Video: The pros and cons of Mikel Arteta as Arsenal manager


All the talk this week has been about Mikel Arteta as a potential replacement for Arsene Wenger.

It’s a situation that has ups and downs, so James from @gunnerblog has taken a look at the pros and cons.

Check out the video below – and for some extra reading, this was covered in detail on yesterday’s Arseblog.

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This Mikel Arteta situation. Hmmmm. You know something? I think this is actually a win/win scenario for Arsenal fans. To a man, we all want certain members of the Board, including that cartoon of a Chief Executive and the absent toupée -wearing Majority Shareholder, ‘Silent’ Stan Kroenke, who likes everyone to think of him as ‘The Owner’, out and as far away from Arsenal Football Club as possible. Right? You know, a one-way ticket down to Cape Canaveral, into the first rocket and – see-ya! – fire them into orbit – oh wouldn’t it be luverly. That toupee and it’s ‘owner’, whizzing around the earth at 2,288 miles an hour. You wouldn’t be quite so silent then, would you, Stanley?

If Arteta is appointed and succeeds – fine, bring it on. If Arteta is appointed and fails horribly – which I have to say hand on heart is the more likely outcome – then the only ones doing considerable damage to themselves here are the Board. They have been quite content to hide behind Wenger and let him take all the flak. From now on, the buck stops with the Board.

So, yeah, a win/win scenario methinks.

Anyway, I’d still rather have Arteta as the next Arsenal boss than Brendan f?!king Rodgers. That said, I’d rather have Diane Abbott or Jeremy Corbyn or Donald Trump as the next Arsenal boss than Brendan Rodgers. Brendan, son, piss off. I keep seeing your mug everywhere and it’s getting on my moobs. Stay at Celtic. Please. Thank you.

Mikel Arteta? Yeah, why not. It might even work


The owner is pulling the wool over your eyes and you don’t even realise it.


The ‘Owner’ (he’s actually a majority shareholder, not an outright owner) may well be pulling the wool over his own eyes – and you don’t even realise it. If Arteta fails, he and the board will be accountable. Not only to the wrath of Arsenal fans but the ridicule of the rest of the football world. These people are not the untouchables. With enough pressure, they can be forced to resign. If they sign Arteta, it will be a bed that they will have to lie in, for better or for worse. NOW do you get it? I doubt it somehow…..

My wig smells cheesy

Qwaliteee- I honestly doubt that you can be a real fan with this sort of comment. If Mikel does well, Arsenal do well. If he doesn’t then Arsenal are in a bad please. THAT’S NOT GOOD NEWS. No matter what you think of the people above the manager, surely you cant have that mindset?


Mate, I’ve already explained the positives of both outcomes – if you can’t see that the Board could well be shooting themselves in the foot by making this appointment, then that’s not my problem, just your lack of understanding of how accountable Kroenke and the board are for their actions. I also don’t get involved in childish ‘Real Fan’ arguments either; I don’t have to explain or justify my support for this club for the last 50 odd years to you or anyone else.

My wig smells cheesy

Firstly, I’m not your mate. Secondly, don’t question my lack of understanding. I can just separate the boards doings from the well being of the players, team as a whole, and how, above all else, I desperately want the club to succeed, rather than pulling a bonner over the board potentially making a mistake so you can claim that will give you the ammunition to get them out of the club. Get real pal.


How on earth can you separate the actions of the board from the impact they will have on the ‘well-being of the players’ the ‘team as a whole’ and the aspirations of the fans – including your ‘desperation’…..? You can’t. If anyone needs to get real, you do. And I’m not your pal.

My wig smells cheesy

Ok. I’ll stop there. Hopefully it might stop you checking back on the site every few mins to see how many thumbs up your getting for your original comment and the others? You must of been drunk. Sorry mate.


Get well soon

arsene wenger

… as well,
I think arteta will be a great manager

Viva la prof

I wasn’t keen, but the idea is growing on me and he’ll probably be an excellent manager.


And your reason is what? He is an ex player therefore he will be great?


No way can Arteta manage Arsenal!!!!


Give reasons for your thinking.


Good video. Sums it up nicely. It’s clearly a gamble, but an exciting one, and if it pays off it’ll be a masterstroke. If it doesn’t were in a whole world of shit.

Arteta isn’t a “club legend” in the Gerrard mould, but I’m fully expecting them to recruit at least one more assistant manager, and my hope is that they bring in DB10 as an attacking coach. Dennis back in the club would properly galvanise the fan base (or should at least) and if he and the other assistant managers are more obvious on the bench, you can hear the songs being sung already.

It means a coaching structure similar to that in other sports (which I think we all know is the way this is going):

Goalie coach: Jens (Sven; sign Oblak please)
Defensive coach: Bould (given license)
Attacking coach: DB10
Head coach (tactics, 121 development etc.): Arteta

These four create a more balanced coaching structure than having a one man figurehead.

Someone said it over on another article too, I’m looking forward to seeing how Arteta develops players like Iwobi, AMN, Xhaka, Bellerin etc., given his supposed influence on sterling and Sane.

As for Ramsey, the relationship with Arteta is a valid one, but I think it highly likely (if he signs a new deal that is) he’ll be made club captain next year, and if so he should be involved in the coaching set up/team meetings. It’s something that works in rugby, cricket, NFL etc., but isn’t maybe as obvious in football, and it gives him the responsibility of being involved in team tactics (which may also have an impact on some of his more rampaging tendancies).

It’ll be interesting if nothing else.


I really cannot think of appointing Arteta as remotely exciting.


Fair enough. I think the complete change of tact is the exciting part of all this.

Whether Arteta will succeed as part of it I don’t know, and yeah it could be a disaster, but with responsibility spread around it’s easier to remove different people if it doesn’t work.

And frankly, you or I don’t get a say in it all, so I’d rather look at it from a positive point of view.


Too many variables.

Risk of failure is higher than success.

Plus signing Arteta to hold on to Ramsey is the most ridiculous reason.

You sign a manager who can attract the best regardless of us being out of CL right now and a manager who has experience to sort us out tactically but also to carry wieght against Msilintat/Gazidis/Sanheli.


For a club in the position Arsenal is (not already the most expensive and star laden team in the league or one with with endless resources) The risk of failure is ALWAYS higher than success no matter who is appointed.

Ancelotti, Allegri, Etc, none of those guarantees a club in this position anything. And where we are is probably why they’re all taking the proverbial step backward, not forward when being linked with us.


It’s not meant to be exciting. Hopefully his ability will make the team play exciting football and win.


i just dont understand the fascination with arteta. the guy has not managed a single team in his life, no first team , no reserves not even a kids team. i couldnt care less if hes smart . to lead an entire team is a different ballgame altogether and espicially a team like arsenal who have aspirations to be in champions league in one of the most competitive league in the world. in all honesty he could be a guy with potential to be next guardiola , but the thing is we have not seen any kind of indication as to which how he will manage a team. and the thing with young managers is that they make mistakes , a lot of them. its simply a fact if life , and by learning from the mistakes they become better. the fact that these idiots if the reports indeed are correct have given chance to arteta to make mistakes at arsenal is just unbelievable . and since arsenal will be artetas first team he will be in for a tough ride with one of the most unforgiving fans


I will support him and wish him all the best but can’t help to think that this is quite underwhelming.

Hlebs dancing feet

Massive gamble but i personally like a good risk/reward scenario. Just hope he does a good job and gets a good assistant (Buvac would be nice), if it must happen then I think he needs that kind of support system.


This could be heaven or this could be hell..

SB Still

I do hope Arteta is the next Pep.

I hope Arsenal will not go the same way like ManU did post there longest serving manager moving out of the hot seat.

Also, I wonder what is the objective and ambition that the club is setting for the new manager. We are not R. Madrid, Barca or B. Munich. We are still a pretty big club, one of the richest, in arguably the best league. One would expect that there will be a clamour amongst the likes of Jardim, Nagelsmann to make the step-up in their managerial career, while tempting for the likes of Allegri as a new challenge. However it seems like there are more current No.2s who are interested if the media were to be believed.

Maybe this is the bold new Arsenal. As long as we are not the new Tottenham and we move forward, I’m happy.


You are dreaming.

Too much left to chance.

Pep shoed into a team with Messi and some of the best players in the world plus a club with deep pockets.

Arteta will inherit a team outside CL fast losing its allure and with a management team buying with no consideration to squad balance and an allergy to spend.


? Need defenders, linked with defenders. Need a mid, GK, linked to some of each. Lost a star attacking mid, got one in return with better contributions and stats than the one we let go. That’s not an eye to balance?

For the first time in a long time it seems to me we actually might have a balanced approach.


I’m convinced that Gazidis and the AFC board don’t have the minerals to hire an established manager like Enrique, Allegri, Simeone etc. Arteta is a safe appointment for them, someone who won’t make too many demands, someone they can control.

Obviously I wish him the best, but deep down I suspect this is another small time move by this Arsenal board. And sadly I’m not surprised.


They don’t want the manager to counter balance them.

They want to call the shots on transfers.

They are already looking to buy with little consult to new manager.

January alone is warning enough as we bought to no consequence to performance and with no thought on squad balance.

But most Arsenal fans these days are delusional. Throw them an ex player and they are happy.

Never mind the potential is more likely we will have a learning curve for the inexperienced manager and we will go more than likely without CL and trophies for 3 seasons at least.

They don’t have patience for Wenger but they have patience for more under performance and cost cutting.

Christopher Wreh

Give it a rest mate. What do you actually know? You’re writing like your opinion is fact and that’s just plain arrogance. You should stop commenting


Very balanced assessment. Enjoyed it. One other thing that worries me about MA8 is his ability (or lack of) to attract big names. I still think this sqaud needs a number of high calibre players. But given that we are not in the Champions League, even with huge wages, are we going to be able to attract them with MA8 as manager? I doubt, but I hope I am truly wrong.


if he is going to be our new manager, I will back him, but if things don’t go well for him, who are we going to turn to then, that’s a major worry

Surrey Gooner

D’ya know what, Id be excited by this appointment if it weren’t for the fact that spending is an issue at Arsenal. It smacks of cutting costs to me. A bigger manager would be asking for a sizeable war chest along with the wage to go with the responsibility.
I think fans are gong to find out how much Wenger was used as the whipping boy for the boards reluctance to spend.


then they should continue to leave the Emirates empty.

John C

or how much it’s cost the club in keeping Wenger so long!


BUT Wenger until last two seasons kept us in CL for 20 straight seasons.

This is not insignificant, it afforded us the ability to attract loans to build the stadium.

John C

We had £150m cash reserves only a season or two ago


If this comes to pass, we will have the most handsome manager, sporting without a doubt the BEST hair of any manager in the Prem. So, there’s that ….
As to the rest, we’re all just guessing.


And be mid-table. Great.


Why so much doom and gloom?

John C

It’s an appointment that can only be made with faith not sound judgement.

No one knows Arteta’s competence as a manager, if he can organise a defence, no one knows anything about him.

It would a small time, cheap appointment



Cheap appointment is the word.

They are again cutting corners hoping (correctly it would appear) that fan sentiment will carry the day on an appointment that makes no logical sense.

We are already out of CL and allergic to spending.

We bring in a green manager with no gravitas anywhere-else outside of Arsenal (arguably even within)

We won’t be spending on top quality players. Instead Mslintat will scour his books for all his has been contacts, do them a favour.

We won’t be going up anytime soon.


How are the board allergic to spending when they broke their transfer record twice in one season?


The fact he’s been assisting Pep is good enough for me for now. Assumptions about cost are just that.

John C

Why aren’t we linked to Brian Kidd then? He’s as much as an Arsenal legend as Arteta is and is also assisting Pep


He’s played under Luis Fernandez, Alex McGleish, David Moyes, Arsene Wenger, coached with Pep, Whatever you think of some of those managers each has a very unique style and most have been relatively successful. Perhaps if he can blend some of those styles he could be really good. Who knows? Let’s just hope he’s more Pep than Moyes.


That doesn’t mean he can be a good manager automatically. There is a learning curve.

Neville played under title winning Fergie and look what happened in Spain when he tried to put word to practise?

Arteta will have a learning curve.

It strikes me as demented that Arsenal fans who have no patience for Wenger will want a manager who may take another 4 or 5 seasons to accomplish any thing of significance.

Be careful for what you wish for.

I am gravely concern for the branding of this club.

If we have a worse season coming up (likely), this brand will have fully been tarnished.

With the sort of restrictive spending we have come to expect, it will be a double blow.


Also if Arsenal are, as reported, also talking to Henry could we see an Arteta, with Henry as a number 2?


This is a stupid idea.

Ex players doesn’t mean effective manager. Particularly with little to no experience.

You have to seperate sentiment from logical thought.

The board Mslintat/Gazidis/Sanheli are playing with you.

Throw a couple of decent strikers and the fan base is satisfied.

But a look at the team and you can see it is short on technical talent even against Leicester these days. We are competing not even against Athletico anymore. Its Sevilla and RB Leipzig.

We have no longer any players that truly excite. See world Cup, I can say anyone would be looking at an Arsenal player and saying this chap is a world beater (maybe Bellerin and Iwobi if you like)

What these chaps are trying to do is ensure they have firm control on the manager.

BUT it will be purchases made without consult and at expediency to former contacts rather than squad balance.

Case in point in January we had the chance to rectify issues for Wenger. Instead we conspired to bring in a cup tied player to a competition that may very well (as it proved) be our road back into CL.

The right thing to do would have been to agree personal terms with PEA but take him in the summer instead, and keep Giroud.

Instead we lost another effective attacking weapon. We took on Mhkitaryan for added measure when we really needed a wide player with pace and skill like Mahrez who was willing to leave (we could ahve spent money on PEA on Mahrez first)

The whole thing seems wrong but fans will be too easily fooled by ‘sentiment’ alas.


This is a bad idea.

1) He does not carry the weight to attract players of true quality. We will get decent players still but they will always be not the top end stuff and mixed in with a green manager, it is a recipe for miss more than hit in coming seasons.

2) He also does not have the gravitas to hold against Msilintat/Gazidis/Sanheli. This is another problem as they evidently want to dictate transfer proceedings. Its cart before the horse. Signings in January have already been made at expense of squad balance and strategic needs in exchange for Mslintat’s expedient contacts. Signing players with less regard to what the manager needs will compound problems we already have.

3) Learning curve. Zidane, Enrique had at their disposal two of the top players in the world. Arteta is/may be coming into a league with 4 or 5 top managers in the world with a number of teams who can spend more than us. I do not forsee us back in CL anytime soon.


James that was a very good overview of the situation. I have to admit that I admire your positive thinking. However I have to disagree. I cannot believe that so many years of preperation to change will lead us to appoint an inexperienced unproven young guy like Arteta. Don’t compare him with Zidane. Zidane was groomed for many years at Real and he was a very unique talent and could see eye to eye with Ronaldo Ramos etc. I cannot see Arteta stepping into the organization and manage Ozil Auba and the old scholl staff members. I just can’t imagine him giving orders to Steve Bould for example.
A lot of people seem mesmerized by the comparison of Mikel with hi profile young managers. But this is something that we dream. Not something that it is now. Of course you can bring somebody like Emery or Anzelloti and after 3-4 years judge then and say its a failure. With Arteta if the results go bad, how much can he stand before he loses control? How can you tell if it was his fault or the players or the board or Sven or Ivan or…
No. Bring an experienced hi profile manager and take Arteta as an assistant. Let him learn by a someone with experience on man management. And after 3-5 years give Mikel the position.


my reservation over Arteta is that he deleted every Arsenal related on instagram when he joined Man city coaching staff. I like him but not like I liked him earlier because of that. I hope he succeed because of my LOVE FOR THE ARSENAL. COYG

Thierry Bergkamp

My only choice has been Allegri for some time but, after reading about Arteta’s past and reading quotes from him over many years, I’m now excited to have him as the manager.


I am all for teams building through scouting, youth academy and shrewd recruitment, if it helps cut on the obscene amount of money being spent on player transfer these days. What i also believe is that for a team to suceed, it is the manager who is the most important, undoubtedly. So, he ought to be amongst the very best. When Arsenal were having talks with Luis Enrique I was really glad. “He is gonna be a great glue for the team, bringing out the best of the players we know have immense potential.”
I dont feel the same about Arteta. He is unproven and frankly a risk. I have seen a few posts and comments where they express they excitement about having him and i am saying NO. No, cause we are big club which needs to get out this rut we are in. Be the champions. And to be champion Arteta isnt, IMO, the right choice. We must think bigger. Enrique, allegri, Jardim would have been so much better.


Arsenal is toooooooooooooooooooooooo big for Arteta. Alegri, Enrique, Hoffeinham coach were all approached and all declined, so that makes Arteta the fourth choice, which means Arteta’s coming is not borne out of a philosophical romanticism, but borne out of the fact that big coaches rejected us. Call it by its name, Arteta’s appointment would mark the greediest and the most fraudulent appointment in all of football’s history. If you disagree with me, list out his qualities and experience and tell me why he should trump a Viera and a Henry or a petit or those young coaches already coaching in the EPL. We are waiting for him!