienced manager with a track record of success. We’ve not been genuine contenders for a while now and we all want to get back to the top quickly, so a proven boss is understandably desirable. In that sense Arteta would be underwhelming.

But, unless one of us has actual first-hand experience of Arteta’s coaching at Man City (or even him showing his potential at Arsenal), I find it hard to understand how anyone knows what he is capable of. It seems to me that he could be awful or he could be brilliant or he could be somewhere in between. This is one where we have to all admit that we just don’t know until we see his teams in action. It’s quite exciting really, we’ll be in completely unknown territory.

I’m also not sure that it’s fair to link Arteta’s coaching ability with him once playing in an underwhelming Arsenal team. He wasn’t the manager, nor was he even a coach, we all know that Wenger had complete control over how the team was set-up etc. Some of the greatest managers played in some poor teams, if anything you could argue that this is excellent experience, they know what not to do.

If it is Arteta (and it seems that it is), i’ll be getting behind him 100% and I urge all fellow Gooners to do the same. Also, purely for selfish reasons i’d be happy as I had a fiver on him getting the job back in December!!!

Mkhi Most

The danger is Gazidis wants a correction. He’s had to deal with a guy who controlled every aspect of the club and Gazidis doesn’t want that to happe again. It won’t of course. But he could make the mistake of appointing the polar opposite of Wenger rather than work with someone of Allegri’s or Ancellotti’s experience and authority.

Viva la prof

He’s a match fixer anyway, I don’t want him.

Akshay B

I believe that was Conte who was accused of that?

Viva la prof

He was banned for one year in 2001 with others six Italian footballers for match-fixing following a Coppa Italia tie in 2000 or is this a different chap?


He is the kind of man who will say *managerout* and *bringbackarsene* as soon as results go south next season.

Jack Action

He was exonerated of the charge. Is your name Jose?


But but but all those super informed Twitter ITKs said it’s been done for months!


Glad he’s not coming to Arsenal. What’s he ever won at Juventus?

Me So Hornsey

I don’t think Arteta would be anything like Wenger. He’s always had this stealy determination look about him and no nonsense, a bit like Pep.

However, I’m not sure now is the time for Arsenal to be the guinea pig for a rookie manager. Not the state we’re in. Having said that, I think something revolutionary is required to get us out of the mentality rotting through the squad. His appointment would be pretty radical.

It’s a tough one. Lets see what Jardim has to say when the journos inevitably descend upon him.


Come on everybody, let’s say it together: Jardim! Jardim! Jardim!

Wouldn’t mind Arteta coming back to be his assistant…


It would be the logical choice. Experienced, winner, developing young player, rebuilding team year after year, adapt his tactics to opposition. Not to forget he is at 33/1 and would give a nice little bonus if he was appointed!

Jack Action

Has zero history with either Kroenke Jr., Gazidis, Sanhelli or Mislintat. If you’ll notice any contender in serious rumors has some kind of history with one of the Wise Men running the club now. That’s why it’s been mostly Enrique, Arteta, Nagelsman, Ragnick and Buvac being discussed. Allegri was never going to come, Jardim probably is not even being contacted.

pradeep kachhala

in allegri’s absence i would take jardim – especially his reputation at sporting and Monaco in bringing great clubs back to prominence


I actually think everything is set up for Arteta to come in and take over. He was always well respected by the players and club. There’s a director of football and head of recruitment in place, Per is head of the academy. Arteta knows the players well and also the youth players, and he will Be able to combine all that.


I’m willing to concede Arteta has potential, considering he’s been tipped for good things by both Wenger and Guardiola. And the (huge, huge) problem of his stark inexperience is mitigated a little by the examples of Guardiola and the guy at the LA Rams.

But the appointment has to be for the right reasons – i.e. the Board and advisors should be convinced that he has the authority to instruct the likes of Ozil, Ramsey and Aubameyang, and demand performances from Iwobi, Bellerin etc.

With Kroenke and Gazidis, I’m very concerned that what they like about Arteta is that he won’t demand investment, he doesn’t have natural allies in the press to make clear whose fault it is, and that he is a difficult person for the fans to turn on, considering we’re still grateful for his playing through a near-crisis for us.


This–unlike some of the thoughts expressed by Arteta skeptics here and on twitter–is a fair perspective. You make a number of good points.

You’re wrong about one thing though: clearly there’s a section of the fanbase only too eager to turn on him before he’s even gotten the job!


I can get behind Arteta. He’s well connected having grown up with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta etc. He knows the premier league. Guardiola doesn’t have him because he’s doesn’t contribute something he wants to have. He’s disciplined (look at that hair) and I think the players like him.

If you honestly think Arsenal are about to give Allegri £10m+ per year and £200m for players this summer compared to £3-4m for Arteta and £50m to spend, Then you’re banking on this club changing its whole identity and ethos in one summer


I’m getting ready for a giant cock up. I have no trust in Stan, Gazidis and the rest of them to make the right appointment. They’ll bring in the cheapest, most agreeable guy they’ll find. AW was never the problem. Owners than don’t invest in the club and useless directors are the problem.

SB Still

This was predicted wasn’t it, Wenger took a lot of bullets for the people above. He has rightly been moved on. However do the guys who run the club be able to bring in the right replacement – I’m not confident.

The paper talk were fine but as with the player transfers the club seem unable to move swiftly and decisively.

Bob dobbery

I don’t think Arteta is an agreeable pushover


Whoever we appoint as manager, their success will be based more on the financial support they receive to make changes on the field than their profile. So at this point I am less concerned about the candidates being named by the media than I am about the on-field shake-up said candidates have to carry out.


Disagree. Regardless of the names, we have had the same issues for years (as mentioned above: “bad defending, lack of mental strength & bottling games”).

Thats why I wanted Allegri: strong tactician who would shake up the mentality.

I think with right guidance, theres so much more in the current squad. Not saying it is title winning squad, but far from a bad one.


I’d take Rafa Benitez over Arteta. Not that I know how good or bad our former captain is but because I’ve seen Rafa steady a few ship down the years. And that’s probably what we need in a transition.
He was building something special at Liverpool too with that team with mascherano, Alonso and Torres before Tom Hicks and his friend decided to sell everyone good at football before selling the club.

To add to that, I believe Arteta would be given time to get it right in case things went wrong like we did with Arsene but an experienced manager might be moved on for another and it has worked out just fine for city, bayern, the Spanish giants. Clubs with a similar administrative structure we’ve built.

He might work out just fine but I laughed a lot at Moyes to fear an Arteta sort of appointment


If they have to go for a young manager, my first choice would be Jardim then Nagelsmann.


Agree. Those look to me to be the two best candidates still in the frame (plus maybe Buvac as a wild card?).

But maybe Gazidis and friends have evidence that Arteta has similar managerial talent. If so, he has the added advantage over those two of familiarity with the club and the league (plus being a super classy guy).


I don’t understand why Rafa is not in the frame

Arteta might be an inspired choice, I just hope it’s cleverness and not stupidity sending us down that route.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Can’t believe you got a single up vote for mentioning Benitez.


the same here . benitez is so underated in my opinion. the last manager to win a champions league with a club that is not traditionally a super club calls himself the special one. if benitez were half as outspoken as mourinho he’d be managing barcelona and madrid and bayern every year. even still the work he did with newcastle is nothing short of remarkable . he managed to bring them to top ten under an owner that is remarkably more thrifty than kroenke. imagine what he can do with the 50-60 million , he’d build a proper team. we have to stop assume arsenal will start spending 100 million every year and if you cannot spend as much you have to appoint the right people like pochetino or klopp

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Is that why Benitez got fired after 6 months at Bernabeu ?


benitez was fired for reasons largely outside his own controll. madrid team was increadibly loapsided towards attack and poor defence and he wanted to change things around . but benitez untimately didint had the clout to influence anything. he stopped playing james kroos and modric together and wanted to play casemiro instead of james and he wanted to ditch benzema and start playing ronaldo as centre forward. but it was hugely unpopular decision with the management and the fans and players alike to keep player like james with the reserves . so due to the management fan and squad discontent and coupled string of poor run meant he was fired. but you can see that all of his decisions turn out to be true as zidane his successor did the same things he wanted , but unlike benitez he had the clout and influence to implement it. benzema cant hit worth shit now, james was shipped off and casemiro plays regularly for the team


Yeah, he really “steadied those ships” at Inter and Real Madrid…

Mkhi Most

I’m worried……?

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

I found it a very unrealistic scenario for him to join us. Why would he leave Juve after winning so many consecutive titles, going to CL finals etc for a team that has shown so many problems on the pitch? I’m sure the money he gets are equivalent of what we could offer as well…


Actually, he earns 3.5 mln pounds a year. Wenger was on 8 mln. As for why he would leave Juve for Arsenal, I think the PL is the big time and any manager would have the ambition to manage in England. Moreover, Arsenal is in top 10 elite clubs in the world. Juve isn’t.

Spanish Gooner

I’m a gooner just like you, but Juventus are footballing royalty and have more prestige than us. They’ve won the most league titles in Italy, have won the Champions league twice and have been to the final again twice in the last 5 seasons


I’m not saying they’re not a prestigious, historic club. They’re just not in the list of elite clubs. Mind you, according to KPMG, Spu*s are also in the top 10 elite clubs in terms of valuation. The Italian clubs have fallen way behind the Premier League and La Liga.

Jean Ralphio

Surprised we haven’t heard about nagalsman a lot. He would be my choice. But I’d be happy with Arteta too


It ‘s quite scary to not know who the next manager is. The IRS is kind of improvising . If they knew that it was Arsene’s last season they should have acted accordingly and have the next gaffer lined up and announced in January like big clubs do. But players are going on holiday and some at the world cup and they don’t know who is gonna be in charge , if he is going to want them or transfer them etc… . and the transfer windows has been reduced also. The most worrying part is if they don’t accept to splash the cash on transfers I don’t see any experienced manager like Allegri nor Ancelloti or Jardim or Rafa etc… coming in and accept the limited transfers funds Arsene has accepted for so long.

Faisal Narrage

The scary thing is….what if this was always the plan?
Send Arteta off to gain experience and then bring him back?

I’m all for boldness, which is why I was against then likes of Ancelotti and other big names (would’ve taken Allegri in a heartbeat, but wasn’t expecting it to happen). But was expecting boldness in the mid ground; a Jardim or Julien. Even that Bovic fella or whatever I was initially warming up to.

But Arteta is the opposites spectrum of Ancelotti. There’s playing it too safe and lacking courage (Ancelotti) and then there’s just making boldness for boldness sake, which is what I fear Arteta is.

Or maybe this is all just a PR roose. Tell us we have £50m, lower our expectations with the likelihood of Arteta and then once we sign the other unknown amen have a budget of £100m, it doesn’t seem too bad.


why get rid of Wenger if you have (a) no confirmed top class replacement, as won’t pay what it takes to strengthen the squad with world class talent and (b) when candidates you approach who have the right pedigree turn you down because of (a), turn to someone who’s a great guy but has zero managerial experience at any level?
Are Sven M and his Barca mate now being hamstrung by Ivan and the Board’s penny pinching? Either way, it’s looking like the Board are maintaining their reputation for lack of ambition and dithering.
I hope I’m wrong obviously.


The word “very” is not in peps dictionary


I have no trust in Stan, Gazidis and the rest of them to make the right appointment. They’ll bring in the cheapest, most agreeable guy they’ll find. AW was never the problem. Owners than don’t invest in the club and useless directors are the problem.


Gazidis brought Head of Recruitment from Dortmund and DoF from Barcelona. Those are some of best people in the business, therefore far from cheap ones.

I actually do like the new structure and agree to find someone whos more of a proper coach rather than a guy who runs everything. That doesnt necessarily mean they want themselves a puppet to play with.

Nevertheless in my opinion Allegri would be much better appointment tha Arteta. Time will tell.


Exactly, gazidis- for all his faults, is finally acting on his words.mislintat,sanhelli,burges and contract guy are amongst the best in their field.I am pretty sure we will get a manager who will be competent. Would surely wont mind Rafa as well.

Faisal Narrage

We’ve now entered the Gazidis chapter and really and truly it SHOULD be the CEO that has a vision amen inplements it.

Like him or not, it’s time to trust him. He clearly has a vision to modernise the club and make it the future of a new way of doing things. He bought statsDNA, he forced the medical updates, he forced the academy changes which bore fruit in a short time (he appointed our former academy head, and story goes he reason he left was due to no backing from Wenger. But ultimately his short time here and decisions he made, such as recruiting a type of player and trying to change our loaning system, bared fruit).
Sven, Senhelli, Burgess (the most respected sports scientist in the field, etc).

I know blogs has managed to paint Ivan as a villain and many fans have followed suit, but I’m gonna put my trust in him.


I agree with all that except I think painting Arsene as the villain with respect to why the dutch guy in charge of the youth set-up left (can’t remember his name), is complete speculation, and therefore uncharitable towards AW. For one thing, he was offered the chance to be the manager at a Bundesliga club, which most would see as a promotion from being the head of youth at a club.

Faisal Narrage

Its based on personal intel but I don’t expect anyone to believe me.


If AW couldn’t win the league on our budget, I think most top managers will struggle to do it too. Never mind the Artetas of this world.

Our owner and the CEO he appointed believe (or so they say) we can compete without the Kroenkes putting a penny in the club. Without AW, it will quickly become apparent that this isn’t the case.


Wenger has spent a shitload of money over the last few years and gone backwards. You’re assumption that if Wenger couldn’t do it on our budget no manager could is just plain wrong. Sorry to break this to you but Wenger hasn’t been a top manager for a long time.


What about Laurent Blanc? Great leader on the pitch as a player and experience from both Bordeaux and Paris Saint-Germain.

Gooner Sam

Like it or not all roads lead to Arteta

Gooner Sam

Agree with the majority here, not sure that Arteta can shake up the squad as much as is required, a more experienced head like a Jardim would make more sense.

matty t.

Arteta clearly has potential. My main concerns would be his ability to attract the players we desperately need, especially without the Champions League carrot, and whether he has the gravitas and personality to impose discipline on our squad. Would he merely be a Gazidis/Josh Kroenke yes man indulging the likes of Ozil and his “illnesses”? Would the players have enough respect for him? There are rumours he wasn’t as well liked as we imagine.

It is also clear his appointment would be a divisive one with the fans at a time when we really need to pull together. Jardim would be my preference but that seems to have gone cold. Vieira would be less divisive. If it’s to be an ex-player I would sway towards him. He is very highly regarded in the States.


I’m not sure Vieira is “very highly regarded in the States,” and, speaking as an American, I’m not sure if he is, that that’s much of an endorsement.


Utterly sick of the view that our next appointment must unite fans.

Also, we desperately need to have AFTV banned from our premises. I know it’s not Blogs prerogative, but I yearn for the momentum he could give such a movement.


Why should they be banned? They managed to get what most people wanted.
They actually pay a lot of money and have seen Arsenal play live more than any of us on this site. Most of the views on their site are positive, but no one talks about those interviews, remember Arsenal are sixth so they have won more games than they have lost. Just because someone has a different view from yours doesn’t mean that view isn’t valid. Just because someone speaks a different way doesn’t mean his or her view isn’t valid. This part gets me the most, Arsenal are one of the most diverse clubs in the world when it comes to fans but when it comes time to speak it seems only one palate of fans gets the right to speak while others are deemed an embarrassment. I sincerely hope this isn’t prejudice bordering on racism.


I wish people would criticise the arguments people make on AFTV, instead of AFTV itself as if it was a person. It’s just a platform for people to speak their minds. I’ve seen people on there who spoke very passionately in favour of Wenger. But it’s always the negative stuff that goes viral.

AFTV became a quick success because before it, mainstream British football punditry and journalism was a cliche-ridden tabloid mess filled with ex-Liverpool nobs like Mark Lawrenson, or sexist creeps like Richard Keys and Andy Gray. Andy “Tactics Truck” Townsend. Garth “The whole Spurs team should be the Team of the Season” Crooks. John Cross at the Mirror, Neil Ashton at the Sun, and Oliver Holt at the Daily Mail. These people perfected clickbait and trolling in print before social media was even a thing.

How do you anti-AFTV people think Arseblog, Gunnerblog, 7amkickoff, Tim Stillman, etc etc all exploded onto the scene? People wanted to hear something different and these guys were passionate and smart early adopters who built alternate platforms online. Same goes for AFTV whether you like it or not.

So look, if you want AFTV banned, why not get this blog banned too? Every single person on this blog wants someone banned lol. Let’s ban Gunnerblog from doing his post-game videos at the stadium. Hell, get the entire pressbox banned. Or we accept that even if we don’t agree with everyone, it’s just more democratic this way.


Arseblog, Gunnerblog, 7amkickoff, Tim Stillman. You know what they have in common?


There’s a way to go about it mate.

We should ban mediums which for criticise players and staff in a personal way. It’s a sport and above all, we are Arsenal.


You’re an idiot.

Mesut's Magic

Above all else, Wenger and Arteta share one key trait… They both have amazing hair (especially Wenger for a 68 year old)! Maybe this is why we’re looking at Arteta?

David Hillier's luggage
David Hillier's luggage

I’d pay for Arteta’s taxi to Colney just to see AFTV have a meltdown over the potential appointment.

George Onyango

The Arsenal three marketeers are interested in hiring a manager they can control hence Arteta being the favourite. They also want a manager they can pay as a player!
Arteta is still learning his trade and he doesn’t look like a guy with any authority . Hiring him would be a disaster. If they are looking for a proven coach who would earn peanuts why not get Eddie Howe?Not that I like him but he would be better than Arteta.
Gazidis and his troupe do not know anything about hiring a coach leave alone football. I have never seen this circus in any club,not even in lower clubs.
By the look of things, it will get worse until the whole lot plus Kroenke are chased out of town


Spot on mate. Spot on.


Yeah, that Sven Mislintat, he doesn’t know ANYTHING about football!!


Agreed. Raul Sanllehi doesn’t know jack about football. Ten years as sporting director at Barcelona doesn’t teach you much….


I don’t believe that Max Allegri was ever going to come to Arsenal.

It looks like this is the beginning of a new era at the club – and I don’t just mean the end of Wenger. For me it was obvious when Sven Mislintat and Raul Sanllehi both turned up at the Emirates that Gazidis was determined to do things differently after Le Prof. There’ll never again be an all-powerful dictator who runs everything at Arsenal.

That’s why the Arteta rumours are plausible. Ivan is looking for a coach who will work under Sanllehi and with the players provided by Mislintat. This means that the power and influence of this position will be very much diminished for the one held by Wenger. The coach will be very much that – a coach. Key decisions on recruitment and contract negotiations will be kept out of his hands.

And that’s why it’s unlikely that either Allegri or any of the other top managers out there will be turning up at Arsenal this summer.

I don’t know whether or not this is a good or bad thing. The benefit of this new structure is that prevents another power-mad egoist from sailing the ship into the rocks. With the roles split Ivan should be able to get rid of a non-performer without too much trouble from Stan. He’ll have the authority that a chief executive should have. The disadvantage of this system is that it weakens the position of the guy who’s running the first team. Under-performing players will know that the man who’s shouting at them in the dressing room is not the one who’s responsible for their wages. And there is plenty of room for conflict if the new coach does not agree with the policies of the other two key men.

But it might work.

Arteta in this role would be a massive gamble. Two years coaching an albeit successful Man City team is not ideal preparation for the massive rebuilding job that is necessary at Arsenal. The Spaniard has the advantage of being an ex player at the club but doesn’t possess the kudos of a big-name boss who’s proven that he can handle superstars and win major trophies. How will he deal with the likes of Ozil?

If Arteta gets the job then we should all get behind him. Whoever gets it deserves time to turn things around.

dr Strange

Come on now Jardim… I truly believe you are the perfect manager for Arsenal. I don’t wan’t someone who “knows” the club. We need new thinking and new ideas.

For once in you’r life Kroenke, get you’r head out of you’r arse and make a decent decision. Do not take a inexperienced boy, Arteta, and make him you’r scapegoat. Hire a top class manager with experience of managing spoiled egos so we can get the best out of the squad. I sincerely doubt Arteta has the respect and knowledge required to manage Arsenal.

Make Arsenal Great Again
Make Arsenal Great Again

If we didn’t have someone lined up before Wenger decided to leave, or was asked to leave, then this has to be the most incompetent search conceivable. If this blows up, Gazidis and co should be escorted out of the building.

As for Arteta, 2 years of being an assistant doesn’t qualify him for this job. This is one of the biggest jobs in world football and to put an inexperienced rookie in that role will be catastrophic. Do put those “WngerOut” banners away yet, you may need them for the next manager sooner than you think.


Good! Serie A is piss poor. The fact that he won 4 doubles proves that.
Italian teams are no where near English, Spanish and German teams.

They maybe good in cup games but their league is shit.

I’d take the Italian referees though.


Serie A is so poor, Italian coaches keep coming to England and winning titles.


Italian coaches who speak English* come here and win titles.

Ancellotti, Raneiri, Conte. Yeah i know the list but they can all communicate in English.
Coaches of all our major rivals can communicate in English.
Pep, Maureen, Klopp, Conte, Pochettino.

Sure they have all won something in their home country like Allegri but they can also adapt abroad.

I don’t think Allegri can coach the current Arsenal squad unless he is planning to bring in some top top top players from the Italian league with him and replace some of our deadwood.


If the ability to communicate in English was all that’s needed to win titles, what’s Allardyce, Hodgson and Pardew’s excuse?


In England you communicate in English. If Allardyce, Pardew want to go to Italy to manage then they certainly need to learn Italian.

I’m not trying to discriminate based on language but communication is important for a coach. Players can get do their talking with the ball but for a coach it’s critical.

Now, you can say Wenger did it in Japan without knowing Japanese but you have to remember that he had guys like Stojkovic to help him.

Now, if you tell me Allegri is going to come to us with Chiellini(who speaks very good English) and couple of seasoned Italian players then i say bring him in. That’s a ‘two steps forward’ move.

Just signing Allegri is a ‘one step backward’ deal. I’m not saying it won’t work but i struggle to understand the logic behind it.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Conte got his tactics across and won the league with a vocabulary of 20 english words.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Loved this, great comment.

Nachos in Montreal

I was going to tell you about Italian teams’ champions league performance,but I see you have come up with the shitty excuse of ‘only good in cup competitions’,and instead of going the easy route of addressing that awful rebuttal,let me play your game:

‘Their league is shit’
Yeah,only some of the best players in the world have come from there and are still there-without going too far back,Salah learned his trade there,Pogba did too,Alexis Sanchez performed well enough to be snapped up by Barca,not to mention players like Bonnucci,Dybala,Buffon,Icardi,Hamsik,Mertens,Nainggolan,I can go on…
In terms of Managers,sure,let’s ignore the fact that Conte literally won the league in his first season with Chelsea coming from Calacio A.

Rectum Spectrum

personally my choice was Allegri so i’m disappointed.

i also think this new band of power brokers at arsenal – Kroenke jr, Gazidis, Sven Mislintat and Raúl Sanllehí will want someone they can control/manage themsleves – and thats probably not Allegri – he’s not a wenger type – but neither do I get the impression he’d be happy to have players bought for him etc.

I wonder will that taint their selection process and leave us with someone with too little experience – but who would tolerate the above.


so, it looks like despite all these new people coming in, nothing is going to change, except that we will have a new manager, and that’s it


How about Conte? He may become available given the state at Chelsea, but not sure how much he was responsible for the the slump.


They finished above us 😛




Would love to have Conte at the helm, was always a fan when he was in Italy.


He’s a bit combustable


I actually don’t believe any alledged leaks we have heard so far. The only firm thing the club has released is Ivan’s description of what they are looking for:

1. Continue the football values that Arsene has instilled in the club

2. Someone who will continue to play exciting, progressive football, that gets people interested and excited in the games we play.

3. “A significant piece” in Arsenal Football Club in how the candidate represents the club.

4. Giving youth a chance

This doesn’t sound like an established maverick like Enrique or Ancelotti. The “exiting, progressive” part does not make you think of Simenone and maybe not even of Allegri. The “values” part seems to exclude people like Morinho and maybe also Conte, who whines about his rubbish, cheap squad in public.

Neither do I belive in a British “whereever I hang my hat” manager like Rodgers.

We know that Stan has engaged very young managers to his American teams (in other sports, admittedly).

Arteta seems too fresh, but we might be in for someone like Nagelsmann, Tedesco or Jardem. The latter might not be the charming part-time philosopy professor we have been used to the last 20 years, but who is?



He has been at it for a while at various clubs but he’s still very young at 45yrs.

Develops players as we’ve seen with Monaco.

Good win percentage for last 3 clubs albeit in Portugal and Greece, the competition is more sparse. Still from Braga onwards, some consistency.

A progressive looking manager.

Only thing is he doesn’t seem to stay at any of the clubs for very long. Again questions about temperament.

Maybe Arsenal is the platform that gives him better stability and resource.

It will be a different level for him for sure where Monaco will have limits.

Auba ma Ying

Would rather have Vieira over Arteta, at least he’s got some managing experience. But best could be Allegri.


Or Simeone? Would any boss who’s in the Champions league next season drop down to the euro & 6th place club?


A lot of people are having a wank.

In their own minds, the believe someone is the target. And when it doesn’t happen they imagine its a fuck up spectacular.


Unless we are talking a lot of money, why would Allegri come to the Emirates?

He’s top dog in italy and playing in CL.

We no longer have the allure.

Maybe the case that Enrique or Allegri will make noise about a large transfer kitty to make sure they are not controlled by Mslintat and company.

BUT I very much doubt the club will relinquish as much control to the manager. They want to be their own boss and dictate the spend which means you will be less likely to get the Simeone or Allegri who prefer to dictate things their own way, never mind CL feature.

Which may leave us with more “iffy” picks like a Tuchel or maybe an unwanted Emery at PSG should they decide to change underwear.

Or we may get Jardim maybe as he knows the limitations of Monaco’s spending power.

Again Arteta and Viera are only for those who go for sentiment over judgement.

Of course if the club picks them, they will be ruled firmly under the thumb of the DoF and that will spell trouble.

My pick would be Blanc but I have my doubts the club will go for someone of that sort of gravitas because they (Mslintat and gang) are frankly up to their own nonsense buying what is expedient for them and not what is necessary good for the balance of the team.


“Maybe there’s a candidate” yes. Yes please.


Sorry, but the more I read about the managerial search narrowing on Arteta, the more I am convinced that he would be an utterly inexperienced and massively disappointing appointment.


Most people are going by media rumours.

Papers trying to sell readership. So easy.

This is the problem…these fans will themselves into convincing its truly happening like err…Allegri.


I genuinely think Arteta will be too passive. He was with us through the times of struggle, as captain none the less. He couldn’t motivate his team mates then to perform. Why will that be any different now?

If we’re going for inexperience, surely it has to be Vieira? Atleast we know for a fact he will take no shit.

I will support whoever takes over and I will give them time to get better. My only problem is it needs to be the right appointment orelse our fan base will lose it’s shit again, bringing back the poison that I thought we got rid of when we got rid of Sanchez.


No gamble on inexperience.

We’ve wasted precious time as is.

We need someone who has the gravitas to also attract top players.

You tell players like Mahrez Viera is managing next season and we are out of CL, they will say thank you very much and slap another 50m on top of their asking price.


What about this eddie howie guy from bournemouth?! He was mentioned so often in the early process but it seems nobody is talking about him anymore. Don’t wanna rate him but curious why hes no longer a thing.


Ambitious much.


Arteta and Viera are no for me. Not enough experience operating. Even Wenger went he came over in the “Arsene Who?” era had already established himself with a win at Monaco and experience enough buying in transfer market.

The environment is completely different today to be gambling o inexperience which may set the club back further.

Do not compare Zidane at Real or Enrique at Barca. Those two teams in that league are loaded with exceptional talent far away from any other comparable team and have money to throw at problems. In effect they almost run themselves.

The PL is highly competitive and we are already out of CL contention. It would be stupidity in the least to be pandering to sentiment and old boy tie rather than pragmatism.

Or an axe to grind by other polarities in the club to wield better control on transfers and keep the manager (young and inexperienced) firmly under the thumb.


As for Unia Emery, well Tuschle just got the “next better player card” at PSG.

Again another team difficult to muck up if you are in charge.

Yet he failed to win 2016-17 and really has only won one season there.

His exploits at Sevilla were more to do with the then Europa cup before United decided to make it a priority. Impressive none the less to have 3 in a row BUT league positions in Spain (even relative to Sevilla’s humbler background) was decent not punching above weight (like say Atheltico)

Leonardo Jardim is a bit more of a mystery. He has won recently with a well assembled Monaco team now taken apart and so this season he has had to rebuild considerably. He is a bit more journeyman and hard to assess his success at Monaco given short term.

Both are of course recent flavour of the month.

In contrast, someone as I have mentioned before like Blanc has had an outstanding record first winning with a frugal Bordeuax outfit playing attacking footy with yes, Chamakh attack.

Then after which managing the massive egos for France following the wake of the Domenech era and before the current crop of players/new golden generation.

Finally dominating n France delivering consistency with PSG for 3 seasons successive.

His available and only 52yrs. COntrast with Lowe and Acelotti who are a lot older at 58yrs.

To me, if I was risk adverse (which we should be considering our current position and the potential fallout on dictates in the market bc of lack of CL), I would be looking at Blanc.

Throughout his years involved in those 2 clubs and the National team, his average win rate has never dipped below 59%

Trouble is of course most fans only have the memory of a gnat.

Secondly there are unknowns as mentioned to the motivations of the Board/Director of Football etc. They may want exercise of more power as mentioned and would prefer not to have such a strong willed character with reputation as Blanc involved. They do not want another polarity to dictate their choices in market which may be made then more for their expediency than for the benefit of squad balance.


I just don’t see Arteta as the man, we brought him in as a cheaper version of Cesc Fabregas which he was really bad at now we are thinking of appointing him as the manager, This shows how much ambition we as a club have. The players at the moment need to be excited and it’s the boards job to appoint someone that will get the blood pumping and that isn’t Arteta

Buenos Aires Gooner

As a no-nothing armchair fan, can anybody tell me why Carlo Ancelotti is not being talked about as a possible head coach?

Did he crap in someones soup?


I guess we never had serious problems with Wenger (although I wanted him to leave) it seems. The position or the state in which the club is, is clearly a consequence of the board itself. Wenger had all the power and control in its hands and maybe that is the reason why he wasn’t more flexible to change. Another argument that adds up to that was the information that Wenger worked with the money that was (un)available (sorry I can’t remember the source of this but I’m sure everyone already read that). He was like, “What budget do I have?” and they were like 5mil, okay then we work with 5 mil. That points up to another direction then Wenger.

And now the fuck up countinues. We have no clue of who will we have as a manager, again no clarity from the club’s officials. We’re after so many players on the market (by the look of the press) but we have no candidate for the coach job. When everything is so secretly done (or not done by the looks of it) then it is normal for everybody to think, “Do we know what the club is doing?”

The first sign of clarity could have be if manager was already appointed and once Wenger left the boat he should have jumped in. That man should have had time to evaluate the team and identify this summer’s transfer policy. So, the discussion of who might be the new manager seems like meaningless. Nevermind who we rate enough when we don’t have the clear intention of the club. I think at the moment we stand in the middle of the fog and just look and look and look around wanting the fog to disappear and to move on. That is not the way things should be done.

Appoint a manager and let him kickstart his wheels, otherwise this empty and foggy space leaves the door open to tons of speculations.

The club is pretty vocal when it comes to the claims that Arsenal is a big and worldwide famous and appreciated club but when it comes to replacing the manager, revealing the intentions of the new structure and reinforcing the team then, silence. Nothing.

Might have been that the shambles were wrongly adressed for a long time.

I just hope I am wrong.