Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Ramsey: I can’t wait to get back to Arsenal

As much as it’s an exciting time for fans, it’s seems the arrival of Unai Emery as the new head coach is going to be good for some of the players too.

A fresh, different approach will see some of them respond positively, while others may not find it to their liking. However, it appears as if Aaron Ramsey is someone who is keen to start work under the Spaniard.

With just 12 months left on his contract, his situation is one the club have to sort out, especially as midfield is an area which already requires some investment, but it sounds as if he’s looking forward to a new era in North London.

Speaking after a Wales friendly against Mexico, the 27 year old said was asked he if was ready to get going under Emery, and said, “Of course. I haven’t spoken to him at all yet, but I think it’s an exciting time for the club.

“I can’t wait to get back there now.”

New players to play with, new tactics, a new approach to training and preparation, why wouldn’t you be excited?

Now we just need Ivan and his new contract dude to do the necessary, over to you guys.

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Its an opportunity for the players to showcase their abilities again, in a new environment that might be better suited to thier individual skillsets.

Maxin In The Shade

Spot on

And they’ll have to prove themselves to a new guy so it’s a clean slate for everyone.

Should bring out the best in all the players

Jack but

so everyone is like a new signing




Completely agree, I think Ramsey would work well with Emery’s high press game. I hope the club offer him a big contract and make him vice captain behind koscienly. He’s been so important for us in recent years and I’d hate to see him leave.


Why vice captain? We need to get away from the idea of club captains who don’t actually play


Because it would be demoralizing to Koscienly who’s been 100% professional and committed to this club. Ramsey will be acting captain but won’t have the full responsibility thrown on him.

Otherwise I’d be more than happy to have Ramsey as captain.


I’d have Nacho ahead of everyone as stand in captain as Kos recovers. OK him and Cech.

I don’t see a reason as to why Kos should be stripped nor why the more senior players should be overlooked apart from favoritism.

I’d be equally pissed if Rambo signed on, plays on and when he’s in his 30s as the most senior player we chose to make say a 27 year old AMN skipper over him.

Jimbo Jones

I want a combative winner to be our on pitch leader. Mert, arteta, kos as good as they may be have led the team during a period of our most weak and fragile mentality. Im glad thst arteta isn’t our coach, and would ship kos out asap. Let’s strip out the weak losing mentality. They are not owed anything because of their age

Mesut O'Neill

New players? Does Rambo know something we don’t?


That bit wasn’t part of the Ramsey quote, actually.


A source close to him…….


According to reports


Not a quote


also its might not be official but to go a transfer window without doing ANY business would be ridiculous…we’d at least buy a keeper 😉

Down Under Gunner

and sign a new contract (also not a quote but fingers crossed!!!!)

My Arse-nal

I really do hope he signs a new contract. I named my now two year old dog Ramsey after him. I don’t think he would appreciate having his name changed at this stage of his life and something like Aubameyang hasn’t got the same ring to it for a dog.



Damo Dinkum



thank you ma’am

Elneny's Hair

Could be worse. At least he’s not named after Ramsay Bolton.

My Arse-nal

Elneny’s Hair, funny you should say that, after I chose the name my Mrs said yes as Ramsay Bolton was one of her favourite characters in GOT. He’s definitely named after Aaron though.


He was a raping murderer.
I worry for you.



Corona X

I’m adopting a dog this September, and am looking for a name! Candidates so far are Winterburn and Cygan… Suggestions are welcome!







Post January Blip

Has there ever been an Arsenal player that could incorporate these three key aspects:

Park (where lots of running will happen)
Chew (lots of chewing)
Young (seeing as it’ll probably be a puppy)

If so, that should be the name.


I like “Winterburn” ?


I can’t wait either Ramsey. We are all looking forward to the new season…with some new signings of course.

Arsenala Vista Baby

I dont mind selling one or two deadwoods to free up some funds


yeah, like ozil, think of all the players we could buy with the money we save on him


You want to sell one of the only World Class players we have? We need players like Ozil to attract better players to the team. It would be ridiculous for us to have fought tooth and nail to keep him and then just sell him. Wait until he and Auba start to click. *Licks lips*


I hate these PR games that players play. If he was looking forward to the future with Arsenal, he would have extended a while ago. I do not know how the recruitment department can do an efficient job with players playing these games. I don’t think we will sign a midfielder until this Ramsey situation is solved. The club should just start selling players with a year remaining on their contracts, no matter the importance of that player. If by January, a player has not signed yet, start looking for a suitable replacement and work on negotiations early. I wouldn’t… Read more »


Or maybe he was waiting to see Wengers replacement.


In modern day football, that does not really apply. I know it is his future, but we have turned to this no management structure where the manager does not really dictate your contract negotiations. We are adopting a similar approach to Chelsea and their players extend even with their propensity to alter managers every 2 years. This new structure is here to take the manager out of the picture when it comes to recruiting players and extending contracts. The Club is it’s own selling point now, no longer the manager. Players must be convinced that Arsenal and not the manager… Read more »


Or maybe he though “Gazidis could ACTUALLY bring Bernard Rodgers …lets wait”.


Well seeing as Arsene is all these and many other players have ever known, the first new coach out of the gate would most certainly tell them something about the direction of the club and have an impact on their career. It doesn’t matter if the coach decides on contracts, that’s not the issue. Competitiveness, playing time, and your role in the team are very important to the players. The coach DOES make those calls. Chelsea is a different animal because they have always relied on money to keep their players and have almost always reliably hired ‘reputable’ managers. Or… Read more »


We’ve already missed out on Fabinho, who is exactly what we needed alongside xhaka


Xhaka should be nowhere near the first 11. Offers nothing defensively or going forward. “94% passing accuracy today” – fat lads load of good when you’ve been turned over by Brighton.

On a positive note, Emery is exactly what the club needed. Cannot wait for match day one. Aubameyang could be absolutely electric.


Offers nothing?? Really? Nothing? Not sure you watch the same player that I do. I think he was pretty consistent towards the end of the season, breaking up play regularly and his passing is excellent.


We always missed out on Sebastian Frey and Hatem Trabelsi. Twice a year but we survived.


survive yes, progress no

Corona X

And Kalou…

David Hillier's luggage

I hear we missed out on Salomon Kalou too


PR games?

You do realise that he was answering a question after their game with Mexico?

Unfortunately and wise for them, the press in England never publishes the question asked.

That’s why you see Arsenal.com include the question asked the manager or player to avoid this kind of confusion.

Now I am expecting a huge present from the club website guys. With Ivan explaining how he was in charge all through the process


Or maybe he has only just received the offer? Fs


I can’t wait for you to sign your new contract Aaron, otherwise?

Bob dobbery

I’m starting to think that Aaron is going to stay and Jack is going to be the one who leaves


Fingers crossed


nah, jack for captain


I think Jack’s gone…would be surprised and pleased to be wrong.


I hope he stays. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Ramsey get: perhaps Emery can get that little bit extra out of him. Interesting post by Arseblog again today. It looks like the players are in for a real shock when they all come back. His way of doing things is very different from Wenger’s. I have a problem, though: for all the good things said about his defensive coaching, his defensive record with Sevilla in Spain isn’t that great. Look at these stats: La Liga 2015-16. Goals conceded: Barcelona: 29, Real Madrid: 34, Athletico Madrid: 18, SEVILLA:… Read more »

Wenger's Smirk

“I have a problem, though: “. We’ve missed you too, FatGooner.

A Different George

I’ve seen a bunch of stuff about him, and this is the only former player who says Emery concentrates on defensive play. Half-season, on loan, so maybe he’s not entirely reliable.


Wasn’t he quoted as saying he’d rather win 5-4 than 1-0?


I think AR is one player that could benefit most from a more structured system and head coach. I’ve generally been one that get really frustrated with his (imo) positional indiscipline. Really hoping this change can help him bring his game to the next level for The Arsenal.

Gooners & Roses

Not just you Ramsey, I believe everyone associated with Arsenal is looking forward to the future. Oh and sign da tign!


C’mon Rambo the captain’s armband is all yours

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