Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Report: Klopp assistant lined up as Wenger replacement?

Who will be the next Arsenal manager? It’s the question on the lips of every Arsenal fan.

Patrick Vieira, Mikel Arteta, Luis Enrique, Massimiliano Allegri, Carlo Ancelotti, Rafa Benitez, Brendan Rodgers, Leonardo Jardim, Joachim Loew…they’ve all been linked with the job since Arsene Wenger announced he’ll be stepping down in the summer. 

From Bosnian publication, Pravda BL, comes word of a new name in the hat – Zeljko Buvac, Jurgen Klopp’s right-hand man at Liverpool.

The Reds announced yesterday that Buvac, who has worked with Klopp since 2001 following him to Mainz and Borussia Dortmund, will be taking some time off for personal reasons between now and the end of the season.

Word out of Anfield is that Buvac, nicknamed ‘The Brain’, is still employed by the club and that his absence will not affect his position.

In contrast, Sport Witness, who’ve translated the original story, relay claims that Buvac is being lined up as a left-field replacement for Wenger. Moreover, apparently, Pravda BL has previous in this sort of prediction, leaking the Klopp to Liverpool story first because their source is close to Buvac.

All we know from Arsenal is that Ivan Gazidis is set on finding someone who will continue the values put in place by Arsene Wenger.

“It is important to me that we continue the football values that Arsene has instilled in the club,” Gazidis said on the day of Wenger’s departure announcement.

“I want to see someone who can continue that for our fans, and our fans want to see that. Someone who will continue to play exciting, progressive football, that gets people interested and excited in the games we play.”

Will Buvac be that man? Time will tell.

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I have to say this is much more the kind of replacement I think we need – someone who can coach the shit out of the team while we put our transfer business in the hands of Sven and Sanhelli. A Carlos Queiroz rather than an Alex Ferguson.

After all, Ronaldo famously chose them ahead of us because of Queiroz…


This feels exactly like something we would do. As many, I honestly wanted Allegri, or Enrique, Low.. someone with a bit of pedigree, a name that would get the attention of the players in our dressing room. Although I genuinely never really believed that we were looking to get someone in of that ilk. And as I alluded to in my opening remark, this feels like something we would do. It feels like the Arsenal of old. And I like it. This guy is hugely respected for his tactical nous. I’ve just done a few rounds in my office, quizzing… Read more »


you mean the same bookmakers who said it was a 85% chance that the UK would vote remain in Brexit or a 5% chance Trump would be the US president? 🙂 Odds are made based on the $ that flows into the bets so the fact they are falling tells you that a lot of money is chasing this bet rather than the bookmakers necessarily believing it happens



Well.. I am fairly sure sports betting companies don’t offer odds on domestic or international politics..

However I do understand exactly what you’re saying. but the bookies predominantly still amend the price per the money flow combined with the whispers and noises in the market. Exactly the same thing that goes on at Lloyds of London, or Wall Street in New York, or any financial market for that matter. One cant exist without the other.

As that’s exactly what odds are; the ratio between the amounts staked by the parties to a bet, based on the expected probability.


Except that literally all of them offer odds on politics…



I was trying to be facetious.. but only now have I realised that in my haste to write a response, my iPhone very kindly replaced ‘should not’ with ‘don’t.’

I.e. … ‘betting companies should not offer odds on domestic politics..’

That will teach me for replying to comments whilst on the john at work.

Faisal Narrage

Bookmakers had Brendan last week as odds on favourite though.


That was the work of the Devil…pure and simple!


I’d also like to add, this is the first time we have had a proper structure in place at Arsenal since 2007. We have Ivan as the CEO; Raul Sanllehi as the Director of Football; Sven Mislintat as the Chief Scout; So whoever does get appointed as the new Gaffa, they actually have to answer to Ivan if they’re not delivering, he also has Raul and Sven ready to help. No more is there this finger pointing as to who is actually responsible for the underachievement. There’s names and faces. There’s no more ambiguity as to who does what. Now… Read more »

John Bull

You mean the CEO for the last 10 years is now the new broom ?


I believe the media pointed the finger at Wenger mostly because he was the only one to actually provide any clarity during any press dealings or agm’s. Wenger’s book would very much shed alot of light on how much power he actually had at the club.


When Arsene said things, they were confusing as it is. God knows how his mythical book would be!
I might need to attend some football cryptography to fully decipher Arsene’s musings.

Bould's Eyeliner

Whenever one man is asked to represent an internationally-traded giant, that’s usually what tends to happen. We’re just the crows picking out little morsels from skeletons of the feast that they already consumed.

Ordinance Dave

This for me the biggest cause for long term hope within the club. Whether we as fans like it or not. Managers don’t have long tenures at clubs anymore, Wenger most likely being the last example ever.
Successful teams are able to identify good coaches and their staff and be quick to integrate them into the structure of the club.

‘Tis Me

Gazidis has done nothing yet to deserve being called by his first name. He’s hidden behind Arsene for years and shied away from the responsibility he’s been paid handsomely for. This is his first big test, don’t fuck it up Gazidis.


It makes sense to me Ted


I don’t understand why so many people want Löw as a coach? He has never really achieved anything at club level.

Other coaches would have had similar success with the German national team. 80 % of the team consists of Bavarian players. They’ve already been used to play together. He didn’t have to do much, except to take over the Bayern Munich style of play.


Agree 100%.


Will Ramsey sign a new contract with this guy in charge? Not sure. The fact is, he’s a 3rd or 4th choice. The top managers want money to spend in the transfer market. Arsenal are going to charge top dollar for bums on seats but the players on the field will be “potential “ players instead of the finished product. Really disappointed

Faisal Narrage

We don’t have United Revenues or City and Chelsea Oil money. Accept it, it’s a fact. No point dreaming of the impossible.

As for “Potential”, well seems to be working well with Spurs and Liverpool, and used to work well with us. Wouldn’t mind a bit of that potential right now. Beats seeing Ospina in goal.

Jimbo Jones

What is the aim of a football competition? I would argue it is to win it. What have spurs won in the last five years? Nothing What have Liverpool won? ??? What have arsenal won in the last five years? 3 FA Cups Who has the largest cash reserves in premier league? Arsenal Who has the largest match day revenues in the world? Arsenal So we are more successful in competitions than the two clubs you mentioned. Yes? So we are cash rich and have a huge match day revenue stream. Plus we have access to the EPL tv deal… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more spot on in all aspects

Jimbo Jones

Thanks flash!

Bould's Eyeliner

I agree with everything except that “we are potentially the most fiscally mobile club in England.” We are not. Our growth remains steadily even in comparison to other clubs, but what is also true is that unlike Liverpool and Sp*rshits, is that we are also already richer than they are by a fine margin. #6 last year, which is only behind Mancs, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, etc. All of those clubs have serious backing, which allows them to continuously dip into the owner’s coffers (or taxpayer’s money if you’re Bayern/Barca), in order to continue to pump out crazy player deals.… Read more »


Hire The Brain!


Fiscally mobile?

Jimbo Jones

Yeah, I think I made that up so i dropped it in at meeting in work today and even got a nod from one of the directors.


Merchandise marketing wise not strong

Andy Mack

Most (not all!) of Liverpoo!s players were bought at ‘finished article’ prices rather than players with ‘potential’ prices…


Troll Ra Boom De Ay

Twisted cuntloks

This does smell very Arsenal like


Surely the bookmakers were wrong if he was previously at 33-1.


IF we’re going for an ex klopp assistant I’d go for David Wagner. For ages they said he was “the mind” behind klopps success etc, just as they are about this geeeeza. Also his name sounds similar to Wenger which is fitting. I’ve been impressed with how his team have performed this season, and how he’s presented himself in the media and in public. Personally I want a big name but there’s not a single candidate that I’m crying out for. I’m open for whatever as long as it’s not brenden Rogers or Moyes, and I’m willing to give the… Read more »


Wagner worked with the Dortmund U23’s and has never been a part of Klopp’s first team coaching setup. They’re only good friends is all. Buvac is and always has been ‘The brain’.


Please let it be Joachim Low just so we can be called “the arseschaft”


Is this good news? Would he be any good? All I can say, from my insightful observations, is that he seems to be quite competent at sitting on a seat next to a man called Jurgen Klopp. Can he do other things? Maybe I’ve seen him stand next to him a few times as well… Can he talk? Is he able to make words with his mouth? Do any of you know?

Anne Noyd

Not sure about this. I couldn’t name one single player in this squad who is suited to a Liverpool-style high tempo pressing game. Just seems lazy as f. from Gazidis, ‘oh liverpool are fashionable and doing well, lets copy them.


The drawback of signing players with 1 leg


that’s a mad point! most players are adaptable. I think we have more than enough players to play that way.

Swedish guy

Ramsey, Bellerin, Welbeck, Auba, Nacho, Maitland Niles, Kolasinac..? Even Özil has done some really energetic pressing when at his best.

Faisal Narrage

If this is true, and no way that it’s confirmed, this has Sven’s fingerprint written all over it.

I’m not sure about it, but I’m willing to trust Sven. This new project has to be in the mind of a visionary. Wenger was our last Visionary, and it seems like Sven, not the new manager, is the new visionary here.

Theo Walcott’s Potential

You couldn’t name one player in our squad who might play well under Klopp? What about the ones who already have?

Bould's Eyeliner

Yeah like Mhki and Auba *slaps forehead*



Michael Young

A high tempo pressing game seems frigging awesome!

Jimbo Jones


Reality Cech

The can he talk is actually kind of important cos if he is silent then we will end up with silent Stan, silent Gazidis and now silent Buvac! Might
just make everyone’s heads explode


Its crazy. People have been chomping at the bit for Arteta to take over from Wenger, just because he’s been sitting next to Pep Guardiola for the last 9 months. Or Vieira, a guy who has been managing a team in the MLS, a league that isn’t even near Championship or League 1 standard. Or Thierry Henry a guy who is literally a TV pundit. But Zeljko Buvac, a guy who is highly rated in German football. Who’s worked as Klopp’s assistant since 2001. And Jurgen was the manager that we all wanted to take over from Wenger when he… Read more »


Klopp reached the cl final only once


Sorry, I miss read the article; so he helped Dortmund reach their second ever Champions League Final. Not himself or Klopp personally. So if Liverpool make it to the final this week, it would’ve just been the two finals, not three. Regardless – I know that people have reservations, as he is an unknown. But if you said to me that Arsenal were going to pick one of the names below: Zeljko Buvac Thierry Henry Patrick Vieira Mikel Arteta I would pick Buvac every single time. Because as much as I want one of the big names. I just don’t… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

What about if you add some tried and tested managers into that list?

Man Manny

“Or Vieira, a guy who has been managing a team in the MLS, a league that isn’t even near Championship or League 1 standard.”
That is not the truth. The standard is higher than that.

Merlin's Panini

Is that why Bradley Wright Phillips is a good player there then?

Jimbo Jones

Couldn’t even tell you what he looks like Clive. I bet all the hipsters know though

Men With Ven

Sure, why not.

William Nilliam

This would definitely be an interesting appointment, especially if he works with an ex-player.


Agree! Buvac as the man who does the main decisions, develops a new, more attacking style of football at Arsenal, and some ex-player at his side for the linkage to the club and also to provide experience in the big games. Would love to see this happen!

Hung Like Luzhny

This feels like it’s going to happen… A coach to complement the ‘team’ already assembled (scout, contract expert, head of football).


Director of Training and first team player development – Zeljko Buvac
Head Coach – ???


Depressing because realistically we should’ve gone for him and Klopp when they were actually available.


That’s down to Wenger respecting his contracts and not having Arsenal’s best interest at hand and buzzing off when Klopp was available.


Zeljko who ?


Arsene who?

Herb Kazzaz

Zeljko out?




Thumbs up all around. This is the meta we need in times like these. And, bourbon. Bravo!

n1 gooner

No thanks they most be mad. Just hire Ancelotti and be done with it.

n1 gooner

How do i edit lol. Arsenal must be mad if they are even contemplating this. Ancelotti has been the best manager on the market available and should be the man without a doubt.


I appreciate that he has had an illustrious career, but reading about his last few months at Bayern makes me distinctly uninterested in Ancelotti taking over. Rumour has it that players organised extra training sessions by themselves (!) because they felt they weren’t getting enough coaching from him. That’s not what our group of players need right now, is it??

n1 gooner

Lol you are listening to rumour’s from troubled players like robben. Have a look at the mans honours and credentials before you write him off. Also has been to england and won the premier league in style. In my opinion chelsea’s best ever season under him. 60% win rate and is available what is wrong with you people 🙂



Robben wasn’t the only one to say that, plenty of journalists have written about how there was a distinct lack of togetherness on and off the pitch.

I’m not writing him off. I’m saying that this squad needs someone with a more hands-on approach.

n1 gooner

Oh journalists the so called experts right.


Well, they’re not all perfect, but where do you get your knowledge from then? Do you roll up at Säbener Strasse and get it from the horse’s mouth on a weekly basis?

n1 gooner

No i get mine by watching football and forming my own opinion not listening to so called hacks. But you carry on if you think it makes you feel better.


No need for that second sentence, is there?

Anyway, you’re right to form your opinion by watching football instead of reading about it. But that doesn’t give you much of a clue about a manager’s training methods, which is important if you want to understand if they are the right person for your team. The only way to get some ‘behind the scenes’ insight is from “hacks” unfortunately.

n1 gooner

Only replied that way because i felt the last bit of your tone was a sarcastic so that was why i respond like so.

Not saying i don’t read what some journalists have to say because there are good ones and a hell of lot more bad ones. But for me the proof is in the pudding re: Ancelotti. He’s teams always have a balance about them in defense and attack. I think he would give us that without major change with the players and budget we have.

Andy Mack

Wolf, do you really think the ‘hacks’ don’t make it all up? Maybe not all of it, but certainly most of it and it’s pretty impossible to filter the few truths from the pile of media shit.

Jimbo Jones

So may I ask why you are on a fan blog? In the comments section too? Not exactly purist watching games with the commentary turned off so your precious judgement isn’t tainted by others….


No, you’re right, N1 gooner is the expert obviously.

n1 gooner

Great response to the debate mate. Keep up the good work.


on that basis of past glories, lets keep AW!

n1 gooner

We might as well keep him if we are hiring Buvac. Cheap option sums up the mentality of this club and fans lately.

Faisal Narrage

Check out Wenger’s Honours; 3, maybe 4 cups in 4-5 years. By your logic let’s just keep Wenger based on honours.

What honours did Pep have when first taking over Barca?

n1 gooner

Using pep as a come back laughable.

Faisal Narrage

Your mum.

n1 gooner

Awk at this little keyboard warrior. Even a child could come up with something better then that. Then again you sound like you should still be in nursery you complete and utter tool.

Make Arsenal Great Again

Ancelotti is the last man I want for this team. The very last man. Maybe I’ll pick Ancelotti if the other options were Moyes and Big Sam. But that’s it


Seems exactly the man for our overworked squad


The last thing we need is another old manager stuck in the last decade.

n1 gooner

Where ever he has been has won.A true proven winner. But let’s hire a manger with no top end experience and every things great. Might as well hire Arteta with henry if we are going to go down that route.


If players say their warm-ups under Heynckes are more intense than full training sessions under Ancelotti, there must be something to it. Many players said that and there must be something Heynckes does different if everyone improved dramatically very quickly compared to when Ancelotti was coach. I like the guy but I feel we need someone to give our players a real kick up the arse. Ideally he would be a great tactician as well as a great motivator. Liverpool have (had) the former with Buvac and the latter with Klopp. I don’t know if Buvac would be a great… Read more »

n1 gooner

I think its too much of a risk and one that Arsenal cannot afford to make. I just think he would be a yes man that board would love to have. Does not excite me not one bit.

Faisal Narrage

I’m sure 22 years ago (if you were born), you’d be saying the same thing about an unknown from Japan who only had Monaco and he got fired from.

At that time it was a choice between the unknown Wenger with no accolades, or Johan Cruyff as manager.

Any guesses which you would’ve wanted?

Jimbo Jones

Great point Faisal ?


Point of order: Wenger won with Monaco.

Swedish guy

Ancelottis method in the past few years has basically been to show up and raising the mood by easing up training and pretty much leaving the tactics up to the players, counting on their ability to “make things flow”. In my humble opinion we need the opposite of that.

n1 gooner

You know that how ??? I don’t think you just turn up at a club and win things. He’s credentials state otherwise.


But can’t he do it on a cold Monday night at Stoke??

Oh wait, they’ll be relegated.

Herb Kazzaz

I’m a small petty man. But I’m going to laugh till I shit if they do go down.


I heard that he is the brains behind Liverpool’s fitness and high pressing….could be a great appointment.

Auba ma Yinh

Really?! Oh, well I’m that case sign him up.
I love high pressing football and that’s exactly what some of our lazy players need.
Even Barca incorporated it with their possession play.


I’m a bit confused…are you being sarcastic?


No, I wasn’t being sarcastic 🙂

Ya gooner

What happened to that aussie fitness guru?

Jimbo Jones

He’s injured ?


When Arsene arrived nobody knew who he was so maybe this guy would be good. Ultimately whoever comes in, even a big name like Ancelotti, is not guaranteed to succeed. I like the way Liverpool play and would’ve liked Klopp before he went there, so perhaps Buvac will be good for us.


Probably an unpopular choice, but look at it this way: When they managed Germany, the Klinsmann/Löw duo was a very similar setup. Klinsmann was the great motivator and media man, while Löw did all the tactics and coaching in the background. Then Klinsmann left (and didn’t do very well for Bayern and the US team) and Löw developed Germany into World Cup winners.

Could it be history repeating with Buvac…?


Erm… Low reaped the harvest that Germany sowed by investing in youth development over a decade prior.


Excellent point! There’s no evidence for that (yet), but I’m pretty sure that Buvac is the main reason for the success Klopp has had in the last years, just as Low was for Klinsmann, and Klopp will be struggling without him. Bring Buvac to Arsenal, definitely a great choice and very much Arsenal-like.


Is this another Mislintat ‘signing’? With Sokratis linked already, we could have a Dortmund starting 11 in no time, managed by an ex-Dortmuch assistant!

Hiring an assistant coach is such a big risk though.


Awesome, someone that does tactics and a legendary ancient Greek philosopher. Winning combo I’d say.


I’ve no idea if this is true, but it would certainly be consistent with Ivan saying that the club needs to be bold and brave in appointing Arsene’s successor, or words to that effect.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Furthermore, apart from the Sven connection at Dortmund, one of our current coaches, Boro Primorac, may also know Zeljko Buvac too, c/o their Yugoslavian backgrounds.

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, exactly. It’s like the way I know all Scottish people because I’m from the UK, too.


Are you one of the top 20 in your field working outside your country in an industry dominated by countries more ‘fashionable’?

Know what your saying, but his point is valid. Working at this high a level I’m sure they have had the chance to cross paths even if they aren’t chums.

Jimbo Jones

Boro will leave with Arsene I think


I think he is due to retire…so probably

Ivan Drago

Zeljko who?

n1 gooner

Exactly people on here want him, but not a proven manager like Ancelotti. You can’t make things up at Arsenal these days.


What is this nonsense? It’s the same as lower status clubs permanently on the “known name” merry go round – pardew, allardyce, moyes etc – dross, but known names. Playing it safe, zzzzz.


Last point particularly spot on – sky sports’s favourites all of them absolute shite managers and coaches but sky’s absolute fawning bull shit of them creates a ridiculous myth about them. Redknapp the elder was the king of them all though wasn”t he? The channel couldn’t get enough of the bloke could they? Built him into some kind of footballing messiah or guru same with big fat sam. Next we will get all the bull shit about mark hughes despite the possibility of him relegating 2 clubs in a season. Sky perpetuates these guys careers – between them they have… Read more »


I’m not sure you can blame Sky for the managerial merry-go-round.


Big Sam kept Everton up. That was mission #1. I don’t like him, mind, but he was hired for a purpose.


You don’t have to like it, but when Allardyce was lined up to take over at Everton, that club were 17th, 12 pts from 13 games and sitting 2 pts from safety. They are now 8th. I don’t want him managing Arsenal, but he’s way better than Redknapp or Pardew.


I’m sure Ivan Drago was being ironic? I’m quite excited and want it to be true. It would be bold in every sense and we need that at this club. It might not work, but can you imagine what will be said if we have some “big” name at the club and we’re still rubbish? It’s almost a win-win. If it works it will be seen as genius and if it doesn’t then people will say what did you expect.


Seems like a good signing but what does it say if a man is willing to part ways with a team a couple of weeks before a UCL final?


A once in a life-time chance to manage AFC!


Agreed, but he can move on after the final. It’s not like he ll take charge before that in any case.
But, you never know what happens behind closed doors. So let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s not forget that Arsene joined 2 months into the season at Arsenal because he wanted to complete the season in Japan.


Well, think about it… Liverpool (one of our rivals) would NOT want to keep him around for the final or until the end of the season if he’s to be the new Arsenal manager.

Bob dobbery

It says he’s been offered an incredibly job opportunity and maybe klopp doesn’t want him around with one foot out the door

Jimbo Jones

If the rumour has any truth, its more likely than Liverpool have put him on gardening leave (that would mean this is really serious and in advance stages) also Klopp has probably lost his shit over it, he has a huge ego


That is my only reservation about the whole thing.


Oh the excitement…
Being realistic Arsenal need an established, experienced manager.
Not Klopp’s No 2


I think I’ll have me some heart and guts for a change now. I’ve had my share of brain and intelligence lately, thank you very much.

David Hillier's luggage

Waiting for the ArsenalFanTV/online knee jerk reaction ‘fanbase’ to absolutely lose their shit over this rumour.


Not a far fetched idea for a club like ours. Can’t get klopp…. you get the ass…..All pun intended. Bring Arteta as well.


Appointing an assistant manager who has never been a manager himself to replace someone who has been at the club for 22 years?

Arsenal are a farce.

n1 gooner

Exactly thank you. Glad it’s not only me thinking this.

Jimbo Jones

I’ll tell you a secret. Top managers lose football matches every day. Sssh!

Jimbo Jones

…. and one more little thing, before they were top managers – Mourinho (translator), Ferguson (Aberdeen), Wenger (Grampus 8), Pep (second tier) weren’t managing top teams.


Some were even number 2s.

Crash Fistfight

It’s just a rumour. Wait until it has been confirmed to condemn the decision.


I smile at your comment. I hope you realise how funny it is?


Oh, ya mean like Pep The Magnificent?
You of course recall that he managed Barca B before being appointed to the senior team. So he too never technically managed in La Liga. He’s been a huge bust eh? Barca a joke of a club, eh?

Great comment; all emotion and BS, zero logic. Keep it up. Its been getting too normal on this blog lately and the vitriol needs to be topped up. (That’s sarcasm, btw.)

Crash Fistfight

To be fair, he had at least managed somewhere.


Pep hasn’t managed a team that was not THE top financed team in his league or Barca. So I’m still reserving judgment.



can he be any good if he is klopp,s no2


Without Buvac we will see how good Klopp is…just saying.

lower east

here we go again this reeks of shopping in lidl,

Faisal Narrage

Like that time we got that guy from Japan, rather than the bookie’s favourite at the time of Cruyff?

How did that work out again?


O for f☆☆k sake. Typical arsenal. No doubting he’s a a very good coach but they want him in so he’ll b a quiet boy and just be happy to b a manager at a big club. No hassle caused by him over money and what not nd a cheap contract.


I think this is it. Might work, might not. Seems like a risk. Swinging for the fences, but probably won’t cost much to course-correct if it goes poorly.


Didn’t expect anything like this in our latest installment of the hit paranormal detective series The Manager Files on AFC, but I like it. A curious twist near the end of the season! Anyone with a nickname like ‘The Brain’ is welcome to come in and try to rebuild an exciting brand of football, and fittingly after Le Prof. This would be a ballsy move by the board, and one that I would applaud. It isn’t a sign of a lack of ambition, as some would like you to think, but quite the opposite — nothing safe about it, and… Read more »


I’m with you! Arsenal have never gone for “ordinary” or “Usual” when it comes to managers. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but isn’t that part of the fun and excitement.

Andy Mack

Look back a few years and you’ll see we’ve had some very ‘ordinary’ and ‘usual’ managers. That’s not to say they were bad, but certainly very Ordinary and Usual.


I think most assistants aspire to manage themselves one day, and I see no harm in a left-field option being part of the conversation. I wonder if the nickname “The Brain” is an indication of his credentials and contribution so far? He’s not someone I’d thought of for sure, but I like the idea of The Brain taking over from The Professor.

Crash Fistfight

What are we going to do this season, Zejlko?

The same thing we do every season, Ivan: Try to take over the World.


Best comment I’ve read in ages.


Whether we get him or not I would love to see us get a manager in that employs a high pressure style of play with a lot more energy than we have been played with. Teams from top to bottom are too good now to expect that our ability to play possession football will take over and win us matches. We need to be able to defend far better than we have and need to be able to play with more energy throughout the match. The possession and style of attack is great, but as we saw last week it… Read more »

Bob dobbery

So a head coach, not a manager. How very very modern haha


You need to now start using the poo ometer for the Wenger replacement rumours


This guy gets my vote:
Invincible Spaceman from Outer Space.


I know that spaceman!

Flint McFrankoff

If Arsenal do appoint Zeljko Buvac, how are we going to sing the Mesut Ozil song?


It works no? Is his first and last name not two syllables?


“It is important to me that we continue the football values that Arsene has instilled in the club”

I’m not so sure I agree with this. I like pretty football as much as the next guy, but I’d deffo be up for some tactical flexibility, defensive stability, and grinding out draws on the road at the top 6.

/Cue downvote avalanche

bossman bill

he’ll have to zel before he can buy, so this makes sense.


I see what you did there.


Problem with people is they always follow conventional wisdom. Just because Wenger arrived as a nobody, they now expect that this is the sort of thing Arsenal should do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we will be signing too old a manager (which is why I think the likes of Ancelotti and Low at 58yrs may be out of it), but it doesn’t mean we will be taking huge risk and plumbing for a young manager with relatively little experience either. This fellow is a risk to an Arsenal board that (despite the talk) has traditionally been adverse… Read more »


I think with a management team the size that it is, including Mislintat if you include a scout. Then it would be four.

A big name manager may not want to work effectively under a scout.

This signing does kinda fit the billing, if Mislintat is the star of the show (and with the boards history of trying to make profit come first, this kind of signing isn’t as left field as you would think)

Ivan will keep his power and Sanhelli will be able to oversee the club strategy and development.

Andy Mack

No manager would work ‘Under’ a scout.
The suggestion is that the new managers job is to work alongside others rather than have them all reporting directly to the manager only.


On the off chance that this is true, this smells like a Mislintat suggestion. He’s worked with him before and knows what he’s about, who knows, it might just work.


With this signing, Mislintat is very much at the heart of the club like Wenger is/was. Is this good or bad?

Easy tiger



His Wikipedia page: “Željko Buvač (born September 13, 1961) is a Serb football coach and former professional player. He has been the manager of Arsenal since May 2018. He was the assistant manager of Premier League club Liverpool from 2015 until 2018.”


Well done Gzidiis


I say hire him. People who are assessing this possible appointment are looking at criteria like coaching qualifications, history of success, tactical nous, style of play, man-management etc etc. They are missing the most important reason to hire him –
It would piss Liverpool off no end.


If our defensive setup is our biggest problem the strategist from Liverpool’s team doesn’t give me much confidence

I Didn't See It

Where’s the poo meter Blogs?


He worked with Sven at Dortmund for 7 years. He is tactically superior and is known to develop youngsters. It wouldn’t be the worst hire. Interested how he does as the lead man rather than number 2. Wonder if he keeps Steve Bould to help him become Arsenalized?
Kind of how Arsene had Pat Rice.


Now the Daily Fail are reporting that Maureen’s assistant is in the frame ‘Fario’ oh boy the Wenger lovers will ‘spontaneously combust’ if that happens!

John Bull

New plan from the CEO – Have 5 people to replace AW – Head of Recruitment ,Head of Football operations , Head of contracts , Tactics coach – Klopp’s assistant , Team manager – Mourinho’s assistant ….


Doesn’t sound like a terrible idea