Friday, October 7, 2022

Ramsey: Contract talks ongoing but no agreement yet

Aaron Ramsey says that discussions are ongoing between his agent and Arsenal about a new contract.

The Welsh international has less than 12 months left on his current deal, and his future is an increasingly hot topic among fans.

Speaking about it on the pre-season tour of Singapore, the 27 year old confirmed that talks were progressing, but wouldn’t be drawn on when there might be a conclusion.

“Talks are still ongoing, but I’ve got nothing more to say about that,” he said when asked about a new deal.

He was then asked how optimistic he was about everything being sorted, and continued, “Well we’ll see what happens but my agent and the club are talking. I’m just leaving that to them to discuss and sort out.

“But we’re yet to come to an agreement so that’s something that my agent and the club are discussing to try and get something done.

“I’m not sure exactly [when talks will be complete], it’s taken a bit of time so far so we’ll have to wait and see.”

Hopefully he’s just playing his cards close to his chest, and the fact that negotiations are ongoing is positive.

Fingers crossed.

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How many ways can he avoid saying the truth – I want more money and so does my agent.


Why don’t you give us some of that internet money


Ha, just watched that last night


Or he could say I really want to stay at arsenal and be part of this new project and hope we can sort things out.
We should sell him and move on. 2 weeks before the window closes and we could see a massive part of the managers plans move on with no time for a replacement. Fuck him if he doesn’t want to play for us then sell him now and buy quickly.


Jesus! i’m glad your not in charge of contract negotiation.

Frank Bascombe

Well said mate and it’s crying shame you’re not in charge of ‘contract negotiations’. Walcott, Wilshire, and please God, Ramsey – out.



Uba Ngenegbo

Very over- rated. Sell sell sell!


Really hope Ramsey stays. The prime years of his career, and with the stamina and ability that would blossom with the style of play Emery is looking for. We cannot afford him to lose him for a free, so lets hope this gets sorted, and soon


we cant afford to loose him at any cost


Sell. Him.

It’s a distraction and we know he will leave it till January where that distraction will continue and affect his and the team’s performance.

Sell. Him. Now


Oh definitely – we don’t need any distractions, lets get rid of Aubameyang too as his hair is distracting. And of course Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Sokratis Papastathopoulos and Konstantinos Mavropanos must go, far too many letters in their names

Cliff Bastin

A home grown player with his goals and assists paired with his engine is literally impossible to find and would even then cost somewhere in the region of $70m. Pay is wages.


That was part of the problem. In the quest to look for those goals and assists we found our midfield very very exposed and Dhaka trying to cover two positions didn’t really reflect well. It was later sorted by playing Xhaka alongside Wilshere/Elneny, and playing Ozil out of position to compensate for that. Is he a better number 10 than Ozil? Who knows. Would his goals be covered or bettered by playing both Auba and Laca at the same time ? Who knows But him not playing in the position alongside Xhaka definitely improves us defensively. His goals and assists… Read more »


Probably an unpopular opinion, but I’m just gonna say it. Why are we so desperate to keep Rambo. Aside from the fact he scored in 2 FA Cup finals… Looking at it objectively, Rambo slows our game down sooo much. He’s not a quick thinking midfielder yet everyone seems intent on putting him on a salary close to Mesut’s. Why? Not to mention he’s usually injured for at least a third of the season. Yes, I know there’s probably a result of that horrendous Shawcross injury but come on, we need to move on. Honestly, I’d sell and reinvest there… Read more »


In my view our best player after Monreal last season, but I agree he hasn’t quite fit in previously – a midfielder who is better in the box than in midfield was never going to be a natural part of a Wenger team. He can’t hold the ball up or pass particularly well. But it’s testament to his sheer dynamism that he still forced his way in. My guess would be that Emery is considering how to more conscientiously incorporate Ramsey and I’m excited to see that. One thing Ramsey is brilliant at is running a high press – the… Read more »


we cant afford to loose him, because we will have to replace him with someone who wont be as good as him, so the team will be weaker than what it is now

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Everyone has a right to an opinion, mine is that Ramsey offers us a lot of quality’s we need. I really hate to see us play the pass,pass, endless passing game and no one makes runs in to the box. Well Ramsey does. If ozil creates with passes then Ramsey creates with his runs.
He’s not a playmaker, he’s a box to box player. We have playmaker types, but not many b2b player’s.
And he scored the winner in 2 fa cup finals


Because he’s our best central midfielder by far when it comes to goals, assists, key passes, dribbles and interceptions per 90 minutes. Check the stats as I just did just to make sure again.

He’s got ridiculously good end product for a central midfielder.


I’ve just checked his other stats as well – he’s good at basically everything. As others have already pointed out, his defensive stats are good as well, and his running capabilities should be well-known to everyone by now.

I don’t know about our defence, but I’m really excited to see the following players in the same line-up: Torreira, Ramsey, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubeyang, Lacazette. That’s up there with almost anyone in Europe if you ask me.


*Aubameyang, typo


“Torreira, Ramsey, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubeyang, Lacazette”

But how to fit them in! Unless Ramsey played as the CM which I’m not confident he can do. Then again we don’t yet how Torreira will free things up for his partner, so could be possible.

Or it just means we’d have good players on the bench as well as the pitch, which is what any decent team has.


They all fit perfectly well in a 4-2-3-1 system. Ramsey is a central midfielder for me, he has always been, and his best performances for us came from the centre of the park with a DM (Arteta or Xhaka for example) behind him and Ozil infront of him. Mkhitaryan on one wing and Aubameyang on the other, Lacazette as a striker.

I’d have nothing against for example Perez playing as a winger with one of Aubameyang or Lacazette (preferably the latter) on the bench. Gives us a lot of option for rotation as well.


I’m not sure he has range of passing, the ability to dictate play or to be in charge of switching from attack to defence and back again. He’s never done well with that type of reponsibility. What he’s good at is bursting into the box. If he was doing that all the time from CM then we’d concede a lot – unless Torreira is amazing. Could be wrong but I think in the period he was phenomenal he was always playing in from the wing, and was playing from there for much of last season, or interchanging with Ozil at… Read more »


Have you tried checking the stats on Per or Kos pass completion? You’ll think they are better than Xavi.

Stats are stats and if you look up our ball possession against the bottom 10 teams you’ll be amazed.


What’s your point anyway? All central defenders usually have high pass completion because they usually play short, simple passes to the nearest midfielder or wing back, but rare are midfielders who have such great overall stats.


Not really. When he was pushed further forward, we pushed our best number 10 out of position. When he was meant to hold alongside Xhaka, he was never there. Always ahead of Laca or Welbeck looking to be the one that finishes it off. Most productive midfielder offensively, yes. Best midfielder? There’s more to midfield than popping up in the box to score and most cases staying there. He’s a very good player but balancing the midfield is hard irrespective of where you play him. It was easier when he was still playing on the right wing or when he… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

He was given the Wales captaincy at too young an age, but given how well he did in the qualification process for Wales back then it showed he has a lot of leadership potential. When you look at the rest of the current squad he’s head and shoulders above 95% of them regarding key attributes needed for captaining. He sometimes slows down the team, yes, but mainly because in some games Arsene was wanting him to do stuff not in his skillset. Also, between Wales and Arsenal he’s repeatedly had to adapt between 3-4-2-1, 4-3-3, 3-5-1-1, 4-4-1-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-1-4-1 formations… Read more »


Always telling when people say “check the stats” to prove a player’s worth. I watch us week in, week out. He slows our play down, that’s a fact. Chips in with a few goals every season but who wouldn’t if they burst into the box at any given opportunity. And noone’s commented on the fact he’s usually injured for half the season. Why would we hinge our hopes and a big fat salary on someone we know is injury prone?! There’s better midfielders out there!! Not convinced by any of the arguments given so far


Stats are the only fact when it comes to football. Goals scored are the ultimate fact of football, whether you like it or not. And Ramsey gives you goals and assists (=goals), period.


That’s a shallow way of looking at football.
First and foremost, you evaluate a player by the quality of his decisions with or without the ball. Stats give you abstract numbers, that need to be interpreted by eyesight.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

2011-12 played 44 games
2012-13 played 47 games
2013-14 played 34 games
2014-15 played 41 games
2015-16 played 40 games
2016-17 played 32 games
2017-18 played 30 games
Yes he gets injuries, people who cover as much ground as him and play the role he does tend to, but looking at how many games he’s actually played I’d say people aren’t mentioning him being ‘injury-prone’ is probably because it’s not as big an issue as you’re making it out to be.

No offence, but it’s your argument I’m left unconvinced by.


Agree entirely. Decent player and maybe the manager will get even more from him but to hold us to ransom 2 weeks before we can buy a replacement. Nah sell him and move on with committed players and those that believe we are going places.

Uba Ngenegbo

Well said. Saw your similar comments to my article on JA 606.
Ramsey is rank average. He will not start in any top three/ four teams in any top league in Europe.
We will be lucky to get £35 million for him in the current market.


I totally agree with you. Ramsey is outstandingly average. We know he benefited from Wenger’s favoritism to cement a position in the team. Players were not chosen on merit but loyalty i guess. Ramsey loses the ball unnecessarily when we are on the offensive because of his indecision. Let us not confuse and conflate athleticism and football. He is not arsenal material if you ask me but we know players were playing at Eenger’s whim.

Super Joshi

He wasn’t stripped in that way. The poor guy was wrecked after losing Gary Speed in the way that he died. He was very young then too.


Saw the interview and the way he spoke about Özil, the upcoming season, Emery and his contract talks gives me a good feeling regarding his extension.
Think he’s just negotiating as this is probably his last big deal, so fair play to him. But I think he will stay. Would give us a really good squad for the next years and surely something for Emery to work with.


Captain Rambo.

I think he seems fairly committed to the Arsenal to be honest, but his agent is obviously just trying to negotiate the best deal. Understandable given his age and profile.

After its sorted he’ll be given the captaincy, lead us to the double (next season) and go down as an Arsenal great (if 2 FA cup winning goals hasnt done that already).

Heres hoping anyway.


I’d love for him to sign. He deserves to earn more just not a monumental pay rise. If he’s holding the club to ransom on such terms then sell him quickly and get a replacement. There are many better than Ramsey and not many Ramsey’s better than.


Gazidis and his bloated office can’t seem to have the negotiating capabilities to retain talent. Sanliehli (excuse the spelling) can’t get anything done. Gazidis and his crew gets lots of praises, exactly for what? I don’t know. He has been at Arsenal for nearly ten years now. That coincides with the era of stagnation at the club.

Public Elneny

Eh? In the 7-8 months that Sanllehi and Mislintat have been here we’ve: Signed – Aubameyang, Mkhi, Mavropanos, Liechsteiner, Leno, Sokratis, Torreira, Guendouzi. Plus Emery and half a new coaching/fitness/data teams. Sold – Giroud, Walcott, Coquelin, Sanchez Renewed – Ozil, Xhaka, Holding, Chambers, Elneny, Maitland-Niles It’s only really Ramsey’s contract and a couple of squad players sales that still need to be sorted Ok there are question marks still over Gazidis and the job he did prior to the end of Wenger, but he didn’t seem to hold much power back then. He’s also the one who instigated the departure… Read more »

Man Manny

We need a fit, relaxed and focused Ramsey for the new season. He’s one player that makes me believe a goal is imminent whenever he plays.
Get the talks over and done with asap.


Give the man his rhinoceros already. It can’t be that hard to have just one at the Emirates. And don’t forget to make him (the rhino) captain, we need a heart of steel.


Just a guess but I think he leaves. The issue is Wenger set the precedent for letting players all run down contracts in which case we either had to stupidly overpay (Ozil & Walcott a few years prior) or ended up losing them for a fraction of their value (Sanchez). Ramsey knows that time plays on his side as he’ll either force Arsenal to give him a massive Ozil style contract or he can choose his next club if he simply “negotiates” without actually agreeing to anything. Ramsey is one of our best players- particularly in terms of end product,… Read more »


Ramsey must be trying to extract as much as possible from this contract and is playing hardball I think. He knows what Mkhi, Auba and Ozil are getting.

He must be demanding 200k+ I think but ultimately would be ready to settle for 180k which Mkhi and Auba are getting. However if we have offered him anything lower than 180k, don’t think he will take it.

He knows he is in a strong position as being a free agent in a year, he can easily get 200k then.

Spanish Gooner

I think we are now seeing the repercussions of the Özil deal. Aaron will have watched and learned that he is completely free to sound out anybody else who might be interested and see what else is on the table, knowing he will still have a massive offer waiting for him after January if nothing tickles his fancy. He knows if he performs, he can get the big Barcelona/Madrid move he’s wanted for years (he has said in the past he would love to play in Spain) and if he is injured or average he can still can bump up… Read more »

Uba Ngenegbo

Ramsey to Madrid/ Barca? Sell me another bridge!


I just hope we’ve got our eyes on a plan B for if he doesn’t sign within the next couple of weeks.

And I mean a proper plan as in anticipating his present worth, scoping any potential bidders and whether a similar type is required or whether to spend on a wide alternative.

We simply cannot allow him to get to the end of the transfer window with no deal signed. That policy has cost the club millions over the past decades and really needs to be nipped in the bud with decisiveness with a pinch of ruthlessness.

Public Elneny

We kind of shot ourselves in the foot with Ozil’s new contract. Excellent player but no way in hell is he worth £300-350k/week. Would he really have not signed for £200-250k? I can’t imagine any other club would have offered what we did, unless he were to go to China.

Now all our established quality players will want a similar amount, and they’ll have a leg to stand on.

Merlin's Panini

It may be positive that talks are ongoing, but the talks could also be that he wants to leave and they’re telling the club they need to sell him or he’ll go for free. It’s all so vague.
Fingers crossed the talks from his end are to find an agreement for him to stay.

Public Elneny

It will be interesting if he does stay. Ramsey isn’t Emery’s usual type of centre midfielder, who usually stay quite deep, compact and disciplined. I don’t think he’s ever really used a proper adventurous goal-scoring midfielder.

So if he is to go, I think we should replace his goals with a winger, basically someone who Emery will be more accustomed to getting the most out of

Faisal Narrage

“and the fact that negotiations are ongoing is positive.”

But he would say that though, wouldn’t he?


For me I look at it as if this was the Invincibles period (I know I know but just for arguments sake) would Ramsey be in the first 11 let along angling to be the second highest paid player at the club?

He’s good but he isn’t great, would anyone seriously say he was World Class like Ozil and Auba?


If Ramsey doesn’t sign when the squad gets back from the tour he should be sold. If he wanted to stay he would have signed by now, and he isn’t nearly as good as he thinks he is. We really don’t need a transfer saga, and he’s replaceable.


Sign Dai ting

Ray Middleton

From what I have seen from the two games I have watched, I don’t think any of the players under AW are going to look the same. The Athletico game saw us still with defensive frailties and up front, not enough long range shots (well done Smith Rowe) but what I did see was a hunger for the ball when we had lost it and a rare thing, tackling! I don’t expect us to be champions but at this time of the year, we are all optomistic. I think Emery will be a good manager for us.

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